{WARNING: BIG SPOILERS:  This article is meant as a reminder and refresher for those who have seen and/or read and/or can’t stop thinking about GAME OF THRONES.  You will likely be confused if you haven’t done.  But, read on friends!  All are welcome in these nerd halls!}




Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season fast approaches.  If you’re like me, you’ve obsessively analyzed the photos and the trailer.  You’ve done your rewatch.  You are anxiously awaiting the next chapter.  And, if you’re like me, you often go; “When exactly did that happen?  Was it before or after the other thing?”  Like, was Tyrion hand of the king when he married Sansa?  Or was that over already? 

Or, maybe you don’t have time to rewatch nearly 70 hours of television.  You have better, more important things to do!  We applaud you.  And, we may be able to help you refresh your memory for the war to come. 

It occurred to us at GGA, that whether you’ve obsessed over every GoT detail or not… it would be nice to have a map, if you will, of individual characters’ arcs over seven seasons.  

So, we present to you the fifth in our Game of Thrones character recap series.  Let’s follow Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) through his arc over seven seasons of Game of Thrones, shall we?


Tyrion is living his dream when we meet him in season one.  He’s all privilege.  Wine, women, self-loathing, resentment and lots of money.  But, by the end of the season it’s clear that he is a deep feeling, smart, brave, strong and kind person who’s meant to take on more responsibility in life than he ever thought he would. 

  • “Where’s the Imp?”  Arya (Maisie Williams) asks when the King (Mark Addy) and Queen (Lena Headey) arrive in Winterfell.  
  • We finally meet Tyrion in bed with a northern whore…Ros (Esmé Augusta Bianco). 
  • Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) adds whores to the party to speed up the process so Tyrion will come join him.  “Don’t leave me with these people.” 
  • Avoids feast by hanging in the courtyard where he runs into Jon Snow (Kit Harington) who’s not allowed at the feast for being a bastard.  They connect.  “All dwarves are bastards in their fathers’ eyes.” 
  • Forced to go on a hunt with the king and the other lords, Tyrion sits out the shooty part. The Hound (Rory McCann) makes fun of him.  
  • Bran ‘falls’.  Tyrion slaps Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) three times before he agrees to go pay respects to Catelyn (Michelle Fairley) and Ned (Sean Bean).  Tyrion is the only one who treats Joffrey like the s**! that he is.  
  • Lannister breakfast.  Tyrion loves Tommen (Callum Wharry)…  that’s the first Tommen in seasons 1 and 2.  Dean-Charles Chapman played Tommen in seasons 4, 5 and 6.  That’s AFTER he played Martyn Lannister, the Lannister cousin that was killed in season 3… and Myrcella (Aimee Richardson)… that’s the first Myrcella for seasons 1 and 2.  Lot’s of Lannister recasting!  
  • Wants to go to the wall so he can piss off the top.  That makes his favorite niece and nephew laugh.
  • Takes an interest in how Bran fell.  Notices that Cersei and Jaime don’t have the best reaction to his survival.  Curious.  Nothing gets by Tyrion.
  • Takes the King’s Road to the wall.  Jon notices he reads a lot.  “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.”  
  • At the wall.  Notices Jon looking down on other trainees.  Points out to Jon his privilege in training, and inspires him to change his ways and help the others.   
  • Maester Aemon (Peter Vaughan) and Commander Mormont (James Cosmo) want Tyrion to use his Lannister influence to get more men to the wall. 
  • Doesn’t believe in white walkers and giants and whatever else.  
  • Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle) makes him think twice.  He agrees to go back with Yoren (Francis Magee), who he likes, to get men from King’s Landing. 
  • He pisses off the top.  Accomplishment!!
  • Stop over in Winterfell.  Gives Bran plans for special saddle he designed so Bran can still shoot arrows on horseback. “I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.”
  • Inn at the Crossroads.  Meets Bronn (Jerome Flynn), who reveals himself as sellsword out for money when he offers his room at the inn. 
  • Runs into Catelyn Stark, who thinks the Cat’s Paw dagger used in the attempted murder of Bran was Tyrion’s.  (Because the actual owner of the dagger, Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen), set him up)
  • Arrested and captured at Inn at the Crossroads.  Dammit.
  • Eastern Road on their way to the Eyrie.  He’s innocent.  Warns Catelyn about her crazy sister.  
  • Bronn is there.  Tyrion drops a little “A Lannister always pays his debts”  and offers to reward anyone who would help him.  Bronn hears it loud and clear.
  • Attack!  Hill tribes come at them hard! 
  • Convinces Catelyn to cut him loose.  “If I die, what’s the point?” He wants to get to a horse and escape, but saves Catelyn by brutally hacking a hillman to death with the point of a shield instead.  
  • Arrive in the Eyrie.  Lysa (Kate Dickie) is crazy alright.  She’s breastfeeding her 8 year old?  I can’t even get my head around how gross that is. 
  • Lysa accuses Tyrion of the murder of John Arryn in addition to Bran charges.  He’s thrown in a sky cell.
  • Mord, the sky cell guard is um… hard to talk to… but Tyrion bribes him for an audience with Lysa.
  • Demands trial by combat, naming Jaime as his champion.  No dice.  He needs a volunteer.  
  • Bronn steps up and slaughters Lysa’s champion.  Too easy.  Tyrion is free and he has a new best friend. 
  • Hill tribes are back.  Tyrion talks his way out of being killed by promising better weapons that will help them take back the Eyrie.  He’s got lots of money and pays his debts after all.  Shagga (Mark Lewis Jones) and the hill tribes agree, but they’ll feed his junk to the goats if he’s lying.  Deal.
  • Arrives at Lannister camp where Tywin (Charles Dance) and Jaime are fighting Rob’s army at the Greenfork.  Tywin is also cutting the hell out of a stag.  Metaphor.
  • Tywin is mildly happy to see Tyrion and unhappy to see his new hill tribe friends.  Agrees to pay the weapon debt if they fight for him.  
  • Shagga wants Tyrion on the field with them.  Tywin agrees… Tyrion, not so much.  He thinks his father wants him to die in battle.  But, he has to go.
  • Bronn brings a whore in for Tyrion for his last night on Earth.  Shae.  (Sibel Kekilli) They play drinking games and he tells the story of his first love, how she was actually a whore paid by Jaime to make fun of Tyrion.  Outlines the cruelty of Tywin and Jaime.  He’s damaged.
  • Gets knocked out by his own men before the battle even gets going.  He’s another kind of damaged. 
  • Finds out Rob tricked them and captured Jaime with the bulk of his forces in a different place.  Tywin is pissed.
  • Tywin will retreat to Harrenhal.  Sends Tyrion to King’s Landing to be interim hand of the king.  
  • Tywin forbids Tyrion to take Shae to King’s Landing.  Tyrion does it anyway. 

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Tyrion shows leadership and bravery in season two.  He makes master moves in the game of thrones, despite his penchant for drunkeness, sex and sh$#t talk.  He’s also in love.  All of this puts him at risk, and it will all come to bear… eventually. 

  • Arrives in King’s Landing to be the Hand of the King.  Joffrey isn’t happy.  Cersei isn’t either. 
  • Mad at Cersei for letting Joffrey be Joffrey and psycho-kill Ned.  Also mad that Cersei lost Arya. Bad.
  • Hides Shae in the Tower of the Hand.
  • Threatens Varys (Conleth Hill) when he tells Tyrion that he knows about Shae.  Don’t f@#$ with the Hand. 
  • Sends Janos Slynt (Dominic Carter) to the wall for killing bastard babies and betraying Ned. Boss. 
  • Installs Shae as Sansa’s (Sophie Turner) handmaid when she doesn’t like being locked up so much.
  • Tells different members of the small council different plans for marrying off Myrcella, to find the leaks.
  •  Cersei confronts him with the plot to send Myrcella to Dorne.  He only told that one to Grand Maester Pycell (Julian Glover).  
  • Throws Pycell in the black cells as punishment for being Cersei’s informant.  He’s on a roll.
  • Littlefinger isn’t happy about being lied to.  Ironic.  Tyrion convinces him to work on Catelyn Stark and get her to release Jaime.  Promises Littlefinger will get Harrenhal in return.  Awesome. Harrenhal is cursed.  Haha.
  • Stops Joffrey’s torture stripping of Sansa at court for Rob’s victory on the battlefield.  Threatens that Joffrey might end up like the Mad King.  Yes!  Get him! 
  • When Lancel comes on Cersei’s behalf to demand Pycelle’s release, Tyrion figures out Lancel is sexing Cersei and blackmails him into spying on the queen mother for him.  
  • Renly (Gethin Anthony) is dead.  Tyrion knows Stannis (Stephen Dillane) is coming and wants to talk to Cersei about defense.  She won’t.  She’s keeping secrets.
  • Finds out from Lancel that Cersei is stockpiling wildfire.  Good to know. 
  • Sends Myrcella to Dorne.  Cersei threatens to take what he loves in return. 
  • Riot in the streets!  Joffrey is a “vicious idiot” and almost gets everyone killed.  They escape…barely.
  • Slaps Joffrey, who is a monster.  Orders Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie) to go find Sansa who is lost.  Trans refuses because Joffrey is a monster and also Trant is a monster.  But, the Hound gets her out safely.
  • Rare moment with Cersei where they connect.  She thinks Joffrey’s cruelty is the price she pays for incest.  Tyrion tries to comfort her with reminder of the kindness of her other children.
  • Finds help for the coming battle in books.  Figures out Stannis’ approach.
  • Joffrey will ‘fight’ at the Blackwater.  Cersei is furious.  Has a whore kidnapped to hurt Tyrion thinking it’s Shae, but it’s another whore, Ros.  That’s fine.  Shae is safe.
  • Commands Battle of the Blackwater.  Traps Stannis’ ships in the bay and burns them all with wildfire.  
  • Wildfire isn’t enough, and he rallies Lannister men to defend the mud gate.  
  • Mandon Moore (James Doran) slashes Tyrion’s face, tries to kill him, (Cersei sent him) but Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman) is the best squire ever and saves the day by spearing Moore!! 
  • Collapses while someone wearing Renly’s armor comes in to win the battle (it’s Jaime).
  • Wakes up in a crappy room somewhere in the belly of the Red Keep. Pycelle hovers over him and gloats.  Tyrion isn’t hand of the king anymore.  Tywin is back.
  • Asks Pod, who he can trust, to get Varys or Bronn, who he can trust.
  • Varys reports that Tyrion was great in the battle but it doesn’t matter because Joffrey is a d*@k. Bronn is no longer leading the City Watch.
  • Varys brings Shae for a visit. She takes bandages off his face.  He’s horrified, but they gave Dinklage a very aesthetically pleasing cut.  Books took his nose off. 
  • Shae tries to get him to leave. But, he’s good at the game of thrones, and he likes it.  He’s staying.


Tyrion is at the will of his father in season three.  He’s recovering from an attack on his life, gets married and 

  • Fights with Cersei. They’re maneuvering, but she doesn’t try to kill him again… yet.  So, that’s cool. 
  • Asks Tywin to give him Casterly Rock. Jaime is King’s Guard and will not take it.  Tywin is vicious with his response.  So, no, then? 
  • Bronn has been knighted, so he’s a more expensive friend now.
  • Small council meeting with a hilarious game of chairs where everyone tries to move closer to Tywin, except Tyrion… who makes himself new head of the table.
  • Becomes Master of Coin.
  • Gets Pod prostitutes, gets Littlefinger’s ledgers. Finds out the throne is deep in debt and Pod was deeply enjoyed by the prostitutes. 
  • Worries the Iron Bank will cut the throne off and support Rob and/or Stannis.
  • Queen of Thrones agrees to pay for the Joffrey/Margaery (Natalie Dormer) wedding.
  • Tywin reveals to Tyrion and Cersei that he plans to marry them off to Sansa and Loras (Finn Jones) respectively. They don’t like it.  Tyrion feels bad for Sansa.
  • Breaks the news to Sansa.  She’ s pretty devastated.  She was going to marry Loras and be free. 
  • Weds Sansa.  It’s gross.  Joffrey is such a s*&t.  He walks Sansa down the aisle in place of her father, who he killed… and takes Tyrion’s stool so Sansa has to crouch to get cloaked. 
  • Reception sucks.  Tyrion is working hard at destroying himself with alchohol.  
  • Joffrey calls for the bedding ceremony. Tyrion is like, no way.  Threatens to castrate Joffrey over it.  It’s awesome. Tywin calms everyone down and ‘party’ disperses.
  • Promises Sansa he’ll never hurt her, never touch her unless she’s cool with it.
  • Learns of the Red Wedding.  Stops Joffrey from delivering Robb’s head to Sansa.
  • Tyrion is angry with Tywin over the Red Wedding. Tywin is so cruel, tells him how he wanted to leave Tyrion in the sea when he was born.  Tension is rising between father and son.
  • Cersei flat out refuses to marry Loras. Tells Tyrion to give Sansa children so she can have something to live for. 

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Oh, you guys.  Season four is where Tyrion really comes into his own.  It doesn’t start out great, but he burns it all down by the end, breaks with the tyranny of his family and leaves.  So good.  

  • Goes to greet Doran Martell (Alexander Siddig) who’s supposed to be coming in for Joffrey’s wedding. He’s got gout, and he’s not coming. But, his brother Oberyn (Pedro Pascal) and he’s already in the city.
  • Finds Oberyn in the brothel with his lover, Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma), being all Dornish and sexy.
  • Oberyn is here to avenge his family and kill the Mountain.
  • Sansa is despondant over the Red Wedding. Shae is jealous and gives him the business about Sansa and not wanting her around… one of Cersei’s spies hears their conversation.
  • Varys warns Tyrion that Cersei knows about Shae, which means Tywin will too. She’s in danger.
  • Gifts Joffrey an awesome book for his wedding, which he soon slashes with Widow’s Wail… the sword given to him by Tywin which is half of Ned Stark’s valyrian steel sword, Ice.
  • Turns Shae away and is mean to her to save her and get her out. It’s the equivilant of throwing rocks at her and telling her he never loved her.  It works.
  • Joffrey’s wedding. Dwarf show about the battle of the five kings is meant to humiliate and demean Tyrion and Sansa.  It works.
  • Calls Joffrey out for being a coward at the Blackwater.
  • Joffrey pours wine over his head and orders him to be his cupbearer, then kicks the cup away to make him chase it. Sansa picks it up for him.  Kindness is great, isn’t it?
  • Tries to leave.Joffrey stops him and makes him fill his cup again.
  • Unwittingly fills Joffrey’s cup with Lady Olenna’s (Diana Rigg) poison. Joffrey dies and it’s beautiful.
  • Arrested for poisoning the king.
  • Pod brings him food and information. Sansa is gone.  They want Pod to testify against him.  Tyrion sends Pod away and they have a touching farewell. 
  • Tommen, now king, steps aside and allows a panel of three to be judge of Tyrion.  Tywin, Mace Tyrell (Roger Ashton-Griffiths) and Oberyn are the judges.
  • It’s rigged.Cersei has stacked the deck against him. Varys testifies against him, and that sucks.
  • Jaime tells him of the deal he struck with their dad that Jaime would leave the King’s Guard, become lord of Casterly Rock in return for Tyrion being spared and sent to the wall. He agrees to the plan.  He will ask for mercy. 
  • But Wait!Then Shae testifies against him.   That is cold.  He’s so hurt that he abandons the plan, lashes out hard, says he wishes he had killed Joffrey (calls him a vicious bastard, GASP) and that his dad has been putting him on trial his whole life.  It’s great.  He really goes for it.
  • Demands trial by combat. The mercy plan is out the window.
  • Jaime can’t be his champion… he’s one handed now.
  • Bronn has got a good thing going as a new lord, thanks to Cersei, and doesn’t particularly want to die fighting the Mountain.
  • Oberyn appears.This is everything he wants. He’ll be Tyrion’s champion.  YES! The Red Viper is legendary!  This is gonna work!
  • Jaime comes in to bond in Tyrion’s cell over making fun of a relative before the fight.
  • Oberyn is amazing. He is quick and fluid and he beats the Mountain! But won’t finish him off until he fully monologues about what the Mountain did to his family.  That’s his downfall. 
  • The Mountain trips Oberyn, gets on top of him and crushes his skull with his bare hands.It is so brutal and I can’t unsee it.
  • Sentenced to death. That’s bad.
  • Surprised by Jaime coming in to save him in the night. Jaime leads him to a path… but he takes a detour. 
  • Goes to Tywin’s chamber. Shae is in Tywin’s bed.   I mean, man.  That’s bad.  He strangles her.
  • Finds a crossbow on the wall and goes hunting for daddy.
  • Kills Tywin on the toilet. Fittingly undignified end for the great Tywin Lannister.  YES!
  • Meets Varys, who knows Tyrion did some kind of bad thing, so he’d better join him. They get Tyrion out of there… in a crate.


Season five is spent in a new land, collecting brand new experiences.  Tyrion learns about Essos, sees his first dragon, gets captured, gets freed and becomes interim ruler of a great city.  

  • Tyrion wants to forget everything and drink himself to death. 
  • Discusses state of Westeros with Varys who does everything “for the sake of the realm”.They agree the Iron Throne should be occupied by someone strong and just.  Tyrion wishes Varys luck in finding the right man.  Oh no.  It’s not a man, man. 
  • Agrees to go to Meereen with Varys to meet Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). He’s intrigued.
  • They travel by carriage, hiding from attempts on Tyrion’s life. Cersei’s got people everywhere.
  • Bored and drunk, Tyrion wants to drink in Volantis and doesn’t think it’s a big deal if he’s out in the open. It is. Cersei is paying people to kill dwarves all over the world.
  • Jorah (Iain Glen) spots him.  Varys loses him.  Jorah grabs him while he’s peeing off another high place.
  • Jorah will take him to Meereen.  Ironic.  They get in a stolen boat and sail for Slaver’s Bay.  Tyrion totally figures out Jorah’s deal and taunts him. 
  • Jorah hits him.He’s not messing around.  Okay, then.
  • They float into Old Valyria. He recites a poem about the doom, Jorah joins in.
  • Drogon flies over. AMAZING!
  • Stone men attack!!! Don’t let them touch you, you’ll get grey scale! They fight, Tyrion falls in the water, Jorah saves the day. 
  • Jorah gets grey scale. Doesn’t tell Tyrion.
  • Walking to Meereen, talking, bonding. Tyrion accidently breaks the news that Jorah’s father, Commander Mormont is dead.  Sorry.
  • Captured by slavers.  
  • Convinces slavers to send them to the fighting pits, Jorah is a big time Westerosi knight afterall! It works.  Lives another day.
  • Beats one of the slavers with his own chain to prove to the guy who bought Jorah, that he can fight too. That works! This is going pretty well!
  • Opening of the fighting pits. They have to fight.  Daenerys is there. What?!?  Yay! Jorah can kill everyone to win her back!
  • Jorah kills everyone… does not win her back. Tyrion manages to make his way out and present himself as a ‘gift’ from Jorah.
  • Great Pyramid of Meereen. Daenerys might keep him, might kill him. They talk.  She’ll keep him.  He’ll advise her.  He advises her to spare Jorah.  She does.
  • He advises her to stay in Meereen, they talk smack about their fathers. They’re friends now.
  • Great pit. Jorah is there to fight for her favor. He’s killing most people, almost dies, makes it.
  • Attack!It’s a set up!  Sons of the Harpy surround them and slaughter everyone that comes close.  They’re trapped. 
  • Drogon flies in, breathes fire, saves the day… but it might not be enough, until Daenerys boards her dragon for the first time and they fly away. Tyrion is really into dragons.
  • She’s gone.Tyrion stays with Missandai (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) to rule the city.  Daario (the 2nd) (Michiel Huisman) and Jorah go after Daenerys.
  • Varys shows up. His little birds told him where to find Tyrion.  It’s a happy reunion. 

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Growing pains in leadership are the name of the game for Tyrion in season six.  He’s making moves in Meereen, communing with dragons, becomes hand of the queen and sets sail to return to Westeros in a much different position than when he left. 

  • Walks the streets of Meereen with Varys trying to puzzle out the Sons of the Harpy problem.Tells a woman he’ll eat her baby. Bad Valyrian. Oops.
  • People start running, every ship in the bay is burning. Not great.
  • Things are bad in Meereen. They can’t find who’s leading the Sons of the Harpy and burning ships, Astapor and Yunkai are slaving again and the dragons won’t eat
  • Decides the dragons aren’t eating because they’re locked up. Missandei asks how he knows.  “That’s what I do.  I drink and I know things.” 
  • Goes to unchain Rhaegal and Viserion. They are cool with him, which prompts everyone to start wondering if Tyrion is actually Targaryen.  Tells them how much he’s always loved dragons while taking their collars off.  So cool.
  • Tells Varys to punch him in the face next time he has an idea like that.   Worth it.
  • Tries to play a drinking game with Missandei and Grey Worm. They don’t get it. 
  • Finds out, via Varys that the good masters of Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis are funding the Sons of the Harpy.
  • Invites the good masters to meet.
  • Grey Worm and Missandei, who have been slaves, wanna destroy these guys. Tyrion wants to make peace.  Thinks he knows about being a slave.  Missandei is like, you don’t know jack.  Tyrion was a slave for like two days.  C’mon.  Know your audience.
  • Masters offer money and ships if they’ll leave. They won’t.  Tyrion counters with an offer of seven years transition out of slavery… but Meereen will stay free and they have to stop the Sons of the Harpy shenanigans. 
  • Missandei and Grey Worm are pretty furious at the deal.  Seven years more in slavery is far too long.  But they back Tyrion when he’s challenged by the Meereenese.  Go team.
  • Things in Meereen start to chill out.
  • Brings in a Red Woman from Volantis to spread the word that this peace deal is good and Daenerys is the best. She’s into it.  She is certain Daenerys is the prince that was promised.
  • Varys goes on a secret mission to make friends. (He’s going to Dorne, shhh)
  • Attack!Slavers’ ships bombard Meereen. Dammit!  They’re best move is to wait until the invaders get to the great pyramid.
  • But Wait!There’s a thud on the roof. Drogon and Daenerys are back! And, they brought friends!
  • Joins Daenerys to negotiate terms of surrender with masters. Oh no, not our surrender.  Yours!  Haha! Dragons start to burn ships and Tyrion has Grey Worm slicing two of the masters’ heads off.
  • Tells the surviving master to spread the word. Defying the dragon queen is not cool.
  • Meereen is theirs. Dragons have done some burning, Dothraki have done some raiding.  All is well.
  • Theon (Alfie Allen) and Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) show up to ask for support. Tyrion doesn’t love the idea of this alliance.  Theon is a weasel who killed some Stark boys and the Iron Born can’t be trusted.  But, Daenerys makes an alliance.  They are not their fathers.
  • Tells Daenerys to get rid of Daario. He’s a distraction.  She does it.
  • He believes in Daenerys and they talk about that. It’s great. 
  • Becomes the hand of the queen.
  • Sails to Westeros to fight his own family. HERE WE GO!!

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Tyrion is on the right side of history by season seven.  He makes some terrible missteps and becomes painfully aware that he’s not a warlord, but he has a major part to play in the game of thrones, and he’s working on the side of the living. 

  • Cersei and Jaime get wind of Tyrion’s alliance and new position with Daenerys. Cersei is super mad that Jaime let him go. 
  • Arrives in Dragonstone. It’s a cool place with a cool map table.  Dragons are home.
  • Making plans to conquer. Advises Daenerys against becoming Queen of the Ashes.
  • Convinces Daenerys to invite Jon Snow to Dragonstone when Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) shows up with news that he’s now King in the North.  He’d be a good ally.  She’ll invite him to bend the knee.  Well, okay.
  • A meeting of allies. Things are tense, because they’ve all killed eachother’s family members.  Queen of Thorns  says “be a dragon” but Tyrion convinces Daenerys to be tricky and save lives. She agrees.
  • His plan does not go well. Yara is captured, Sand snakes are captured and the fleet is destroyed by Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk), in the name of Cersei.
  • Jon and Davos (Liam Cunningham) show up. Tyrion and jon like each other.  Dragons scare the new comers, Tyrion is unfazed but says you never get used to 
  • Jon asks for help in the fight against the wights. Tyrion is doubtful but vouches for Jon and ultimately believes him.
  • Jon and Davos are being kept there. They aren’t prisoners, yet.
  • Has a talk with Jon, tells him he believes Jon and Jon tells him about the dragon glass.  Tyrion is on the case.
  • Convinces Daenerys to let Jon have the dragon glass.  It’ll keep him busy while he’s not prisoner. 
  • Keeps the dragon queen from taking Drogon to burn Euron Greyjoy off the water when she learns of the destruction of her fleet.
  • More bad stuff.  Unsullied take Casterly Rock, but the Lannisters are at Highgarden and Unsullied are surrounded by Euron’s ships.  Tyrion failed.
  • Daenerys is mad.  Takes Drogon, Tyrion and the Dothraki to kill Lannisters.  That goes well.  
  • Tyrion watches as Jaime gets dragon fired and disappears into a pond, saved by Bronn.
  • Daenerys executes Samwell Tarly’s () father and brother with dragon fire. Tyrion doesn’t like it one bit.  She might be mad king material.
  • Makes a plan to bring a wight to Cersei.  What could go wrong? 
  • Smuggled into King’s Landing by Davos, Tyrion meets with Jaime (Bronn sets it up) and convinces him to get Cersei to agree to meet Daenerys.
  • Meets Davos on the beach, who’s retrieved Gendry (Joe Dempsie) who now prefers a hammer.  That comes in handy when two gold cloaks foil their escape and Gendry smashes the hell out of them. 
  • Gives Jorah the coin that he was bought with, for luck as he goes beyond the wall.  They’re friends. 
  • Teases Daenerys in a conversation about bravery, loosely translates to “na nana na na Jon LOVES you”
  • Tries to have a conversation about succession (foreshadowing!) but Daenerys won’t have it.  She can’t have kids, it’s a touchy subject, back off until she’s queen of Westeros!!  Jeez.  Okay. 
  • Gets word from Gendry that Jon and the party that went to get a wight are in trouble.  Tries to get Daenerys to stay and let them die.  She flies off with all three dragons.  
  • Daenerys saves everyone but Viserion and Jon.   Jon makes it back alive.  They go to Westeros. 
  • Big reunion in the dragon pit.  Negotiations break down when Jon is too damn honest.  
  • Tyrion has to track Cersei down and fix it. 
  • Enters the literal lion’s den.  Cersei wants him dead but doesn’t pull the trigger… which is the undead Mountain.  
  • Figures out that Cersei is pregnant.  
  • Brings Cersei back to the negotiations.  She promises that Lions will fight with Dragons and Wolves against the dead.  (Um… she’s totally lying.)
  • Sees Jon going in to Daenerys’ cabin on the ship home.  He knows they’re sexing in there.  Trouble.

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres April 14th!!! 




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