Fans of the popular video game developer were saddened by the news this past Friday that Telltale Games were closing their doors. The company was popular for episodic story driven games that featured popular fandoms like, The Walking Dead and Minecraft. Telltale was also in talks with Netflix to create a Stranger Things game similar to their other titles. However with news of the close it is only safe to assume that this will no longer be happening. It was also announced that their popular Walking Dead game would come to an abrupt end as well. A small skeleton crew of 25 employees were kept on in order to fulfill final obligations to the companies board and partners. The official statement was shared on their Twitter earlier today.

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It can be easy to overlook everything Telltale has done for our industry during this time, however we can not ignore it. Personally they pulled me in with their games that heavily featured stories at a time I was only looking for adventure. Several others have taken to Twitter as well to thank Telltale Games for the amazing experiences and stories we have come to love. I am hopeful that those games that are left without a future can be picked up by other major game development companies and be brought back to life. Only time will tell in this situation, but I hope all is for the better. For those who wish to share their love for Telltale Games, you can use the #TellTaleMemories on Twitter!


Julia Roth
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