Due to the worldwide pandemic of 2020, people are stuck in their homes trying to avoid social gatherings of any kind. Thanks to this, more and more people are emerging in the world of video games, and a lot of people are becoming interested in tech jobs, such as game development. Some have already started or finished training, and some people want to work in this area as freelancers or do it as an interesting hobby. Thankfully, these days jobs in IT, technology, and even game development don’t necessarily require a college degree!

But to pursue a career in technology and game development, people need to know what they’re getting into, and they need to follow present trends to be noticed and become profitable. This article will go through all game development trends of 2021.

Next-Gen Technology

A lot of new technologies are being introduced to gaming, the most trending now being the DualSense controller of PlayStation 5. Using that as an example, here’s why these new additions changed the face of gaming, and how developers are using it in upcoming or already released games.

The newest controllers such as the DualSense have built-in speakers, screens, and adaptive triggers, to make the gameplay that much more exciting. What these do is put the player in the game. When running out of ammo, it doesn’t just show up on the screen, but players physically can’t push that button anymore. If a door is stuck in the game, or can’t be opened, it doesn’t write a text on the screen, instead, it becomes physically harder to push the door. The controller whispers and plays eerie music, some even blows slight wind on your face, and some messages show up on the controller. These are just some new aspects introduced by these new technologies, all of which are incredibly trending, and game developers can’t wait to get their hands on these to create amazing new gameplay experiences.


Esports is a huge trend of 2021, especially thanks to the new technology that allows players to feel the gameplay more vividly. But apart from that, esports never truly die out, and will always stay in fashion, like the little black dress of gaming. You can never go wrong with a good sports game. Having said that, standards are set incredibly high in regards to sports games, and players are getting very picky especially when it comes to the gameplay experience, authenticity, and graphics.

So for those who want to try developing a sports game, tread lightly. Because with great demand comes great responsibility, and a lot of experience is required to start developing a truly great esports game without it looking like a sloppy Roblox game.


Context is everything. And players today are looking for a journey they can be a part of, and characters they can empathize with. So the writing of any game must be immaculate and layered. If any amount of story is given to the context of the game, that has to be perfectly planned and executed. The problem isn’t with short, or shallow stories. The missing umph is rather in the storytelling technique and gameplay experience. For example, the 2020 game, Spiritfarer has a unique story, told in a very light style, with cute characters, but tells a shockingly deep story that gives players goosebumps. So if you don’t have experience in writing, it’s highly recommended to find a very talented writer who can bring your story to life.

Graphics & Design

This goes without saying, but standards for graphics are above the roof. If your game isn’t purposely pixelated, like Minecraft or Roblox, it’s not acceptable. Developers who don’t have the manpower or budget to create a lifelike experience usually come up with a unique style for the game that allows the graphics to be more lightweight, and creative.

This is where style comes in, as that’s a developer’s highest priority next to the story. Designing a game has to be smart, and every line has to be intentional. More and more games are coming out with a very unique style, like the aforementioned Spiritfarer, Valorant, Disco Elysium, or Little Nightmares, all representing very different styles, but exceptionally and consistently.


Virtual reality is very “in” right now, and there’s high demand for games with exceptional virtual reality experience now that the technology for it has developed so vastly, and will be developing in the near future. Most game developers who crave the challenge that comes with VR games stick to the genre because people who are interested in the technology and the right ways to use it have a lot to learn. And because it’s constantly growing and developing, the learning never stops. This is the most exciting part of developing VR games, as it never limits your creativity, and always makes you face a new challenge.

Diving into the world of game development is not a small feat, but definitely worth it. There was never a higher demand for video games, and the technology offered on a silver platter is almost limitless and constantly growing. With the right training, experience, and talent, there’s no saying what anyone can do with this genre.

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