Game of Thrones fans, we know you are thirsty for any little drop of information about the final season of GoT.  As are we.  And, we finally have a drop, if just a drop, to quench our collective thirst!  

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HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys confirmed, Wednesday, at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills, that the final six episodes of Game of Thrones will air in the “first half ” of 2019.  Entertainment Weekly confirmed the announcement.   

It’s not much.  There are no dates.  But it’s something, and it’s good news.  It means we don’t have to wait quite as long as we might have.  Winter will be here in winter!… or spring… or very early summer.  

There have been rumors that the final episodes will be “feature length”, as there are only six.  But, those rumors have yet to be confirmed.  Maybe if we wish hard enough, we can get more minutes in Westeros.  Wish with me, people.  Wish with me.  Soon Game of Thrones will sleep forever.  And, the night is dark and full of terrors. 

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