Last Friday, Apple TV’s season one adaptation of Foundation came to a close. And while it does a beautiful job of tieing up a few loose ends, we still have questions. Questions that we require to be answered in the second season of the series. And thankfully, Apple TV and showrunner David S. Goyer have already shared that we will be returning to this world! So let’s dive into the top five questions we have from season one that we need to be answered!

DISCLAIMER: There will be spoilers for season one of Foundation in this post. We highly suggest checking out the series here first and coming back after!

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Is Brother Day a true clone?

In the final moments of episode ten, The Leap, Brother Day (Lee Pace) receives word that the terrorists responsible for causing the changes in Brother Dawn (Cassian Bilton) had actually affected the source. This means that there is a chance that Brother Day might not be a true original clone of Cleon. And going off of how Brother Dusk (Terrance Mann) responded to Brother Dawn’s situation, I can’t imagine he is going to be okay sharing the throne with Brother Day if he wasn’t pure either.

Now, the end of the season takes us nearly 130 years into the future, so there is a chance we will get flashbacks of what happens. My theory is that we will learn that Brother Day is not a perfect clone which will cause a rift within the Empire. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) predicted that the Empire would fall and this might be the catalyst that causes it. They are so worried about outside groups causing its downfall; they won’t expect it to come from within.

What is going on with Demerzel?

Demerzel (Laura Birn) has stayed loyal to Empire since the beginning. But is that by choice or her AI programming? Throughout the season, we watch as her relationship with Empire, the current Brother Day, in particular, has become more strained. Everything that happens on Maiden has definitely taken a toll on Demerzel and the conversation between her and Brother Day about the vision was just fantastic to watch.

But, in the final episode, we see Demerzel kill Brother Dawn to protect Empire. And I imagine it isn’t because she feels like she needed to, but because her programming made her. In the end, we can see her suffering over the situation. But will she ever be able to overcome her programming and make her own decisions? Or will she be forced to do the bidding of Empire until the very end? And what will happen to her if or when they are gone?

Laura Birn as Demerzel and Lee Pace as Brother Day in Foundation.

Laura Birn as Demerzel and Lee Pace as Brother Day in Foundation.

What is happening with the second Foundation?

In one of the major plot twists of Foundation’s first season, we learn that Hari Seldon always planned on leaving the first Foundation one way or another. He and Raych (Alfred Enoch) were going to leave the others and head back to Haylcon to head the second Foundation. But, we never see them. Who is running this second Foundation? What have they been up to? Will they ever know about the one on Terminus?

My theory surrounding the second Foundation is that we are going to see it quite a bit in season two. In fact, I have a feeling that is where Gaal (Lou Llobell) and Salvor (Leah Harvey) will end up first after they find a way off of Synnax. I hope that we will see Salvor return to Terminus, but I am sure they will need to help the second Foundation along the way. Or, maybe we will see a new character from Haylcon that will tell us what is going on there.

What is happening on Terminus?

In episode ten, we see Salvor leave her mother Mari (Sasha Behar) and Hugo (Daniel MacPherson) behind on Terminus, searching for Gaal. But her leaving doesn’t mean that they stop what they are doing. But, what have they been up to in the 130 year time skip? I imagine that Hugo is getting the Invictus ready if the Empire comes knocking while the people on Terminus are working together to rebuild their factions and lean on each other for support.

But are they left to their own devices? Or will they face another crisis in between? I imagine that they will have something to do with the fall of the Empire, but what exactly is still up in the air. Or, after the fall, they will make a move to try and lead the galaxies through the dark time. I imagine that their story will be the largest we will see in season two. But, who will lead the way?

What are Gaal and Salvor going to do?

In the final moments of episode ten, we see Gaal and Salvor unite on Synnax and Salvor introduces herself as Gaal’s daughter. So now what? Since they are just about the same age, I can’t imagine that they will have a mother-daughter relationship. But, I am curious about how they will interact with each other. I know I said above that I believe that they will find their way to Halycon at some point in season two. But what else?

Will they learn about what is happening to the Empire? Will they be able to learn about what is going on with the Foundation? I really think that season two will deal heavily with Gaal and Salvor as they continue to see Seldon’s vision come to life and help the galaxies through whatever crisis comes next. But, I’m sure they won’t be able to do it alone and maybe the new characters will help them along their path.

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What questions do you have that need to be answered in Foundation’s second season? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

This article was originally published on 11/22/21.




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