We got amazing news today that Rend, the fantasy-based team survival game from Frostkeep Studios, is now in Early Access on Steam! Players can pick up the game for $29.99 here for PC and jump right into the action! Frostkeep Studios is an independent video game company founded by veteran game developers Solomon Lee, Mat Milizia, and Jeremy Wood. They worked together on several products like World of Warcraft, Overwatch and League of Legends before branching off on their own. They spent the last several months working alongside game testers in the alpha phases to work through different issues in game. With the help of the players, the Frostkeep Studios team will continue to work on Rend and build an amazing world.

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Rend was inspired by a love for Norse mythology and epic battles with team-based strategies. Players will be able to join one of three factions (Conclave, Order, Revenant) and work alongside other players from around the world to survive. Those who are able to survive the vividly beautiful world of Midgard will be able to ascend to Valhalla as heroes. Rend will mix together RPG mechanics with sandbox style gameplay, focusing on combat, team strategy, crafting, and heavy consequences on winning and losing. It will feature official servers which will follow all game rules as well as a Conquest Server that removes the magic shell protecting faction strongholds. They have also included private servers so players can adjust rules and play how they choose to, allowing for the players to customize their game experience.

The games visuals look absolutely stunning in the screenshots and announcement trailer, which is no shock as I love Norse mythology. The world looks massive and has distinctive changes between different areas allowing players to experience everything from the frigid north to forests and swamps. The artistic style chosen allows the game to truly come to life in front of player’s eyes. I also love the small details added to mounts, weapons and even the players themselves. I cannot wait to get a look at the early access and see what Frostkeep Studios and Rend can bring to the table. Were you able to check out the alpha? What did you love about the game? 





Julia Roth
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