You read that correctly. has released their first look at the full character breakdowns for their upcoming series, The New Warriors, which will play on their FreeForm channel, previously ABC Family. The series is about “six young people with powers living and working together” who want to “make a difference in the world … even if the world isn’t ready.” The series has a season order of ten already in place and is slated to debut in 2018.


We already knew that the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl would be in the cast, but now we have a description of her!


Doreen Green is described as having “The powers of a squirrel, the power of a girl” and is a “totally empowered fangirl.” This is evident in the comics by the fact that she has a pack of Deadpool cards to tell her about all the heroes and villains she comes up against. She’s also described as a “natural leader — confident and tough, but not innocent,” who’s greatest quality is her optimism.” But, most importantly, she “also takes her pet squirrel, Tippy Toe, everywhere.”

But, who else will be joining her in the New Warriors?


First up — Craig Hollis, a.k.a. Mister Immortal, who’s super power is that he “Cannot die. Ever. Maybe. So he says.” While this sounds like an incredible power, the comics show it to be absolutely useless in most cases because he doesn’t really have an accelerated healing factor like Deadpool. Him you can hack to pieces and he just keeps coming. Mister Immortal, on the other hand, still feels pain and can most definitely be stopped in his tracks pretty easily — he just comes back to life if you kill him. He’s described as the team lothario and “kind of like ‘The Most Interesting Man Alive,'” except for the fact that he’s “more cocky than confident and at times, charmingly grumpy.” He’s a bit lazy because, as he figures, “if he has all the time in the world to learn how to fight, what’s the rush?”


Next up — the Night Thrasher, Dwayne Taylor. So, here’s what’s interesting about this character — he’s a low-rent vigilante more along the lines of Casey Jones than Batman. In the comics, he is no-nonsense. He never really made jokes, never really smiled — he was all justice all the time. However, it sounds as if they are giving him a much needed update for the series as he is “a local celebrity ‘hero’ with his very own YouTube channel.” He’s also a “shameless self-promoter and entrepreneur,” who “deeply believes in justice.” Well, at least “his version of it.” Bonus — he hides the fact that he’s from a really rich family “because he’s afraid he’ll lose his street cred.”


The next one is the least surprising of all the new characters — Robbie Baldwin, a.k.a. Speedball. He has almost always existed on The New Warriors team, pretty much exclusively. His power is that he “can launch kinetic balls of energy.” Pretty much, he’s a human bouncy ball that can also manifest and throw bouncy balls and they are “completely out of his control.” He “grew up watching quinjets take off from Avengers Tower and loves the idea of being a hero.” He’s also “impulsive and immature” and a “people-pleaser with a misplaced sense of confidence.”


The next one is Zack Smith, a.k.a. Microbe. He’s a newer addition to the team in the comics who has the ability to … “talk to germs.” As they say in the breakdown, this “nearly makes him a telepath” as the germs can “tell him where you’ve been, what you ate and who you hung out with.” Ironically, he’s a hypochondriac who the team “takes under their wing” and help him “find and grow his confidence.” Sounds like he and Squirrel Girl will become best friends.


Finally there’s a character named Deborah Fields who goes by Debrii. She is proud, funny and quick-witted, who has “Confidently come out as a lesbian,” and “experienced deep loss in her personal life as a direct result of super ‘heroics’.” She’s a low-level telekinetic who loves to use her powers to trick others.

“Marvel’s New Warriors” is co-produced by Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios. Marvel’s Jeph Loeb (“Marvel’s The Punisher,” “Marvel’s The Defenders”), and Jim Chory (“Marvel’s The Punisher,” “Marvel’s The Defenders”) serve as executive producers. Kevin Biegel (“Cougar Town”) serves as showrunner and executive producer.

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