So much good stuff happened in the first episode of Game of Thrones’ final season!  From dragon riding to secret-telling to a slew of highly anticipated reunions; we’ve got a whole lot to think about.  But, there is one thing that happened in episode one of season eight that really stuck in my craw.  Arya (Maisie Williams) wants Gendry (Joe Dempsie) to fashion her a new weapon.  And, I think it means that Arya will be the one to kill the Night King.  

Hear me out.  Arya has been working toward this since she started training to become a faceless man.  I’m not sure if her skill in wearing faces will play into her ability to fight the army of the dead… probably not.  But, she certainly became the best, trickiest and most fluid fighter in the show.  

The weapon she asks of Gendry is some kind of spear with a detachable dragonglass head.  You can see the top of that weapon in the trailer for the final season, and later in the trailer when she’s doing some awesomeness surrounded by fire.  It’s staff-like.  She’s pretty freaking good with a staff.  

Gendry and Arya also spent a fair amount of time on the Cat’s Paw dagger in this episode.  That dagger has played a big role in the show.  It has been used for and against several characters and it’s made of Valyrian freaking steel!  If the weapon she has includes detachable dragonglass and some way of fixing the Cat’s Paw dagger either on the other end or in the place of the dragonglass when it detaches, Arya will be in a pretty good position for dealing major damage.  Dragonglass and Valyrian Steel unite!! 

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It makes sense that she would use the Cat’s Paw dagger to kill the Night King.  You’ll remember that Bran made a point to give it to her in season seven.  She used it to slit Littlefinger’s (Aiden Gillen) throat, which was poetic justice… but perhaps Bran had a longer game in mind.  He can see so much, after all.  

If Arya will be the one to off the Night King… will that mean that she sacrifices herself to do it?  Presumably, you kill the Night King and every other wight and walker in the world shatters, right?  Worth it.  She’s made a lot of statements about protecting her family lately.  Let’s do this.  

Game of Thrones season 8 is airing now on HBO.  Watch the first episode again and tell us what you think!

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