• Hulu has shared a first-look clip for Futurama Season 12. 
  • In it, we see the faces behind the voices of our PlanEx crew. 
  • The new season premieres this summer. 

Do you find yourself wondering what your favorite voice actors look like when they aren’t behind the animated characters they play? Then, the new promotional video for Futurama Season 12 is for you. The recently released promo video includes a look at many of the stars in the incredibly talented Futurama voice-acting cast. Check out the video at the bottom of this article.

Futurama Season 12

The new clip promoting Futurama Season 12 opens with Billy West performing the voice of Professor Hubert Farnsworth. West also voices Philip J. Fry and Doctor John Zoidberg, not to mention many other characters on the show. Next up is John DiMaggio, who voices Bender Bending Rodriguez. DiMaggio also plays many supporting roles (get used to this recurring theme).

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West and DiMaggio are followed by Katey Sagal. Sagal plays mutant Planet Express captain Turanga Leela. Next comes Lauren Tom, who plays long-term PlanEx intern Amy Wong. She plays many other roles, too, including child-aged characters. Then, a big group shot brings in most of the rest of the actors who round out the Futurama crew.

The aforementioned stars are joined by David Herman, who plays many roles on the show. Also present is Phil LaMarr, who plays Hermes Conrad and various additional roles. Plus, of course, Maurice LaMarche is present, as well. He plays Lrr, Morbo the News Monster and many other characters. In fact, the only major recurring Futurama cast member who isn’t present in the advert is Tress MacNeille. She plays Mom, as well as many supporting roles.

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In addition to line deliveries from the actors, there are also plenty of quick glimpses of Futurama Season 12. It looks like the crew will be returning to Mars and visiting Betsy. Plus, Bender’s in the running of the bulls … or is that the running of the buggalo? We’ll find out when Futurama Season 12 begins to arrive on July 29, 2024.

Seasons 1 through 11 of Futurama are currently available for streaming on Hulu.

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