Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season is only about a month away! We’ve seen a trailer, we’ve done our rewatches, and now the poster is here. And, though it’s a simple poster, it holds so much possibility.

The poster is a merging of a dragon and the Iron Throne. That makes sense. Those two things are our focus as of late: who has the throne and where are the dragons. But, there are two kinds of dragons now. You’ll notice that the dragon’s eyes in this picture are fiery red, and not ice blue. That’s pretty good news.  An ice dragon merged with the throne would send a very different message, would it not? So we assume that the poster is in reference to Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) return to King’s Landing to take the Iron Throne. Cool.

In fact, there’s been very little revealed to us about the wights and the Ice King in final season promotion. He was on the Iron Throne in the character posters that were released. But we only saw undead horse hooves in the trailer, and this poster definitely focuses on the human battle. There was so much focus on the threat of the wights in season seven, maybe that’s the reason to leave us hanging. Curious. 

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This is also the first time that we see the Iron Throne pictured in a poster since season one. That is likely intentional, as A Song of Ice and Fire all started with the shenanigans that led to the death of Ned Stark. I, for one, am really hoping for a new appearance by Sean Bean in the final season. The three-eyed raven has got to have something to say about that. We won’t have to wait much longer, now.    



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