During The Game Awards 2019 we got our first glimpse at the upcoming loot slasher Godfall. Gearbox Publishing worked alongside Counterplay Games to bring this fantasy combat game to life. And my does it look beautiful. The game will take queues from other RPGs but give a refreshing take by rewarding bravery in game. 

We don’t know much right now, but what we do know is that the game will feature a third person view and three game modes. We will see some solo play, duo and three player co-op. Players will need to complete missions to unlock more gear in order to take on stronger foes.

The trailer for Godfall is stunning and shows several different gear sets that I hope will appear in game because we all know the better you look the better you play. We don’t get to see any gameplay, but from what has been explained, it won’t be much different from what we have seen before. It will be interesting to see what is released over the next year before it’s release.

The real excitement, is that this game will release on the brand new PS5! I hope that the trailer’s graphics are a good indication of what we are going to expect from the brand new console from Playstation.

Godfall will release during the holidays 2020 for PS5 and PC through Epic Games. Follow them on twitter to keep up with announcements.

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Julia Roth
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