We are officially at the halfway mark for season two of Apple TV+’s adaptation of Isaac Asimov‘s Foundation. In the fifth episode, The Sighted and the Seen, we swap back and forth between Ignis and Trantor as the season continues to lay the foundation (get it) for the upcoming conflict. As we cross over the hump into the second half of the season, we have high hopes that the exposition and introduction to the key players within season two will come to a close, and the real action will begin. Check out our recap for more!

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap and, by definition, will contain spoilers. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the latest episode, do so first and then come back.

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The Sighted and Seen opens with a flashback of the moments before Raych (Alfred Enoch) killed Seldon (Jared Harris) in season one. It’s an emotional moment as we see this event from their point of view. Even though Raych didn’t want to, he did what Seldon felt was best. In the present day, Seldon awakens from this dream in his new body only to realize the dream continues as Raych confronts him. This isn’t a peaceful moment, but it feels more like Seldon’s guilt over Raych’s death is finally eating away at him.

We shift to Gaal (Lou Llobell) and Salvor (Leah Harvey), who want to know precisely how Seldon got a body, but he isn’t entirely sure. It’s unclear if he is hiding something from them or telling the truth. All he knows is that he was drawn to the planet, went into the cave and woke up in a living body. Salvor realizes that whoever it was cloned him because they want him alive. But that isn’t all. The other Seldon inside the Vault is making moves to spread the Foundation throughout the Outer Reach, selling science as magic.

After a rather bumpy landing on Ignis, Salvor leaves Seldon and Gaal behind to figure out who was watching them during their fall from space. This prompts Seldon to warn Gaal not to let her vision of Salvor’s future cloud her judgment.

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The Sighted and Seen shifts to Trantor, where Queen Sareth (Ella-Rae Smith) and Rue (Sandra Yi Sencindiver) meet with Markley (Afolabi Alli) and learn more about the assassination attempt. The recording was deleted, but Markley knows it occurred in Day’s (Lee Pace) bedroom. This means that Sareth needs to get in to look around better, but Rue cautions her about not getting over her head. But, when it comes to learning what happened to her family, it seems like Sareth is willing to do anything.

Rue standing in the garden.

Foundation S2E5 The Sighted and the Seen

In Day’s bedroom, Day tells Demerzel (Laura Birn) of Sareth’s request and that he isn’t sure he is ready since it seems Demerzel is the only other person he has been with. She reassures him that he will be just fine before sneaking off. Sareth pokes around a bit before the two fall into bed. It’s awkward, and finally, the two argue about Day’s ability to protect Sareth and his people truly. He vows to find the traitors, and she agrees to marry him. Instantly after Sareth leaves, Demerzel returns, and we learn that Day did indeed have something to do with Sareth’s family’s death.

We shift over to Dusk (Terrance Mann) and Rue as they dive back into their past through recordings of the day they met. What seems like an intimate moment between the two, it becomes clear that Rue is searching out her own information. They wiped her memory of the events, and it might be possible that Dusk could have had that done as well. Did he have something to do with Day’s assassination and then wipe clear his memory to avoid being caught?

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The Sighted and Seen returns to Ignis as Salvor heads off to find who was watching their landing. And it turns out (cue our excited squeals) that Hugo (Daniel MacPherson) is still alive. When he learned that she had left and went into cryosleep, he did the same and waited for her to reawaken so he could too. Then he found out where she was and set a course for Ignis to meet with her. If this is one of those moments where it’s too good to be true, we will be mad.

Back aboard the ship, Seldon apologizes to Gaal for how he has been handling his words. In his physical form, he seems much less calculating and even appears to have more emotion that shines through when he talks about Salvor and her connection to Raych. Their moment is cut short when Salvor and Hugo return to the ship and set Seldon on high alert. He tells Gaal to hide the Prime Radiant and not tell him where it is before heading over to figure out who Salvor has returned with. And in a moment we should have seen coming, it isn’t Hugo with Salvor. Instead, the ship is overrun by a group of unknown people who knock them out.

On Trantor, Sareth updates Rue on her situation and what she found in the bed chamber. She then asks Markley to get ahold of everyone’s memories from the attack to see what happened. Elsewhere in the palace, we learn that Day is the only one who can alter Dusk and Dawn’s (Cassian Bilton) memories and that they wouldn’t even know it happened. It seems that this Day is guarded from everyone – even himself. Demerzel reminds Dusk that she serves Empire and that if Day did something, she would tell them.

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The Sighted and Seen returns to Sareth again as Markley delivers the recording. Upon watching it, they learn more than just what happened to Day. They learn that Demerzel is a robot. Of course, the question of how and why comes up, but it’s clear to Sareth that Demerzel was in the room when the assassination happened. They aren’t the only ones questioning Day. Dawn and Dusk make the trip down to speak with the memory of Cleon 1st, who isn’t helpful in the slightest. Instead, it almost feels like he was anticipating something like this happening in the future.

Tellem Bond speaking in front of her people.

Foundation S2E5 The Sighted and the Seen

Instead, they turn to the keeper to give them some insight into their memories. While they wait, they discuss the situation at hand. Day seems to be on a path to write himself into history by any means possible, including pushing Dawn and Dusk out of the way. Even after checking their memory, it seems like something isn’t just missing from this Dusk, but from almost every one of them based on Cleon 1st.

The Sighted and Seen returns to Ignis, where Salvor, Seldon and Gaal awaken. Gaal hears voices, and the trio head to the top of a mountain to meet Tellem Bond (Amelia Minto), a reincarnation of a goddess. They introduce themselves, and they seem to be more guests than prisoners. But, Seldon realizes very fast that the child standing in front of them isn’t real, and the woman behind her (Rachel House) is the real Tellem Bond. She created this safe refuge for people like her, Mentalics, the same people Gaal heard about when she had her vision in the season premiere. It turns out Telembon was responsible for Seldon seeing Raych and Hugo.

The episode comes to a closer as Salvor, Seldon and Gaal head off to relax. Just as they are out of earshot, the gentleman who pretended to be Hugo, Loron (Michael Akinsulire), informs Tellem Bond of the Prime Radiant. It seems that she is after this, in particular. Her goal is to find it, break it and destroy the chance at a second Foundation.

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We can’t and won’t say we aren’t enjoying season two of Foundation. However, it is safe to say that after five episodes of “meet this new person” and “let’s talk about the upcoming conflict,” we are just ready to deal with it. This episode does give us so more insight into what is happening on Trantor and lays the groundwork for just how hard Day is going to go off the rails. But, with every step we take into the Salvor/Seldon/Gaal situation, something else is thrown to set us two steps back. At least, it looks as if, with the introduction of Tellem Bond and the Mentalics, we are getting closer to that inevitable crisis looming in the distance. What are your thoughts on the season so far? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

Foundation airs Fridays on Apple TV+.

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