We are halfway through Season 2 of From, the latest in horror television. A mystery began the moment the first episode aired, and it has continued to build throughout the first and second seasons. While we still do not have answers to the primary questions, there are a multitude of possibilities. It is impossible to guess where the story goes from here, but it is fun to try. In anticipation of the second half of the season, here are three scenario predictions for episode 10 of Season 2.

*Warning: there are spoilers ahead for the first season, and episodes one through five of the second—approach with caution.

It Is a Simulation

This is the most likely, but most boring of the possibilities. Given the voice Jim heard on the radio at the end of the first season, someone knows what is happening. Add in the electrical wires going nowhere and the trees that transport people; it stands to reason that nothing is “real.” Not to mention Mari (Kaelen Ohm) showing up on the bus right when Kristi (Chloe Van Landschoot) was falling for Kenny (Ricky He). Therefore, our favorite survivors could be in some simulation.

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Even though it would be an easy solution, I do not think our curiosity will so easily be satiated. I believe there is something more confusing and sinister afoot. Simulations have been done to the point of redundancy, plus, From has a distinctly Stephen King vibe which leads me to think the answer will not be an easy one.

Kristi stands at the front of the bus with Mari in the background in From.

Kristi (Chloe Van Landschoot) stands at the front of the bus, with Mari (Kaelen Ohm) walks toward her. Photo provided by MGM+

They Are in Purgatory

Another possibility is that the town is a version of purgatory. Since everything keeps getting worse, it would make sense if they were suffering in the afterlife. Of course, for this theory to work, they would all have to be dead, and there is some evidence to support this idea. For example, they all see the same downed tree before entering the town. It could be seen as a gateway of sorts. The creatures are another indication that they are in the afterlife. Perhaps they are what happens to people after they have been there too long. Also, it seems as if they are constantly tortured. Something good happens only for 10 bad things to follow.

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Again, I think this is too easy and overdone. Like the simulation theory, having the town be purgatory carries immense cliches that would not fly for many fans. However, it could work to their advantage to make viewers THINK it is purgatory, only to return in another season to find out they were wrong.

The Mystery Remains

Donna (Elizabeth Saunder) holds a shotgun and Tillie (Deborah Grover) offers a drink in From.

Donna (Elizabeth Saunder) holds a shotgun, and Tillie (Deborah Grover) offers a drink. Photo provided by MGM+

This is the most likely situation to occur. This season will end with a tidbit of new information but no real answers. Much like the first season finale, my biggest prediction is that we will get some small insight that is nothing more than a tiny clue to the bigger picture. The first five episodes of this season have primarily focused on the newcomers, particularly Mari. Perhaps one of them holds the key to more answers.

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Not only does this approach make the most sense, but it also creates a cliffhanger that leaves viewers desperate for the next installment. While I enjoy learning more about this mysterious world, I’m also not sure I am ready for it to end. Therefore, out of these options, this is my preferred choice.

From stars Harold Perrineau, Eion Bailey, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Scott McCord, David Alpay, Elizabeth Saunders, Ricky He, Chloe Van Landschoot, Pegah Ghafoori, Corteon Moore, Avery Konrad, Hannah Cheramy, Simon Webster, Elizabeth Moy and others. John Griffin created the show.

What do you think will happen at the end of Season 2? Leave your predictions in the comments!

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