The cable television channel G4 TV premiered in 2002 and left screens in 2014. During the networks peak, their shows X-Play and Attack of the Show were gaming and pop culture must-watch shows. Today, seemingly out of nowhere, G4 TV’s Twitter channel came back to life again with a cryptic message, “We never stopped playing.” Well, okay. It’s not that cryptic. G4 is coming back. 

The teaser slowly pans through a warehouse and settles upon a game of Pong being played on an old CRT monitor. This harkens back to 2002 when the G4 TV had a Pong marathon. Then the screen glitches and we see, “Incoming transmition. G4. We never stopped playing. 2021” 

Sources tell Geek Girl Authority that the rebooted G4, owned by NBCUniversal, is being produced under the Comcast Spectacor division, a sports and entertainment company that owns Overwatch League’s Philadelphia Fusion.

Twitter was definitely on fire with the news and the responses were mostly positive. The hosts and personalities from those shows reacted quite quickly after the teaser dropped. Too quickly? Perhaps we’ll be seeing some of our favorite hosts back onscreen along with a new generation of gaming and pop culture personalities. We can’t wait to find out!





Audrey Kearns