{WARNING: BIG SPOILERS:  This article is meant as a reminder and refresher for those who have seen and/or read and/or can’t stop thinking about GAME OF THRONES.  You will likely be confused if you haven’t done.  But, read on friends!  All are welcome in these nerd halls!}




Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season fast approaches.  If you’re like me, you’ve obsessively analyzed the photos and the trailer.  You’ve done your rewatch.  You are anxiously awaiting the next chapter.  And, if you’re like me, you often go; “When exactly did that happen?  Was it before or after the other thing?”  Like, did Sansa get the poisoned necklace before she married Tyrion?  Or was that later?

Or, maybe you don’t have time to rewatch nearly 70 hours of television.  You have better, more important things to do!  We applaud you.  And, we may be able to help you refresh your memory for the war to come. 

It occurred to us at GGA, that whether you’ve obsessed over every GoT detail or not… it would be nice to have a map, if you will, of individual characters’ arcs over seven seasons.  

So, we present to you the fourth in our Game of Thrones character recap series.  Let’s follow Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) through her arc over seven seasons of Game of Thrones, shall we?


Sansa is such a brat when we meet her.  She is privileged, prissy, whiny and naive.  All she wants is to marry a prince and someday be queen, like a fairytale.  She has a harder road than most any other character in the series.  And, the hard knocks start in season one.  

  • A proper little lady, Sansa is good at needlepoint, doing hair, being a dutiful daughter, praying to the old gods and the new, and knowing her station in life.  She is ready to ascend.  Good luck with that.  Hubris.  Can you have hubris at like, 11?  Sure. 
  • King (Mark Addy) and Queen (Lena Headey) arrive with Joffrey (Jack Gleeson), who she’s got a little girl crush on.  He’s a prince and that’s what matters. 
  • Ned (Sean Bean) and Robert agree to marry their houses.  Ned will be hand of the king, reluctantly… Joffrey and Sansa will wed.  Sansa is really into this idea.
  • After a lot of whining and back-talk, Sansa accompanies the Baratheons, Lannisters and her father on the road to King’s Landing.  It begins.
  • Runs into Ilyn Payne (Wilko Johnson) the tongue-less King’s executioner.  He’s scary.  Foreshadowing!!!  Joffrey acts all tough and swauve.  Barf. 
  • Joffrey wants to take Sansa on a sexy tween walk where they can romance.  
  • They stumble on Arya (Maisie Williams) and the butcher’s boy practicing sword fighting with sticks. 
  • Joffrey is an evil jerk who starts to taunt the butcher’s boy, slices his face with his sword.  
  • Arya, who Sansa pretty much hates in the most sisterly way, beats Joffrey back.  
  • Joffrey pulls his sword on Arya and Nymeria bites him in Arya’s defense.  
  • She tries to console a crying Joffrey after the wolf bite and Arya holding his own sword to him and throwing it in the river.  
  • Joffrey snaps at her to get him help.  She’s seen that he’s a weak coward sociopath and now he resents her for knowing what he really is.  It’s all down hill from here, folks.  
  • She’s pulled in front of the king and pressured into lying in Joffrey’s favor.  She’s being dutiful.  Arya hates her for lying. 
  • The Hound (Rory McCann) kills the butcher’s boy and Cersei makes sure one dire wolf pays, though Nymeria can’t be found.  Arya sent her away.  
  • Begs for her wolf, Lady’s life.  She didn’t do anything.  She’s good.  It’s really heartbreaking.  They kill her wolf.  Ned does it, under protest, so it’s quick.  Sansa isn’t safe. 
  • Arrives in King’s Landing.  Ned has empathy for the position she’s been put in.  He buys her a doll to try to connect.  She’s a total jerk to him. 
  • Reality starts to set in when she’s in the throne room with Septa Mordane (Susan Elizabeth Brown) and realizes her grandfather and uncle were burned alive there.  If she doesn’t give Joffrey sons, what price will she pay?
  • Tournament of the Hand.  Ser Loras Tyrell (Terence Jones) gives her a rose.  She’s not his type.  The (first) Mountain (Conan Stevens) and the Hound are scary.  Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen) is a creep. 
  • Joffrey is a classic abuser (sent by Cersei), and gives her a gift and an apology for being sh*#@y since the road. He’s forgiven and she swoons.  Gross.
  • Ned tells Arya and Sansa that they’re leaving King’s Landing.  He’ll find someone else for Sansa to marry.  Someone without a mental illness.  
  • She’s is a complete spoiled brat, wants to have Joffrey’s golden lion babies.  Arya is like, they’ll be stags.  Suddenly Ned knows Joffrey is a bastard.  Good work team Stark! 
  • Walking with Septa Mordane after Robert dies, Lannister soldiers are running amok.  Septa tells her to run to her room and lock the door. 
  • Brought to answer to Cersei, who feigns compassion.  Cersei makes her write a message to Rob saying Ned’s a traitor, asking Rob to come and bend the knee.  She does it. Dutiful. Ugh.
  • Pleads on her knees for her father’s life at court in the throne room.  Joffrey agrees to spare Ned’s head if he confesses to lying, plotting against the crown and proclaims Joffrey the rightful king.  “He will.”
  • Ned reluctantly does what he’s supposed to.  He lies and admits to all of the charges.  Joffrey kills him anyway, while Sansa screams.  She passes out.  Gut-wrenching. 
  • She’s a full prisoner now.  Joffrey is a monster and makes her look at her father’s head on a spike.  Her septa’s head on a spike.  
  • Lashes out for the first time at Joffrey, when he says he’ll bring her Rob’s (Richard Madden) head too. “Or maybe he’ll bring me yours.”  Joffrey has Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie) beat her for that.  
  • Tries to push Joffrey to his death.  The Hound stops her, and is kind.  Gives her a handkerchief for her cut lip.  Tells her to keep it. She’ll need it again.

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Sansa is a prisoner in King’s Landing for the duration of season two.  She’s surrounded by enemies.  Friends are hard to come by and hard to trust.  

  • Going through the motions and playing the loyal betrothed, she’s getting by in King’s Landing without being hurt… for now.  She’s learning how to play the game and manipulate Joffrey.
  • Saves Ser Dantos from being drowned in wine on Joffrey’s name day, with her new manipulation skills.
  • Forced to listen to the Lannisters plot her family’s demise, and makes friends with her new handmaid, Shae (Sibel Kekilli).
  • Rob defeats Jaime Lannister in the field, and Joffrey punishes Sansa by having her stripped and beaten in front of everyone at court.  Joffrey is a complete garbage person. 
  • Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) stops it.  He offers to get her out of her situation.  She holds the line.  She’s strong. 
  • Gets caught in a riot in the city when Joffrey is a terrible person AGAIN.  
  • Is nearly raped by some monsters in the riots.  The Hound kills them and saves her. 
  • Has a nightmare, and wakes up… she got her period.  Oh, this is so bad.  Cersei has been a menstruation hawk since the beginning, and this means she can have Joffrey’s babies.  Hide!!!
  • Shae hustles to help her get rid of the evidence, but the Hound catches them and tells Cersei.  Who’s side is he on???
  • Battle of the Blackwater.  Joffrey makes Sansa kiss his sword before he goes off to “fight.”  That guys is such a rod.  
  • Holds up with Cersei and the women of court while the battle rages.  Cersei gets hella drunk, mocks Sansa’s prayers and tells her Ilyn Payne is there to slaughter them all if the battle is lost.  Great. 
  • Shows her strength when Cersei storms out and Sansa keeps everyone calm with song.  She’s a leader.
  • Shae convinces Sansa to bar herself in her room and wait for Stannis to rescue her.  
  • The Hound is already in her room when she gets there.  He wants to rescue her and take her away with him.  She doesn’t trust it.  He tells her all men are killers and leaves.  
  • Blackwater is won by the Lannisters.  Dammit!  
  • Joffrey makes a big show of turning Sansa away for being the daughter of a traitor and agreeing to marry Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer)  
  • Joke’s on Joffrey.  Sansa is overjoyed at being released.  
  • But wait!  Littlefinger catches her, she pretends to be sad, he says she’s not safe now that she isn’t under the protection of engagement to the king.  Uh oh.  


Season three is still all King’s Landing all the time for Sansa.  She’s no longer a target of Joffrey’s psychosis, but she is a pawn in a bigger game.  She does her best to survive and make her own moves.  It doesn’t go well. 

  • Sits with Shae trying to pass the time watching the ships go by.  Here comes Littlefinger again.  Leave her alone!  He offers to smuggle her out of the capital.  She’s not really buying it. 
  • Shae has grown fond and protective of Sansa.  Warns her not to trust Littlefinger. Duh. 
  • Summoned to lunch with the Queen of Thorns (Diana Rigg) who is so awesome I can’t even handle it, and Margaery.  They’re both cunning and smart and blunt.  They want the real dirt on Joffrey and Sansa finally spills it after all of the hiding and holding the line.  Relief.  
  • She goes to the god’s wood to pray.  Margaery comes to tell her of the plan to marry her to Loras.  That sounds great!  Sansa’s been crushing on Loras since the Tournament of the Hand and the Tyrells are kind to her!  Finally things will get better!!! Oh, Sansa.  Nope. 
  • Littlefinger gets wind of the plot, offers to put Sansa on a ship out.  Sansa wants to wait for the Tyrells to enact their plan, tells him to wait until after Joffrey’s wedding. 
  • Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) gets involved.  A Tyrell and Stark alliance would be bad for the Lannisters.  He plans to marry Sansa to Tyrion and Cersei to Loras.  NOBODY likes this plan. 
  • Tyrion breaks the news to Sansa in front of Shae.  Everyone is upset.  Sansa is devastated.  
  • Her wedding is first.  Tyrion promises not to hurt her.  He’s kind, and she concedes that there are worse Lannisters.  
  • Wedding is terrible. Joffrey walks her down the aisle.  Grotesque.  Then he pulls Tyrion’s stool away so he can’t reach Sansa’s shoulders.  He’s an incredible a#@.  She kneels for Tyrion.  He puts the cloak on.  It’s done. 
  • Reception is terrible.  Tyrion is miserable and getting as drunk as possible.  Joffrey threatens to rape Sansa on her wedding night.  I hate him so much. 
  • Joffrey calls for the bedding ceremony.  Tyrion refuses and threatens Joffrey with a knife stabbed into a table.  Tywin defuses.  Reception is over.
  • Tyrion promises he won’t touch her unless she’s okay with it.  That means as long as it takes or never.  Cool.  Maybe this will be okay. 
  • Nope.  Red Wedding.  Tyrion’s family plotted to slaughter her family.  Rob and Catelyn (Michelle Fairley) are dead. Grey Wind is dead.  Sansa is crushed and angry and done.

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Season four is a turning point.  Sansa leaves King’s Landing, under duress.  She’s getting pushed and pulled in every direction, but after more tragedy and manipulation, she starts to come into her own.  She’s beginning to take charge of her own destiny.  By the end of season four it looks almost like she has the upper hand.  But, she’s trusted the wrong people.  Season five is coming. 

  • Despondent over the deaths of Rob and Catelyn, she won’t eat.  Tyrion is worried.  Shae is worried.
  • She doesn’t pray anymore.  She just goes to the god’s wood because she knows no one will bother her there. 
  • Ser Dantos follows her, thanks her for saving him and gives her a necklace that “belonged to his mother.”  She’ll wear it with pride.
  • Joffrey is married.  He’s got a sword made from her family’s sword, Ice.  The feast happens.  
  • There’s a gross show performed by dwarves about the death of her family.  It is meant to humiliate her and Tyrion.  It does.  
  • Queen of Thorns comes to be kind to Sansa and console her and fiddle with her necklace.  Hmm. 
  • Tyrion, insulted, makes fun of Joffrey for being a coward at the Battle of the Blackwater.  Truth.  
  • Joffrey pours wine on Tyrion’s head and makes him refill his cup.  But, he kicks the cup away, too because he’s the worst pile of trash.  Sansa picks up the cup for Tyrion out of kindness. 
  • Tries to leave with Tryion.  Joffrey calls him back to fill the cup again.  He does.  Joffrey drinks poison and dies.  FINALLY!! YES!!
  • Chaos ensues.  The king is dead.  
  • Dantos grabs Sansa and tells her to flee to save her life. Yes, let’s do that.  
  • Dantos puts her on a boat, that goes to a ship.  Littlefinger is there.  He has Dantos shot with an arrow and crushes her necklace.  Says she’s safe now.  She is not.
  • Figures out that Littlefinger is somehow behind Joffrey’s murder.  Doesn’t understand his motives.  He says he wants ‘everything.’  
  • Arrive in the Eyrie.  Sansa will lie about who she is.  But, her aunt, who is breast feeding her TWEEN child, who is… let’s say, touched… knows who she is.  
  • Lysa (Kate Dickie) is welcoming, though crazy-eyed, and all over Littlefinger.  They have loud sex.
  • Lysa gives Sansa lemon cakes and seems fine, until she gets real crazy and tells Sansa that she thinks she’s seducing Littlefinger.  No that is NOT happening.  Lysa is officially scary. 
  • Learns that she is to marry her touched, breastfed cousin.  Oh no.  No. 
  • Builds Winterfell in the snow.  Robin destroys it because he’s crazy.  She slaps him.  Good.
  • Littlefinger shows up and does the creepy ‘I loved your mother’ thing and kisses her.  So gross.  Lysa witnesses the kiss and she’s, you know, insane.
  • Lysa calls Sansa into the main hall and tries to push her through the moon door.  Littlefinger comes to the rescue with some manipulation, and pushes Lysa to her death.  
  • Questioned by the knights of the Vale, Sansa tells a lot of truths despite Littlefinger’s desire for her to lie.  She tells the truth about crazy auntie, her real identity… but she lies and says Lysa threw herself out the moon door.  She gives Littlefinger a look.
  • Tells Littlefinger she lied for him because she knows what he wants, but not what other people want.  
  • Shows up to leave the Vale with darker hair and a bangin’ dress.  She’s all grown up and ready to make her own decisions. 

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Things get remarkably bad for Sansa in season five.  Littlefinger tricks her, all of the timing is pretty terrible and she is put through a dark, horrifying ordeal at the hands of the biggest monster in Westeros.  It’s so bad.  But, at the end… she makes it out. 

  • Littlefinger receives a raven and puts Sansa in a carriage.  Says they’re going one way, and they go the other.  He tells her he’s going to keep her safe from Cersei.  
  • Stop at the Inn at the Crossroads.  Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) is there and declares for Sansa in the name of her mother with all of the earnestness that Brienne has.  She is the greatest. 
  • Littlefinger makes fun of Brienne for serving people that keep getting killed and Sansa doesn’t trust her.  
  • Turns Brienne away, which is probably the worst decision anyone ever made, ever. 
  • Arrives at Moat Cailin and realizes they’re going to Winterfell.  Littlefinger is marrying her to Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon).  
  • Not into this decision.  Boltons betrayed her family.  She reluctantly agrees, when Littlefinger tells her this is the way she can be avenged and get Winterfell back.
  • She’s home.  The Boltons are polite, initially.  
  • Back in her old room, an old maid tells her “the North remembers.” 
  • Goes to the family crypt to see her people.  Littlefinger shows up because he’s freaking everywhere.  Tells her that Stannis will take Winterfell and she’ll be the Warden of the North.  Good plan.  He’s leaving for King’s Landing.  
  • Old maid comes to her and tells her if she needs help, light a candle in the highest window of the Broken Tower.  She still has friends in the North. 
  • Myranda (Charlotte Hope) Ramsay’s complete psychopath girlfriend, leads Sansa to the kennels, where she sees Reek (Alfie Allen) for the first time.  She hates him, calls him Theon.  He freaks out. 
  • Ramsay is cruel.  Makes Reek apologize to Sansa for killing her brothers (he didn’t).  And decides that Reek will walk Sansa down the aisle.  She’s not happy.
  • Myranda threatens Sansa on her wedding night during her pre-wedding bath.  Sansa thinks it’s just jealously and pulls rank.  Now, she’s determined to marry Ramsay.  Bad call.  Really bad.
  • Won’t hold Reek’s arm down the aisle.  He begs her.  Ramsay will punish him.  She’s cool with that, but she doesn’t know what it means… yet.
  • She’s married.  Again.
  • Wedding night.  Ramsay interrogates her about her virginity after being married to Tyrion.  Tyrion didn’t touch her.  He makes her take off her clothes.  It’s awful. 
  • Ramsay makes Reek watch while he rapes Sansa and we know we’re in a new kind of horror. 
  • She’s a prisoner.  Locked in her room.  Raped every night.  
  • Tries to get Theon to help her, asks him to light a candle in the Broken Tower.  But, he’s Reek now.
  • Ramsay takes her out on a walk.  She’s defiant despite her situation.  Pockets a cork screw.  Proud of her.  
  • Learns that Jon is Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.  Ramsay likes that bastards can ascend.
  • Ramsay makes her look at the flayed body of the old maid that tried to help her.  Reek told on her. 
  • Reek brings her food and she is furious that he betrayed her.  Talks about her brothers and is glad Ramsay is torturing him.  He admits that he didn’t kill her brothers.  She has renewed hope.
  • Everyone is gone battling Stannis.  She picks the lock of her room with the cork screw and lights the candle in the Broken Tower… 30 seconds after Brienne stopped looking for it to go kill Stannis.  Bad. Timing. 
  • Runs into Myranda and Reek on her way back.  Myranda is pointing an arrow at her.  She’s ready to die. 
  • Reek, in a Theon moment, tackles her and throws her off the battlements to her death.  Yay!  
  • Theon and Sansa jump off the walls of Winterfell, into the deep snow and escape.  Yay! 

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Sansa is, for the first time since season one, free.  She escapes, finds her true friends, reunites with family and starts avenging.  She is ready to take back what the Starks have lost, and she does it.  She’s a total wolf in season six and it is rad.  

  • On the run with Theon in the Wolfswood.  Ramsay has sent men and dogs after them.  They try to hide, it’s not going to work.
  • Theon tries to get her to run.  He’ll be a distraction.  She won’t leave him.  She’s brave.
  • But wait!  Brienne comes in and slashes everybody down because she’s the greatest thing that ever lived!  Pod (Daniel Portman) helps.
  • She is saved!  Brienne offers her sword again.  Yes, please.  They make oaths to each other.  It’s beautiful.
  • On the way to Castle Black under Brienne’s protection.  Brienne reveals that she saw Arya alive, but lost her. 
  • Theon doesn’t want forgiveness and leaves.  He’s going to the Iron Islands.  They hug.  He did one good thing by helping her,  finally. 
  • Arrives at Castle Black.  Jon is stunned to see her.  BEST HUG OF THE SERIES.  I cried. A lot. 
  • Apologizes to Jon for being a brat and being cruel to him when they were kids.  Good.
  • Wants Jon to help her take back Winterfell.  He just died, so he’s not into it.  He’s tired.
  • Letter from Ramsay arrives at Castle Black full of threats and the claim that he’s captured their brother Rickon.  Jon is in now.  Let’s go get him.  
  • Littlefinger gets her to meet him in Moles Town. She brings Brienne.  Did he know what Ramsay was?  Yes.  But, he comes with an offer to help her take Winterfell, and that the Blackfish has Riverrun.  
  • Denies Littlefinger’s help.  He’s terrible.  
  • They need the help of the Northern houses.  She tells Jon about Riverrun but lies about how she knows. 
  • Sends Brienne to House Tully to tell the Blackfish about their plan.  Ramsay can intercept ravens.  
  • Makes Jon a cloak like their father’s.  She’s still good with a needle. 
  • They approach House Mormont for help.  Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) is skeptical, but Davos convinces her, and Bear Island is in with only 62 fighting me.  Glovers are out.  Cowards.
  • Jon wants to attack.  Sansa thinks they need more men.  She knows Ramsay.  Jon dismisses her.  
  • Sends a letter to Littlefinger behind Jon’s back.
  • Pre-battle meet with Ramsay.  She asks for proof they have Rickon.  Ramsay produces the decapitated head of Shaggy Dog.  Nooooooo!!  Leave the Dire Wolves alone!!!
  • Tells Ramsay he will die tomorrow.  It’s awesome.
  • Mad at Jon.  Their army isn’t enough.  She knows Ramsay, and Jon’s not listening.  Warns him not to do what Ramsay wants.  Jon is immovable.  He knows nothing. 
  • Battle of the Bastards commences.  Rickon is murdered, Jon rages into Ramsay’s trap.  Jon is about to die with everyone else he’s brought to battle; surrounded by Ramsay’s men.  Not if Sansa has anything to say about it. 
  • Horn blows! Sansa, Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale come in on their horses and save the day!!! 
  • Ramsay’s army is crushed by the Knight of the Vale.  Ramsay runs and hides at Winterfell.  Jon follows.   Wun Wun breaks down the gate and Jon overtakes Ramsay… starts beating him to death.
  • Shows up inside the gates at Winterfell to see Jon pummeling Ramsay.  Jon stops.  Ramsay is Sansa’s to kill.
  • Ties Ramsay up in his kennels with his own dogs that he hasn’t fed for seven days.  She watches as he is eaten alive by his hounds, then turns, walks away and smiles.  He got his.  She is a bada#$ now. 
  • Stark banners fly at Winterfell again.  I weep uncontrollably.  
  • Sansa is Lady of Winterfell.  
  • A white raven comes.  Winter is here.  Jon and Sansa are into that.  
  • Godswood.  She’s communing with the North and of course Littlefinger shows up.  He needs to go away.  He tells her he wants to be king, with her by his side.  Tries to kiss her.  No thanks, creep.
  • Lords of the North gather at Winterfell.  Lyanna Mormont gives them the business about not supporting the Starks.  They all apologize.  It’s awesome.  Sansa mostly watches it all go down. 
  • KING IN THE NORTH!  KING IN THE NORTH!  Sansa smiles at Jon’s ascension, until she looks at Littlefinger, creeping. 

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Sansa is not to be messed with in season seven.  She’s home, she’s Lady of Winterfell and she’s not going back.  Family reunions and additional manipulations can’t shake her.  

  • Jon is making plans for the great war to come.  Wildlings will guard Eastwatch, every man, woman and child of the North will train to fight.  
  • Doesn’t want the families that betrayed the Starks to keep their claims in the North.  Jon disagrees and doesn’t want to punish children for their fathers’ misdeeds.  
  • Jon gets mad at Sansa for questioning him in front of their friends.  She warns him to be smarter than Rob and Ned. 
  • Letter from Cersei comes, demanding Jon bend the knee.  He won’t.  Sansa wants him to deal with her before the wights.  She’s dangerous.  Sansa knows. 
  • Little finger is still buzzing in her ear.  Shoo, fly.
  • Tyrion sends a letter about Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), inviting Jon to Dragonstone to bend the knee.  He won’t.  
  • Sansa’s afraid Tyrion is setting a trap.  But he isn’t.  He writes a message that Jon understands is genuine.
  • She admits that Tyrion was kind to her.  
  • Davos points out that dragons would help in fighting the wights.  Just a little bit.  And, Sam sends a letter saying there’s a mass of dragon glass at Dragonstone.  So Jon will go.  
  • The Northmen are not into Jon going.  Sansa isn’t into it.  But, he doesn’t listen.  He’s made up his mind. 
  • Jon puts Sansa in charge of the North while he’s gone. Awesome.  She can handle it.  She barely flinches.
  • Gets to work outfitting Winterfell for winter.  She knows how to keep grain stores and put leather on armor.  She’s good at this. 
  • Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) comes to Winterfell.  Sansa is so happy to see him.  He’s a weird wooden emotionless three-eyed raven now. 
  • Bran explains that he has visions and he saw her on her wedding night… couldn’t he pick another vision?? He refuses to become lord of Winterfell.  He’s with the trees now. 
  • Guards come in and tell Sansa that an Arya imposter is trying to get in.  Sansa realizes it’s Arya and knows exactly where to find her. 
  • The Crypt.  Arya is there.  They have a reunion.  Arya has to call Sansa Lady Stark.  Damn right. They catch up a little.  They don’t know each other anymore. 
  • Brings Arya to Bran, who is not Bran.  Arya tries to hug him but he’s wood.  He knows about her list.  
  • Bran gives Arya the Cat’s Paw dagger.  Sansa knows that Littlefinger is up to something. 
  • Watches Arya and Brienne spar in the courtyard.  She’s shocked at who Arya is now… an assassin. 
  • Talks the Northern lords down when they try to get her to usurp Jon.  She trusts him, and he’s the king. 
  • Arya tells her to kill the lords that are causing trouble.  Sansa’s like, what?  No.  Arya accuses Sansa of secretly holding blind ambition to become more powerful.  Sansa doesn’t like it. 
  • Arya comes to her with the letter Sansa wrote to Rob, betraying their father and family.  Sansa explains Cersei made her do it, and how dare she… Sansa saved Jon, got Winterfell back, and endured some seriousness to get there.  
  • She’s afraid the letter would turn the Northern lords against her if Arya showed it to anyone.
  • Littlefinger is in the mix, of course.  Sansa tells him about Arya, and he starts sewing seeds of distrust.  Tells her to get Brienne to protect her.  She agrees.
  • Letter from Cersei calls Sansa to King’s Landing for the coming summit.  Sansa sends Brienne, who doesn’t want to leave her there without protection from Littlefinger.   Sansa says she’s fine. 
  • Finds Arya’s faces.  Arya threatens to take her face.  Things are getting tense. 
  • Finds out Jon has bent the knee for Daenerys.  She is pissed.  Littlefinger tells her to take over, but Arya would turn on her if she defied Jon.  Littlefinger tells her Arya is out to kill her.  
  • A trial in the great hall.  Arya is brought in.  Sansa reads a list of charges against house Stark.  They’re charges against Littlefinger.  Haha! 
  • Littlefinger tries to talk his way out of it.  Bran lists off the things he’s seen him do and Arya slits his throat so we don’t have to listen to him anymore.  FINALLY! 
  • Joins Arya on the battlements and they talk about what their dad said. “When the snows fall and the white winds blow… the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season premieres April 14th on HBO.  






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