The gambling industry is not new to innovation. Casino operators always come up with new innovations and make changes to the established format, expanding the boundaries of the players’ experience and introducing new functions and features into their games. Whether it’s new technologies introduced for the first time in gambling, or a new approach designed to increase interest in this sphere, the casino is always looking for the next important thing.

One of the most promising events in recent times has been the transition to games based on skills, primarily with video games, which are the basis of gambling. As an alternative to proven random-based games such as slot machines, these skill-based video games can provide an even closer hybrid between video games and online gambling, encouraging skills rather than pure luck.

But what is the main idea of ​​these games, and can video game-based gambling become the next major frontier for the online casino industry? And how will these models work for both casinos and gamblers to present a viable, enjoyable gaming experience?

Gambling in video games: what is it?

Take Super Mario on NES as an example. Then imagine that instead of playing to complete the game or impress your friends, you play to get a high enough score to win some money. This is exactly what you got at the heart of the concept of gambling. Players are rewarded for their success in the game, based on their own skill and performance, and not on being in the right place at the right time.

Compare this with online slot machines, like a popular example from the casino world. It is impossible to guarantee victory, and whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced veteran, your luck will be exactly the same.

While slot machines are very popular, players end up playing new slot machines or even switching to other games. When you add an element of skill, you put in front of players more challenging tasks, which by their nature are more attractive and more likely to encourage players again and again. And with money on the line, it is becoming more and more urgent to play these games than to play a standard entertainment video game.

Why it can be huge

Thanks to the desire for gamification in the entire online casino industry, video game gambling can be considered as the ultimate place for this approach. In short, gamification is the process of turning functional, which otherwise works, into a game, and it works in all online casinos, even today.

That is why you will find loyalty points leaderboards or slots tournaments, and even social elements designed to keep you coming back for more. In the online casino space, gaming elements are literally universally placed, which has a promising effect on involvement, loyalty and, ultimately, on the growth of the industry.

Thus, instead of playing slot machines with minimal interaction and player involvement, these games, which are supposed to use an economy similar to slot machines, put players in the center of events. The end result is likely to be an audience that is more interested than ever before, and this, in all likelihood, means a positive impact on the final performance of the casino.

Waves of skill-based games

Skill based games are already starting to appear in land-based casinos. For example, in Atlantic City now there are casinos based on skills. Following the changes in legislation made at the end of 2016, Atlantic City resorts took an inventory of some of these slot machines, and Danger Arena is a classic shooter that became the first game to hit the casino floor. While it is too early to say that this is the beginning of the gaming revolution, early feedback from players and casino operators seems positive.