There’s much and more talk right now about women’s issues and the treatment of women in hollywood, in politics, in society.  Well, SNL knows it, and continues to address it in the funniest ways.  Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant are on the frontlines of funny in so many ways.  This time, they’re Dyke and Fats.

If you’ve got a problem with political correctness, this is for you.  Harkening back to the ‘tough chick’ female buddy cop dramas of the 70’s, Dyke and Fats is a hilarious send up of female labels.  It has fun playing with old tropes until it turns itself on it’s head at the end with some modern angst.

Kate McKinnon is great.  Andy Bryant is great.  The sketch is so fun and silly and great.  John Cena has a surprisingly accurate Chicago accent.  It was my favorite moment of last night.  AND THEY SAVE SANTA!!

Take a look.


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