Sometimes the job becomes who you are.

It’s Frequency time! Last week Frank and Raimy saved the life of a future Nightingale victim, Amanda Baldwin (Amber Friendly). Raimy met a man in prison who claimed he could talk to his future self but he turned out to be a psychopath. Tragedy struck in 2016 when Amanda Baldwin’s body was found tied up in her apartment. She became a Nightingale victim after all.

Let’s see what happened this week.

Spoilers are below and plentiful.


Everyone is still wheeling from the death of Amanda Baldwin. After celebrating the fact that they saved her life in 1996, it is a blow to Team Sullivan’s confidence that she was killed after all. No one took it as hard as Satch, however. One great thing about this episode is that it focuses a bit more on Satch, a major character that we don’t really know a whole lot about. He’s part of the Nightingale Killer team as much as Raimy and Frank.

Back to Satch. The death of Amanda has given Satch a lot to think about. He remembers 1996 when he had a family waiting for him at home, he was on his way to getting promoted to Sergeant, and he had just saved a young woman’s life. Now in 2006, his life has taken a turn for the worse. His family has left, and some of the good he’s done has been taken away.

Raimy goes to meet Stan, and there she finds out that Satch has turned in his retirement papers. Raimy is shocked and disappointed that Satch would not tell her about his decision but even more so that now she has to report to Stan Moreno.

While Satch is celebrating making the Sergeant short list, Frank gets the VIN number of the Nightingale Killer’s truck that was destroyed. Now they have a name. Paying a visit to Earl Bradley, the owner of the truck, he tells Frank and Satch that he keeps his truck at his cabin in the Catskills. Even though Earl is the only one who knows about the cabin, he is not the Nightingale.


As Raimy goes through her Nightingale/Amanda Baldwin files, she looks at the photo that the Nightingale Killer left behind. Flashing back, she remembers that it was from the day that Frank was promoted to Narcotics and was given an undercover gig. Essentially, it’s the day that everything went downhill for Frank and Julie. It would be the last happy picture that they would take.

Frank calls in to Raimy and lets her know about the VIN number and the location of the cabin in the Catskills. Raimy tells Frank about the picture that was found in Amanda’s hands. Frank offers some advice to not let the Nightingale Killer get in their heads. Raimy doesn’t want to shrug off the meaning of the photo because she thinks it means something.

Over at Julie’s house, she is paid a visit by Frank’s undercover girlfriend, Miracella Corrado (Alyssa Diaz). Oh man, is that awkward and ill-timed.


Raimy pays Satch a visit and she is outraged that she had to learn about his retirement from Stan. Looking around, she knows that Satch is a in a bad place. Satch is racked with guilt over missing family milestones like his son’s graduation. He feels useless because he has yet to catch the Nightingale Killer. It’s been a long 20 years.

Over at the cabin, Frank and Satch have found nothing tying the cabin to the Nightingale Killer. There have been no sightings of strangers in the area and no connections have been made. It looks like they’ve hit a dead end.


Julie patches up Miracella while waiting for a call back from Frank. As they wait, Julie makes small talk with Miracella about Frank’s undercover work. Miracella, after having a relationship with Frank, is hurt to see pictures of his family and Julie is sadden that Frank never mentioned his family to Miracella (not that he could, of course).


Raimy tries to convince Satch that the lead in the Catskills is a solid lead. He doesn’t really believe her but he helps her nonetheless. Taking her to his garage, he shows her all the evidence and notes that he has collected on the Nightingale Killer. “Fresh eyes,” he says as he leaves it to her.


Frank arrives at Julie’s house and she is clearly done with him and his nonsense. She reminds him that she was faithful to him when he was gone, but she knows that he wasn’t. He now knows that Miracella was at Julie’s house. Julie points out that he made his choices and he made some bad ones. What it all comes to is that Julie was done with Frank when he went undercover and she has come to rely on Ted Cardenas (Nicholas Gonzalez), Raimy’s coach.

In Satch’s garage, Raimy makes a discovery from a Larissa Abbot a cold case from 2001, whose partial remains were found in the Catskills. While police couldn’t find all of Larissa’s remains, they found her forearms close together. Naturally the only reason to find her forearms in that way was because they must have been bound together at some point. It could possibly be a Nightingale Killer but Larissa wasn’t a nurse.  So what does it all mean?

Frank goes back to Satch’s and finds Miracella in the garage. In order to make some money she decided to start selling her dead brother’s stash but a couple of Stan’s men went after her. It’s the stash that Stan warned Frank about a few episodes back. Miracella had no idea that he was married with a family and a cop to boot. So many lies, but Frank tries to convince her that he’s there to help. All she wants is a way out of New York and out of that life. Really bad decisions come back to get you, don’t they?


Larissa’s brother comes in to talk to Raimy and Satch about his sister. According to him, she started dating someone named Mateo, but then became a little distant after taking up a second job at a youth camp in the Catskills called Hideaway.  At the camp she was not only the art teacher, but she moonlighted as the camp nurse. She was a nurse everyone!

Satch shares some information the camp. The Hideaway Mountain Camp was a Christian youth camp that closed in 1992, the last year Larissa worked there. When the camp closed, they left everything behind. Satch and Raimy start piecing things together. The Nightingale must have been at the camp when Larissa was there.

Julie pays Ted a visit with the intention of studying but she has something else on her mind. After they do the deed, you really don’t know what Julie is thinking. Is it regret? Is it contentment? Who really knows?

Raimy and Satch arrive at the abandoned camp and what stands out is the statue of the Virgin Mary located in the middle of the camp. The statue itself is unremarkable, but the rosary beads she’s holding is a blaring sign that they are in the right place.


Frank, reeling from everything that is going on with Julie and Miracella, goes after Stan in what could be another really awful, bad choice. He warns Stan not to go near Julie again and tells Stan to call off the policemen who are after Miracella. Stan pulls the old “it’s your word against mine” and it’s true. Frank is a “lone wolf,” while Stan has made a glowing reputation for himself. Frank knows he’s crooked, but as of now, he has no way of proving it.


Over at the creepy Christian camp, Raimy and Frank make all the discoveries. This place doesn’t seem like a normal Christian camp. It looks little more fundamental, a little bit more culty than that. So you have to wonder what the kids were doing there.

Raimy goes into the infirmary and finds evidence of the Nightingale Killer’s presence. She finds a zip tie and food wrappers on the ground and a huge cross in a tub. This is abnormal. These findings confirm that this is where the Nightingale originated from.


Now that the NYPD has collected all the evidence from the camp, they could possibly be one step closer to identifying the Nightingale Killer. Raimy has also found some rather disturbing information about the Nightingale. Ars Moriendi, or the “Art of the Dying,” seems to be the Nightingale Killer’s MO. He has been preparing people for a good death through baptism. The Nightingale Killer thinks that he is saving the people he is killing.

At a press conference, Satch gives out the pertinent details while Raimy stands there with the photo that the Nightingale Killer left behind. It’s a clear call out to the Nightingale Killer.

In the end, Satch and Raimy make huge progress while Frank is being held back by past decisions. Frank tells Raimy about Miracella and what happened between them. He knows that he fell too hard into that life. Raimy believes that they were made for the job they have. “What if who we are costs us everything we cherish the most?” Frank asks. The question is on point and throughout this show we have seen what happens when seemingly selfish decisions are made. Satch chose the job over his family and he lost everyone. Frank chose to go undercover over his family and he is now losing everything. Raimy chose to save her father regardless of the consequences to the timeline and lost both Daniel and her mother.

Next week, we’ll see what the consequences of some of the decisions made in this episode. Young Raimy finds out about her Julie’s affair while Frank is determined to get Julie back. A possible former Hideaway Camp goer comes out with news about the Nightingale Killer.

Frequency is at 9pm PST on Wednesdays on the CW.

2016 Thoughts Trapped in a 1996 Mind

  • Satch is actually Cuban. That was some surprising information. I like that we were able to learn more about him.
  • I get it now. The Nightingale Killer killed Julie because he knew that she as having an affair. Right? Carmen Salinas was also having an affair. So what does that mean for Amanda Baldwin? Was she is some shady stuff that we’ll find out about?
  • Maybe that doesn’t work out completely. How would the Nightingale Killer know that she was going to have an affair? He picked Julie because she was a nurse first. Uh! I need to know why he picked them the way he did. I’ll stick to my theory for right now.
  • That camp was scary and creepy and scary. Geez.

 The Frequency Playlist

  • Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy” (1992)
  • The Wallflowers “One Headlight” (1996)
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