Real talk for a second — February 8th can’t get here soon enough. That’s the day that FX releases their first collaboration with Marvel TV, Legion. The series stars Dan Stevens as David Haller, the schizophrenic mutant who’s various personalities each wield a completely different and very powerful mutant power. He has to keep all of these various personalities in check because ll of them are eager to wield their power. In a lot of ways, Haller is a prison warden, keeping all of these monsters in their cages, doing his best to let them out only when he knows how to use them.

With February 8th just a month away now, FX has released four new short TV spots to promote their series.

In this first one, we see a therapist in a stark white room calmly talking to Haller about a girl. Haller’s response is, “All I’m saying is, if I can’t touch her, if she won’t let me, how do I know she’s real?” After getting a bit agitated, he remarks, “Like, this chair, is real. I’m real. Mmmmmhm. I am real, right?”

And no, it turns out, he’s not real. In fact, he could be a figment of his own imagination.

In the next one, we see David’s sister, Amy (Katie Aselton) wondering about her brother, wondering about how well he’s doing and believing that it’s all in his head. But then, she says, “but then, how do you explain…?”

She looks down, lost in thought, immediately wanting to cover what she’s just revealed. This promo does a great job of laying down the existential mystery of the series and basically asks what seems to be a central question of the series — “how do you explain…?”

This last of the therapist promotions sees a character we know little of named Syd, as played by Rachel Keller. The thearpist wonders if she’s afraid to get close to David and she responds, “When I get too close to people, I get confused. Where do I end and they begin, you know?” She then goes on to finish that thought — “Is he me? Am I him?”

And, honestly, with this series being what it is, it’s entirely possible that Haller somehow created her as an extension of himself and she’s actually not real in the traditional sense of “real.”

Finally, we get this last promo that starts in a close up of Haller’s head as he hears a chorus of discordant voices in his mind. These are, presumably, all of the personalities in his brain that make him crazy. However, then, he breaks his restraints and his padded room disappears into a green mist as he asks, “Is this real?”

We have the feeling we won’t know what’s real or not for several episodes.

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