WE’RE BACK! It feels like it’s been almost 20 years since the mid-season finale, but we’re back with an all new episode of Frequency.  The mid-season finale ended with some huge reveals, and now we’re in the aftermath of all of it. So what happened?


As we know, the mid-season finale ended with the big reveal of the Nightingale Killer, a man named Deacon Joe (Kenneth Mitchell). Knowing that Julie will eventually be the victim of murderous Joe, Frank now has to track him down and kill him before that can happen. On top of that, Frank still has to deal with crooked cop Stan Moreno, who is doing some masterful work in avoiding being caught. In 2016, Raimy is also on the Nightingale Killer’s trail, but with the final outcome in Frank’s hands, her goal is to find Meghan (Beth Lacke) who was taken by Deacon Joe.


It’s 1996 and Deacon Joe is a little busy. Now that he knows he’s been identified as the Nightingale Killer, he must change his identity by shaving off his beard, dying his hair blonde and sporting some glasses. Finding refuge in a cabin in the woods, he’s not alone. Meghan is there with him, bound and frightened.

Frank and Julie seem to be getting along better. They shared a moment in the last episode and this is the morning after. Frank wants to start over and leave Bayside, but Julie doesn’t want to make any rash decisions just yet. Even though they had a night, it doesn’t fix their problems.

It’s the morning after for Raimy and Daniel as well, but she is back to work trying to locate Meghan. Daniel wants to keep the good times going, but Raimy has more important things to take care of, and Daniel still needs to break it off with his fiancé.


Meghan doesn’t know what will happen next, but she does wonder why Deacon Joe hasn’t killed her yet. Joe maintains that he didn’t murder all those women, but Meghan knows better. She knows he killed her mother and brother, but to Joe it’s not murder, it’s salvation.

Frank is busy packing up his things from Satch’s garage. Satch comes in and tries to explain why he sold him out to Stan. Frank sees this as a lack of loyalty and is greatly disappointed that his best friend would choose someone like Stan over him. As Satch storms out, Raimy contacts Frank on the radio. Frank has been looking into Deacon Joe and has mapped out his movements. Joe is a creature of habit, so Frank has a plan to take him out the next night, but make it look like Joe skipped out of town. Raimy wants Frank to be absolutely sure that his plan is ironclad and that he’s ok with the decision he’s made. Frank has been thinking about it too much explaining, “Tomorrow night I’m gonna walk another human being into the woods and I am gonna shoot him in the back of the head and I’m gonna dump his body in a ditch. And I can’t stop thinking about what that’s going to look like.” Raimy reminds him about what Joe has done and what he will do to Julie unless Frank puts a stop to him. So many things are at stake with this decision.

Gordo shows up and he’s got some problems at home. It seems like his dad, Gordo Haas, Sr. (Chris McKenna), is about to pay him a visit and it doesn’t sound like they are on good terms.


Frank visits Julie at the hospital where he presents her with a nice bouquet of flowers. Julie knows about Frank leaving Satch’s place, and offers up the couch for Frank to sleep on. Julie has plan for Frank to join her and Raimy the following night to have dinner and watch Raimy’s Winter Concert. Of course Frank can’t go, so Julie sees his declination as a sign of the same old same old. When she is called back to work, Frank seizes the opportunity to steal some barbiturates and a syringe. I wonder what he’s going to do with it.

Back at work Raimy is approached by Satch who can’t believe that Raimy is even there after her encounter with Deacon Joe. Raimy has no plans of taking any time off and will ”sleep when I’m dead.” She’s not concerned about her well-being but rather of Meghan’s who is still missing. Raimy gets to work by listening to the tapes from Meghan’s sessions at the psychiatric hospital. Maybe she can find out some information on Meghan’s whereabouts.


Frank is also having a busy day. At a hardware store, he is stocking up on everything one needs to kill someone and bury their body in the woods. Unfortunately his purchases do not go unnoticed because Gordo’s defense attorney dad shows up with Young Gordo (Ty Consiglio) in tow. Having a brief, amicable conversation Frank tries to play it cool, but it seems that Gordo’s dad is weirdly suspicious.  This encounter does nothing to calm Frank’s nerves.

On the tapes, Meghan’s psychiatrist is working hard to convince Meghan that she has made up everything about her father Joe. Using Joe’s status as a Deacon and upstanding citizen, the psychiatrist tries to paint Joe in a good light, but Meghan is unmoved. She knows what he is capable of and in a flashback of her home life, Meghan remembers the “righteous” abuse at the hands of her father.

At home Young Raimy (Ada Breker) confronts Frank about him missing her concert. Frank feels absolutely horrible that he has to miss it but he has to keep his eyes on the prize. He makes plans with Raimy for the following day, but we’ll see if he is able to come through.


Joe is also getting some supplies and a burner phone at a mini-mart when a police officer shows up. The tension is palpable as Joe eyes the police officer. The officer also looks him over, but nothing comes of it. What a lucky break!

Raimy is fully into the tapes from Meghan’s sessions.  On one tape, Meghan retells a story of dinner party, when Robbie Womack (Dodge Prince) spilled glass of wine on Joe’s police officer friend. Joe wanted a perfect family, but focused more on the mistakes his family made and use each mistake as an opportunity to teach them a lesson. Joe would take everyone up to a cabin and would use the nearby shed to “heal” his family through vigorous prayer and reciting bible verses. The story is absolutely terrible, but Raimy does learn about the cabin up in the woods and asks Satch about it who promises to look into it.


Unfortunately Satch has some bad news for Raimy. Kyle (Rob Mayes), of #TeamKyle, has been in an accident. Raimy rushes to the hospital where she sees him and meets his mother, Joann Mosbey (Michelle Martin). It becomes an awkward moment, because it seems that Kyle has been talking to his mom about her. Oh Kyle, don’t make things weird.

Raimy returns home and meets Gordo and Gordo, Sr.. It doesn’t look like father and son are on good terms. Gordo feels resentment towards his father for what he did to his family. Gordo’s dad, in turn, is disappointed that Gordo has wasted his law degree by being a stay-at-home father. Raimy sticks up for Gordo but Gordo Sr. has some bad news of his own. He has been kicked out of his house by the other woman. Maybe there will be some reconciliation between the two.

Out in the middle of nowhere, Frank is digging up a shallow ditch for Deacon Joe. As he is shoveling the dirt, Julie gives him a call because Young Raimy wants to say good night. They share a beautiful moment with both of them looking up at the moon, and you have to wondering if Frank is really going to go through with it knowing that it might change everything between him and his family.

The next morning, Raimy is briefing Frank on the safe located in St. Abigail’s with the intent of having Frank go in and rob it so it would seem like Deacon Joe went and took the money.  Frank is starting to have reservations, “So it’s not bad enough that I’m killing a man in cold blood. Now I’m robbing a collection box?” Raimy isn’t hearing any of it. The Nightingale Killer is going to murder to her mother and this is the only way to stop him. Raimy is convinced they are doing the right thing, but Frank thinks that perhaps if Deacon Joe dies, they might make things worse. It’s a fair point, because nothing bad ever came out of changing a timeline. Raimy is not concerned about the repercussions, even if it might mean losing Daniel again because she’s confident that they will find each other again. The conversation slides over to Kyle, and Raimy reveals some real true feelings about him, but she is content with keeping him in her memories if by some chance he forgets all about her.


Frank drops Raimy off at home and apologizes again for missing her concert. Young Raimy seems fine with the ice cream bribe and the apology, but she knowingly leaves her clarinet in his car.

Raimy makes her way back to the hospital to see Kyle, but on the way, she gives Daniel a call and tells him not to break it off with his fiancé just yet. Daniel is confused and concerned that Raimy is having second thoughts, but that’s not the case. She’s waiting for the timeline change to happen.  In Kyle’s room, she decides to give Kyle some attention.  It’s interesting because Raimy is essentially saying goodbye to her current life. First she tells Daniel to have a last perfect dinner with his fiancé, and then does a little “future life with Kyle.” It’s a little sad really, because you get a glimpse of how nice her life would be with him.


Frank still doesn’t know that Young Raimy’s clarinet is in his car, but it’s too late now because he’s made his way into Deacon Joe’s house. When Joe comes he is assaulted and quickly pinned down by Frank, who injects him with the barbiturates.  What will happen!?

As Raimy is leaving the hospital, Satch gives her a call and says that Meghan has called the tip line. He quickly has them transfer the call to Raimy. On the phone, Meghan tells Raimy the address of where she is and continues to repeat the information. Deacon Joe is outside gathering wood and when he enters, you can see that he knows something is up.


Raimy and Satch make their plan to get to Meghan and call for back up. Getting to the cabin as soon as she can, Raimy meets with a police officer who tells her that Joe saw the police coming and started shooting at them. Getting closer to the cabin, they hear more gun shots and they find Meghan dead on the couch. Raimy runs out of the cabin and calls out to Joe who then fires at her. A chance ensues but we cut to what Frank is doing in 1996. Here we go, 1996/2016 bounce time!

Frank dumps Joe’s unconscious body into the trunk of his car. In 2016, Joe is being chased down by Raimy, who is able to shoot him in the leg. Unable to escape, Joe stops and puts his hands up. Getting to his knees, you think he’s about to make it through all this, but no. Raimy, believing that Frank is going to kill Joe in 1996, decides to put a bullet in Joe’s chest. Oh that sweet, sweet feeling of revenge. As another police officer comes up behind her, she surrenders her gun and confesses to shooting Joe. Of course, to her none of this will natter because everything will change. Or will it?


Nope, not even a little. On his way to dispose of Deacon Joe, Frank checks his phone. Julie has left him a message about Young Raimy leaving her clarinet in his car. Grabbing the case from the back seat, he gives it a quickly look, briefly taking his eyes off the road. In a split second, his car is violently hit, and Frank slumps onto the steering wheel, unconscious. OH. MY. GOD.

So now we have Raimy, who has murdered a man and Frank, who has a bound man in the trunk of his car. I don’t think either one of them foresaw this worst case scenario. I also don’t think Deacon Joe would expect his lives to turn out this way.

We only have 3 episodes left, everyone! Next week, we see the repercussions of Raimy’s actions and the aftermath of the car accident. It looks like Deacon Joe is about to seek some revenge on Team Sullivan.

Frequent Thoughts

  • This was a fantastic episode if I continue to ignore all of the questions that continue to pop into my head when I watch it. Like how did 2016 Raimy not remember that she left her clarinet in Frank’s car that night? Or do her memories have a 24-hour lag period where things happen and then the next day she has new memories? AH! Timelines are impossible.
  • It was nice to see a little more Gordo. I know he’s a secondary character but he’s also a nice break from the main storyline. It’s a shame his story had to be a super bummer. I just want Gordo to have a nice, happy life.
  • Also, why did Frank have to come up with such an elaborate plan? Why dig a ditch the night before he’s about to do the deed and why dig a ditch at all? Why go to the store and buy items that would normally raise some red flags? Really? Bleach? What are you going to do with all that bleach? Frank had Joe in the house, and he had him incapacitated. Just do it right here. Done.
  • Frank continues to make some very questionable decisions throughout the show.
  • The introduction of Gordo’s father must play out somehow. He’s going to have to be Raimy’s attorney, right? Or testify against Frank?
  • What happened to my 90’s tunes, Frequency? Sigh.
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