Game of Thrones season 7 has come to an end.  Sad face.  And, we have to wait over a year to get a 6 episode 8th season.  Double sad face.  BUT, until then we get to have in-depth conversations and theorize until our brains explode!  YAY! I live for fan theories!  Here are 5 of my predictions for Game of Thrones‘ final season, in no particular order. 

Daenerys is Definitely Pregnant.  There’s been A LOT of talk about how Daenerys can’t get pregnant.  It’s absolutely going to happen that her little boat tryst with Jon Snow, her nephew, will result in a brand new little wolf dragon.  There are a few reasons I think so.  First, they’ve been hitting it so hard in the show (pun intended), there’s just no way they aren’t going there.  Second, Targaryens like to get together, so it would follow that the only one that could make the impossible possible would be someone of Daenerys’ own bloodline.  3rd, Jon Snow’s real name is Aegon Targaryen.  That’s the name of the conqueror.  He married his sisters and they all rode on dragons.  You get it. 

P.S.  A Targaryen baby sets up an interesting new twist on the future of the realm.  Could it be a continued fight for the targaryen baby and the lannister baby?  Perhaps.   

Something Will Stall Bran and Sam From Spilling the Beans.  Now there are two people that know the full truth about Jon’s true identity.  Gilly technically knows, but she’s not necessarily clear on exactly what she knows.  But, I don’t think Jon or Daenerys will find out right away.  Maybe it’s the news that Daenerys killed Sam’s family that will keep it from getting to them.  Maybe it’s the hundreds of thousands of wights on their way to Winterfell.  I believe there’s more investment to be made in the relationship of Jon and Daenerys before they find out he’s Aegon, her nephew and true heir to the Iron Throne.  Those details will most likely throw a pretty big wrench in their cozy little alliance.  They’ll come later than sooner. 

Theon Will Make the Ultimate Sacrifice.  Theon, newly redeemed… again… is on his way to save Yara.  I believe that he’ll sacrifice himself to get Yara back to Daenerys and Jon; and possibly foil at least some portion of the Golden Company’s journey to Westeros.  Maybe the elephants?  Sorry elephants.  It’s the only way he can truly be redeemed.  And, it’ll be awesome.  Let’s hope he and Yara kill Euron in the process.  Fingers crossed.

Tormund and Beric Are Alive.  Though they were on the wall at Eastwatch when it came down, I don’t think they perished.  They are both too hard to kill, and that unceremonious a death isn’t fitting either character.  Thoros had a better death than that.  No way they’re dead.  I predict they’ll be under some rubble and will live to fight another day.  After all, Tormund has to get back to Brienne! 

Clegane Bowl Is Not Dead.  In the season 7 finale, the Hound says to his brother, ‘You know who’s coming for you.  You’ve always known.’  I think he’s talking about himself.  This is not the same Hound that the Mountain last met in King’s Landing.  This is the Hound that’s been beyond the wall and fought Brienne of Tarth and survived, and found a strange friendship with a little Stark girl and a bunch of wildlings.  I think he’s picking his moment, and that meeting wasn’t it.  The Hound is coming for the Mountain, and the Hound will win. 

Tell us what you think!  We’ve got lots of time to talk about it! Also, read what opportunities we think the season finale, The Dragon and the Wolf missed!

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