Deadline reports Fox has canceled the sophomore Marvel series The Gifted. This should come as no surprise since Disney now owns all Fox Television content. The Gifted was one of five television series set in the Marvel Universe and one of two airing on Fox TV.  The other, Legion announced it’s next season will be it’s last.  

The Gifted focused on the Strucker family and their mutant friends as they fight for survival against mutant hate and oppression.  The series starred Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker and did very well in the short two seasons on Fox.  Season two tied up all loose ends in the finale but also left the story open for new adventures.

The Gifted was produced by Marvel Television, so there is a possibility it could be moved to another platform.  Disney already owns ABC television, home of Marvel’s  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   The Mouse House also owns Freeform, the home of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger.  And then there’s Hulu. After Disney acquired the Fox, they acquired partial ownership of Hulu, home of Marvel’s Runaways.  Their streaming service Disney + will start soon, with a few Marvel series already in production.  So there is a small chance we haven’t seen the last of the Struckers and the Mutant Underground. 

As The Gifted recapper, I’m sad to hear this news but remain hopeful that the show will return.  The show didn’t tie directly to any of the X-Men movies, but still maintained the intrigue and intensity of the content.  The show never really slowed down and still had enough character development for fans to care about the characters.  Let’s hope Disney thinks so too.

The Gifted also starred Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Emma Dumont, Sean Teale, Blair Redford, Jamie Chung, Coby Bell, and Skyler Samuels.  You can watch both seasons now on Hulu. 

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