X-Force fans, this is your lucky day. After 25 years in comics, Lady Luck aka Domino is getting her own comic run thanks to one of the greatest comic writers of our time, Gail Simone. And with the character’s upcoming appearance in Deadpool 2, fans are going to want to see more of this bada** woman – so it couldn’t have come at a better time. And with Simone behind the helm, we’re set up for a great run.

Announced today by Marvel.com, we learned the Simone will be returning to Marvel after 14 years to bring this mercenary to life. In the announcement we got to learn a little about what we can expect from the series launching on April 11th.

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When Domino finds herself on the wrong side of the mercenary community, the favorite femme fatale has to fight back and, somehow, stay alive. Hunted by her enemies, a danger to her friends, and chased by the man who hates her more than anything, Domino will be up against the odds—but that’s never stopped her before.

While we don’t have an artist announced for the series just yet, we did get to learn that the brilliant cover was done by Greg Land and Frank D’Armata. As for Simone, she had been dominating over at DC, bringing the best run of Birds of Prey and Batgirl (if I say so myself). But one of her early works was for Marvel, writing on Deadpool. So for her, it’s almost as if she’s returning home after a long, long time away. And given Simone’s excited reaction in her own statement, we know we’re in for a lot of fun.

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My favorite characters are always the unpredictable ones, and with Domino, you literally never know which way the dice are going to roll. I love her, and I can’t wait to show her best bad side!

We really need more female-focused comics out there. I know we have a lot more than we used to just 10 years ago, but it’s important. It’s important to have more female voices behind more female heroes, villains and anti-heroes. So this announcement is very exciting. Plus, who doesn’t want more Domino? 

Are you excited for a Simone run of Domino? Who do you think will cameo first? Check out the cover below and let us know what you think! Domino will hit shelves April 11th.



Erin Lynch