We’re down to the last 2 episodes of the first season of Frequency. Last week was a doozy with Raimy facing some pretty severe consequences for the shooting death of Deacon Joe, but she was saved due to some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey changes to her personal timeline. Frank was able to avoid some hot water himself after the car accident that freed Deacon Joe from the trunk of his car. Everyone got out of their messes, but unfortunately the Nightingale Killer is still alive and well. When we last saw Raimy, she found Meghan alive along with Meghan’s brother, Robbie.



Raimy is racing down the road with an upset Meghan (Beth Lacke) and a bleeding Robbie (David Lipper) in the back seat of her car. Despite the urgency of getting Robbie to a hospital before he bleeds out, Raimy starts questioning him about why he was at the cabin and what happened to their mother.  According to Robbie, Joe called him and told him that something was going on with Meghan. This caused Robbie to panic so he made his way out to the cabin. When Raimy asks him about their mom, he refuses to answer. Raimy suddenly stops the car, using his impending death as a motivator to answer her questions. Meghan begs her to take him to a hospital which Raimy eventually does.

In 1996, Frank has entered the interrogation room where Deacon Joe is being held for questioning. Frank turns off the mic and rather forcefully tells Joe to confess to being the Nightingale Killer. Joe isn’t affected by Frank’s threats, but after Frank reveals that he was the one who kidnapped Joe, Joe seems to respond a little better.

While Frank is doing his best “Bad Cop,” Stan walks into the adjoining room. Seeing Frank in the room with Joe, Stan wonders why he’s even in there. Naturally, Stan gets a little suspicious because it’s Frank and he knows somethings up.


Frank is not quite done with Deacon Joe. He admits that he is the only one who knows what Deacon Joe is the Nightingale Killer. Frank does his best to put the pressure on him, but it looks like the threats on his life are not enough to make Joe break. Switching tactics, Frank tries to appeal to his pious side, reminding him that he’s a man of the church, but Joe will not be swayed. He only wants his lawyer.

Satch meets up with Raimy at the hospital and informs her that they have put an APB out for Deacon Joe. Raimy is convinced that Deacon Joe moved his wife’s body but there’s no proof. The only proof can come from Robbie.


In Robbie’s hospital room, Raimy questions him again about their mother. Robbie is reluctant to tell Raimy anything because his memory is foggy, but he tells her nonetheless. After Meghan left home, Robbie was alone with Joe and his mother. One day his mother returned home from work late and she looked disheveled. Deacon Joe accused her of fooling around and he killed her. When Robbie found his father hovering over his mother’s body, Deacon Joe claimed that it was a good thing and that they would give her a good death. Together they bound his mother’s hands and feet with rosary beads and Joe hid her body in the closet and boarded it up. That is disturbing.

With no way of knowing where the mother’s body could be, Frank and Raimy hit a roadblock.  Now that they know Robbie is alive, maybe Frank can find him in 1996. Raimy needs Frank to get tough on Deacon Joe, but Frank needs to be careful about all of it else it all crumbles in front of them.

As Raimy is making her way to work, Meghan gives her a call. She remembers that there was the shed that Deacon Joe would hide his belts when he would dole out punishment. It’s too small to hide a body, but it’s something that Raimy can work with.


Frank makes his way back to the precinct where Stan, horrible, vindictive Stan, intercepts him. While Frank was away, Joe decided to do a little self-harm by bashing his head onto the metal table. Since the mics were off and there was no detective in the room, Joe is able to accuse Frank of causing the injuries. Frank denies it all, but Stan doesn’t believe him. Not that it matters anyway because Stan let him go.


Raimy arrives back to the cabin with Satch along for the ride. In the shed, Raimy is looking for something, anything that will give her some idea as to the whereabouts of the Deacon or the elusive body.  Since Joe is fond of boarding up things, Raimy checks the walls and is able to find some loose boards. Pulling them away she finds an old dusty box. When she opens it up she finds a license for Carmen Salinas, RN badges for Amanda Baldwin and Christa Hurley, a Polaroid of Larissa Abbott, and the picture of Young Raimy and her mom from the locket her mother wore on the night she died. You’re BUSTED Joe! B-U-S-T-E-D.

At Julie’s house, an apprehensive Frank is scrambling to get a plan together. Now that Joe is out, it can only mean that he’s coming for Frank and his family. Frank is determined to find Joe before anything can happen to Young Raimy or Julie.


At the precinct Satch is debriefing the detectives on Joe and what they found in the shed. Everyone now knows that Joe Hurley is the Nightingale Killer. On the radio, Raimy tells Frank what has happened. Because the case is now a media spectacle, it will be even harder to find Joe and harder still for Raimy to get close to him even if they do catch him. Everything must be resolved in 1996. Frank has his orders: go back up to the cabin to see if that box of mementos is there and find Robbie. So easy.

Frank meets up with Satch and Satch tells him that IA is looking into what happened to the Deacon in the interrogation room. Frank tells him the truth about sticking Joe in the trunk of his car and that Joe is the Nightingale Killer. This time Satch believes him and offers his help.


Since the press has Joe’s picture plastered everywhere Joe needs to make a quick exit out of town. While he’s buying supplies at a local marine shop, a police officer shows up.  Making a mad dash into the bathroom, Joe is a little concerned. The police officer leaves, but not before he takes a second look at the picture in the paper. You think the officer has been fooled, but what’s this? Does he come back and arrest Deacon Joe? Yes, yes he does!

Deacon Joe is brought in to the precinct and Satch gets right to the interrogation. Stan makes a comment to Raimy, but Raimy is just glad that he’s been caught. Now if only Frank can come through in 1996.

In his search for Robbie, Frank goes to Meghan to illicit her help in meeting Young Robbie Womack (Patrick Stafford) at his workplace. Meghan can’t believe that Robbie is alive, so she goes with Frank. At the docks, they look for Carter, aka Robbie. Once she spots him, Meghan starts running towards him and we have a lovely brother/sister reunion. It’s cut short however, when Robbie sees Frank and his badge. Robbie makes a run for it, but all Frank can do is try to stop him. Unfortunately Frank is unable to catch Robbie.


Back at the precinct, Satch is doing his best to get Deacon Joe to confess to all the murders. Raimy and Stan watch the whole thing on TV screens. Raimy really needs Satch to ask Joe about his wife’s body, which he eventually does because Satch knows what he’s doing. Just when you think it’s enough to get him to talk, Joe requests only one thing: to use the restroom. UGH!

At Julie’s house Young Meghan (Britt McKillip) is helping Young Raimy (Ada Breker) with her homework. Julie cannot believe that Frank would bring her to the house with Joe on the loose, but Frank has a really good reason. He believes that Meghan is the key to finding Joe. Now that Satch is working with him, Frank thinks they have a very good chance of finally catching the Nightingale. Julie is skeptical, but she has no choice but to let Frank do as Frank does.

Arriving at the cabin, Joe has only one thing he needs to do and that’s clean up his mess. Pulling the loose board in the shed, he takes his box of mementos. What could he possibly do with them?

With Deacon Joe in the restroom, Raimy takes this opportunity to follow him in there. Opening the stall door, she finds Deacon Joe deep in prayer. He’s surprised to see her there, obviously, but Raimy wants to make sure he sees her face. “Remember me?” she says. Baller move.


Unfortunately Raimy is her father’s daughter and that baller move is short lived. Raimy needs to know where Joe hid his wife’s body and she is going to find out one way or another. “One way” is to assault him, which she does, and then proceeds to dunk his head in the toilet multiple times. Perhaps there could have been another way? Maybe?

At Joe’s cabin, Satch does a search for the box. Finding the loose board removed, he sees that the box is no longer there. Deacon Joe, seeming to have no care in the world, decides to go to a diner. There he looks through the contents of his box.

Raimy is not quite done with Deacon Joe. The head dunks have proven to be ineffective, so she tries another tactic and that’s pure force and a gun to the face. She demands to know where the body is, but Joe refuses to tell her. So she punches him.

At the diner, 1996 Joe is creepily cleaning the nurses’ badges. Is he saying goodbye to them?


In the bathroom stall, a tired and frustrated Raimy is describing what will happen to Joe in prison. She tries to humanize his victims as she reminds him that his prison mates will never give him a “good death” but will only seek vengeance for what he’s done.  Joe doesn’t really care about that. He is guilt-ridden because he broke a promise to his son when he hurt Meghan. Raimy does one final play and asks Joe what he wants. It’s time to make a deal.

When Raimy leaves the stall, no one notices that her shoelaces are missing.

At the diner, Joe has all his trinkets displayed on the table when his waitress shows up. Seeing the items, the waitress is shocked, and Joe tells her to call 911. He’s going to turn himself in.

In the holding cell, Joe pulls the extra laces from the inside of his shoe. It’s completely clear what he’s about to do. The last we see is his hanging body. What a way to go.

Out in the woods, Frank, Satch and Stan lead a search party to find Joe’s wife’s body. Stan doesn’t believe Frank when he says that he got an anonymous tip. Stan is convinced Frank got this information when he interrogated Deacon Joe. Still, they are able to locate the duffel bag that contains Joe’s wife. Stan gives Frank a congratulatory shoulder pat, but Frank knows that his beef with Stan isn’t going to be over any time soon. When Stan gets in his car and drives off, we see a sealed envelope with Franks name on it. What could be in it?

At Julie’s house, Meghan is being consoled by Frank and Julie. There’s a knock on the door and Robbie enters. It looks like the siblings no longer have to be scared of their father being out there.


Raimy is very concerned that her mother is not alive. With Deacon Joe in custody, Julie should be safe, but nothing has happened. Frank tries to console her by asking her to give it some time. Raimy enters her house, disheartened. It seems that maybe everything they did was for naught, or maybe something will happen during the trial.

As Raimy is getting ready for bed, she hears a noise from downstairs. With gun drawn Raimy makes her way down there. In the kitchen she sees her mother and Raimy immediately hugs her. Julie is confused, of course, but the mother/daughter reunion is perfect. We also see an engagement ring on Raimy’s hand. Everything is back to normal!


Or is it? No, of course it isn’t because messing with timeline events always has consequences. Robbie returns to his small apartment and we can see that Robbie is a peculiar fellow. Neatly folding his clothes, he settles in for the night, but not before he goes into his closet. There, we see a whole bunch of pictures of Julie. Why? Because it wasn’t Deacon Joe who was stalking her, it was Robbie all along.

So what the heck does this mean for the Season Finale? Well it looks like Deacon Joe was never the Nightingale Killer. It was his son and Joe took the fall for him. That’s kind of a questionable decision. Still, we get to see Raimy and Frank try to figure out the missing piece in all this.

Frequent Thoughts

  • “You took a swing at me. You missed. I don’t miss.” Stan, this isn’t about you buddy, but you’re a great villain so I’m going to let you have this victory.
  • Again Frank makes another questionable decision. Why would he think that he could break Deacon Joe? That guy is insane. Threats are not going to do him in. He thinks he has God on his side.
  • Never keep mementos from your horrible deeds. Seriously.
  • So if Stan let Joe go in 1996, does that mean he remembers what he did in 2016? Did he go home that night and think to himself, “oh I really messed up when I let that guy go 20 years ago.” He should be.
  • Satch – “You know, if I’m not mistaken, I think that was Moreno burying the hatchet.” Frank – “Ah the man’s just sharpening his blade.” Frank coming in with the good comebacks this episode.
  • I hope that Meghan gets out of it all in one piece. Great little twist there with Robbie.
  • With only one episode left, I wonder how they will resolve the Stan Moreno side story. What was in the envelope and why did he put it away? Is he really burying the hatchet, or is he giving Frank some space since he caught the Nightingale?
  • Looks like Daniel is back and all that. Shame.
  • With all these changes happening to the timeline, does no one else have new memories? Is it really just Raimy? Interesting.
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