Sometimes a tragedy can cloud your judgment.

It’s time for another episode of Frequency! Last week Raimy and Frank tracked down Thomas Goff, someone Raimy believes is the Nightingale Killer and Frank moved out at Julie’s request.  The duo changed the timeline again and in the process perhaps saved a life. In the end Raimy found a covered up, abandoned cellar in the yard of Thomas Goff. What could it all mean?!

Spoilers ahead!

After the revelation of last week’s episode, Raimy is eager to tell Frank about what she found. Even though the cellar was empty, Raimy believes that that is where Thomas kept all of his victims. Frank tries to dismiss it, since he and Satch were at the Goff house and found nothing. Raimy pushes him to go back to the Goff house to see what was going on in the shed. Frank point out that Raimy lacks evidence, which is what he needs to be able to check out the shed. Still, Frank agrees to go back out there.

Frank, after moving out of his house, is living with Satch in his garage. After his conversation with Raimy he tries to convince Satch that they need to make another trip to the Goff house.  Satch is on the fence about the whole idea, but he comes along.


At the precinct, Raimy is keeping tabs on Maya Gowen’s information in the missing persons database.  This is the only way she can keep tabs on Frank’s progress. In 1996, Satch and Frank are making their way to the Goff house while a scared Maya is wandering through the woods. Frank tells Satch about Goff and Maya and their connection to each other. This is the only evidence that Frank has at the moment. Arriving at the house, Thomas mother confronts them, but Frank is determined to see what is going on in the shed. Breaking in, Frank is greeted with the smell of bleach a strange smell to find in a shed. Looking around, he finds the handle to the cellar and opening it finds it empty. This is all Frank needs to uncover the truth. Thomas’s mother, Marilyn (Melinda Page Hamilton), has been covering up for him. Once he’s out of the shed, Frank sees Maya’s footprints in a pile of dirt.


With Raimy keeping an eye out on Maya’s profile, there is an ongoing search Maya. Soon Frank finds her alive. As Raimy watches the profile, it suddenly clears and new information is filled in showing that she survived and that Frank rescued her.  Thinking that Frank captured Thomas Goff in the process, she is surprised to find that he has been at large for the last 20 years.

Reporting back to Raimy, Frank tells her about what they found in the shed. Raimy, still convinced Thomas is the Nightingale Killer refuses to listen to Frank’s logic regarding Thomas. Since Maya was not a nurse, Frank doesn’t believe Thomas is the one. Raimy, on the other hand, sees it as Thomas experiment without a clear MO. Maya, was an easy target for Thomas because they knew each other. Frank is still unconvinced, which causes Raimy to become further frustrated with the fact that Thomas is still out there.

Raimy, throughout the last few episodes, still refuses to deal with her mother is death and the upcoming memorial service. In her head, she is going to save her mom. Gordo, being the ever awesome and understanding friend, has not only been handling phone calls from Raimy’s family and friends but he will also handle her mother’s service. Good guy Gordo is vastly underappreciated.


Back in 1996, Frank is interviewing Maya while she’s in the hospital. Positively identifying Thomas as the one who abducted her, Frank tries to get more information out of her. Her only information is his calm demeanor while worked and she felt like she was his pet. In her mind she thought he was the Nightingale Killer and when she asked him, he didn’t confirm or deny it. Frank now believes that they have enough to bring Goff in but instead of doing an all-out manhunt, Satch convinces him to use Marilyn to find him.

In a valiant effort to balance work with his private life, Frank attempts to make things right with his family. Before taking young Raimy to Satch’s house, he apologizes to Julie for the crazy thing he’s said to her. Julie is skeptical but again, she puts on a brave face. Before she leaves for work, Frank warns her about the Nightingale Killer.

In 2016, Raimy is interviewing Marilyn about Thomas’s whereabouts. Marilyn stresses that she has not seen her son in 20 years. Hitting a wall, Raimy shows Marilyn pictures of Nightingale’s Killer victims. Citing DNA evidence linking Thomas to the murder of 11 women, she tries to get Marilyn to buckle, but Marilyn calls her bluff and refuses to give Thomas up. Marilyn is adamant that her son didn’t commit those murders, while Raimy brings up the fact that she paid off Thomas first rape in 1994 and cleaned up evidence of Maya’s abduction in 1996. Raimy knows that his mother has been covering for him all these years. In her final play, she convinces Marilyn that her son would not get a trial, but instead he be hunted down and killed for what he did. The mother relents and tells her where Thomas is hiding.


Breaking away from the seriousness of the Nightingale Killer, Frank and Raimy spend some quality father/daughter time. Unfortunately it is cut short when Satch comes to inform Frank that they traced a couple if calls from the Goff house to a payphone. Excited that they might have caught their man, Frank has to leave a dejected Raimy behind.

After being told the location of Thomas Goff, Raimy finds him living in an abandoned building.  Going into the building, Raimy looks for Thomas and captures him before he can escape. “I’m not going to prison,” is the only thing Thomas says before rushing Raimy. After a fierce fight, Raimy is able to subdue and cuff him.

On the car ride back to the precinct, Raimy and Thomas have a little chat about what he’s done. He seems remorseful, but Raimy presses him about what he did to her mother. Thomas doesn’t remember the names of his victims and that only adds fuel to Raimy’s anger.


In a sequence of scene that bounces back and forth between 1996 and 2016, we see Frank and Raimy dealing with their respective Thomas Goffs. Frank and Satch find Thomas and chase him down while Raimy takes her Thomas to a secluded location. Raimy asks him once more about how he chose her mother as a victim. He is unable to answer and so she forcefully pulls him out of the car. Frank and Satch run after the younger Thomas through the streets. Raimy continuously beats Thomas, asking him again and again about her mother. Meanwhile Frank and Satch continue to chase after young Thomas. Finally Raimy threatens old Thomas, and decides to kill him. Unfortunately young Thomas throws himself in front of a car, dying instantly. When Raimy looks down, Thomas is gone.

Racing home, Raimy believes that since Thomas is dead, her mother must be alive. Much to her absolutely devastation, she finds flowers and condolence cards waiting for her. While talking with Frank, she realizes that Thomas was not the Nightingale Killer. Frank tries to console her, but Raimy blames him for not stopping her from getting wound up about Thomas Goff. Raimy tells him that she was about to so something that she would do again and Frank warns her about doing something stupid because she needs to be there when her mother comes back. It’s certainly good advice.


As she leaves the garage, Gordo comes to talk to her about the memorial service the next day. Raimy tells him that she doesn’t want to g because she doesn’t need people telling her about how great her mother was. Gordo understands and promises to be her bodyguard. Raimy and Gordo decide to head out to a bar to get a drink. As they’re sitting there, Daniel shows up expectantly, much to Raimy’s astonishment. Daniel cautiously approaches her and asks her if she’s following him. She denies it, telling him that she hangs out there all the time but Daniel tells her to leave anyway. Raimy then goes on about the good memories that she has had at that bar (with him, naturally). Daniel leaves and Gordo calls her out about stalking Daniel.

Frank is confronted by Julie who is angry and disappointed at him for leaving Raimy. Franks tries to tell her that they thought they had the Nightingale Killer, but it is not enough for Julie. Once again the job has gotten in the way of his family. Julie reminds him of all the promises she told Raimy while Frank was undercover and that Raimy was aware of how close her father came to dying. Since Raimy missed her father so much, it was time to put her first again.

In the end, Raimy and Frank have gotten no closer to catching the Nightingale Killer. They were able to save Maya, but it is a small victory.  As Raimy looks through Maya’s Facebook profile, she sees a happy woman with her family, and though that should give her some small comfort, it’s not enough.


And in 1996, the Nightingale Killer watches Julie from afar.

Next week we see Julie coming to the realization that she might actually be in danger. A woman claims to have escaped from the Nightingale Killer and Frank and Raimy share police sketches.

2016 Thoughts Trapped in a 1996 Mind

  • Raimy doesn’t deserve Gordo. He puts up with so much.
  • It’s sad to see the flashback of her old life with Daniel, but as Gordo tells her, she has to let it go.
  • There are moments in the show where I’m very annoyed with Raimy. I get that she wants to save her mom, but her stubbornness can sometimes be a little much.
  • Since Thomas wasn’t the Nightingale Killer, I am now at a complete loss as to who it could possibly be. I know who it was in the movie, but I assume that even that might have changed for the show. I could be wrong!
  • So when it comes to memories, when Frank does things with Raimy in 1996, does the 2016 Raimy suddenly gain those memories? We see what happens when Frank changes something and how it affects Raimy in real time but what about memories. Also, since Raimy lives in two different timelines, what about the people who only live in one? Take Satch for instance. He is now from the 1996 where Frank survived, so he would have memories of that timeline moving forward, so isn’t that information that he could possibly tell Raimy at some point? He would know what happens in 1997, 1998 and so on while Raimy does not. Or Marilyn as another example. Thomas dies much earlier in her timeline, so wouldn’t Thomas be dead when Raimy is talking to her or because the event hasn’t happen in Frank’s time he’s still alive? When Thomas died did Marilyn suddenly become overwhelmed with memories of his death? Does that make any sense? Did I just blow my own mind? Time is weird.

The Frequency Playlist:

Not many songs were used in this episode, but the tunes were good nonetheless.

  • The Black Keys “Little Black Submarines” (2011)
  • Salt-N-Pepa “Shoop” (1993)
  • Junip “After All Is Said and Done” (2013)
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