Game of Thrones, as we know it, is a thing of the past.  And, after a pretty dubious end to the genre giant’s eight season run, creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are moving forward.  They’ll be working at Netflix now.  

Benioff and Weiss intend to make another “water cooler” series for Netflix, though there is no specific talk about what they plan to do.  But, they’ve also got promises to keep in other places.  The duo is tied to creating, producing and writing one of the next Star Wars trilogies (parallel to Rian Johnson who is doing his own), they recently wrote a Kurt Cobain project and they’re “posed to adapt the prison break tale Dirty White Boys for Fox/Disney.” That’s according to Deadline

Regardless of the project, people will be watching these two and their next steps.  Everyone wants another Game of Thrones.  But, is another giant like that even possible now?  

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