Season two of Apple TV+’s adaptation of Isaac Asimov‘s Foundation continues with A Glimpse of Darkness. This first episode sets up where the second season will be heading. It was a bit heavy on the “catching everyone up,” but episode two puts us in full swing. We have new characters, new mysteries, and new horrors that lie in the future. Let’s not waste any more time and dive right in!

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap and, by definition, will contain spoilers. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the latest episode, do so first and then come back.

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A Glimpse of Darkness opens as Seldon (Jared Harris) confronts Gaal (Lou Llobell) about being trapped inside the Prime Radiant. It seems that while she drifted peacefully in cryosleep, he was awake the entire time. We can only imagine how mad that has driven him. It seems everything Gaal has done up until this point is why his Plan is so off-course.

But, their fight needs to be put on the back burner because Gaal and Salvor (Leah Harvey) need his help getting off Synnax. With Seldon fixing the computer portion, Salvor heading outside to break off some coral and Gaal at the helm inside, they are able to make their way back to help support the Foundation.

We jump to Sivenna, a planet in the Outer Reach, as Brother Constant (Isabella Laughland) makes her way through the desert. She sees something that surprises her and rushes to wake up High Claric Poly Verisof (Kulvinder Ghir). What surprised her? A death threat, of course. Someone isn’t happy with what they are doing, but Poly reminds Constant that they need to keep the faith and watch their backs.

A Glimpse of Darkness crosses the galaxy to Trantor, where Demerzel (Laura Birn) informs Brother Day (Lee Pace) that the scans on Brother Dawn (Cassian Bilton) and Brother Dusk (Terrance Mann) came back with no evidence that they remember speaking with the Blind Angels. She assures Day that she will make sure that this is absolutely true. Day is worried that with everything piling up against him, he will lose the grasp of his Empire.

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While he still has his Brothers and the royal wedding to worry about, Demerzel does have someone in mind to take care of the Foundation. However, Day’s ego gets in the way of seeing how Bel Roise (Ben Daniels) might be the man for the job because he disobeyed his order. Though, it sounds more like that disobey saved many lives. Demerzel waits out the outburst, and finally, Day agrees to assign him to the task. He even goes as far as to say that if he disobeys, kill him.

Poly trying to get people to worship Hari Seldon.

Foundation S2E2 A Glimpse of Darkness

During dinner, we see how much Brother Day has drifted further from Brother Dawn and Brother Dusk. They have even gone as far as to hire a motion instructor to ensure he blends in with them. It isn’t just the movements that seem off. This Brother Day is far different in many ways from the ones we have seen previously.

A Glimpse of Darkness shifts to Gaal and Salvor discussing why Gaal stopped Seldon from making the second Foundation. The short answer – human emotions. But Gaal also warns Salvor that Seldon doesn’t tell the whole truth. Of course, he appears and uses the “if you teach someone to fish” example, but how far does that really go? The second Foundation was meant to keep the Empire and the first Foundation in check, but what does that mean for everyone now?

Seldon doesn’t want to interfere anymore, but Gaal knows this is worse than they think. She sees nothing but death and destruction in their future, and she can’t sit by and let it happen, knowing that she was the cause of all of this. Something is different this time around. With Gaal and Salvor’s gifts, they might be able to change the course of what is happening and get everything back on track. But that means they might have to wait until 150 years. Are we heading towards another time skip?

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A Glimpse of Darkness heads back to Trantor, where the Brothers have dinner with Queen Sareth (Ella-Rae Smith) and Rue (Sandra Yi Sencindiver). They try and show a united front as the same man, but Sareth is quite the force to be reckoned with. She knows what this union means to Empire and how it will change everything. She comes across as curious and even refers to herself as untrained in politics, but we can tell that she is far from that.

It also seems that everything Empire is trying to hide, including the assassination attempt and Day’s relationship with Demerzel, isn’t as hidden as they thought. Day decides it’s best to play into Sareth’s wants and takes her down to see where they all came from. He explains that the other exponents will be done away with when they have children, which will be done in a lab to ensure they have the “perfect” offspring.

Brother Day talking with Queen Sareth.

Foundation S2E2 A Glimpse of Darkness

Sareth keeps asking questions that seem to make Day more and more uncomfortable. Like where Demerzel’s clones are kept and what the true stability of Empire is. Sareth has heard rumors of what has been happening, and between those and the fact that Day seems to be in such a hurry to do away with the revolving door of Cleons, she can’t help but believe that something isn’t right. But what could Sareth’s end game be?

A Glimpse of Darkness returns to Sivenna as Brother Constant tries to draw a crowd for their nightly show when a group of men tries to scare her off—the same men who left the death threat. Thankfully, just before they can get her, the sun sets, and Poly shows up. They use their science to try and trick the people into believing that they can perform magic and have special powers in hopes of gaining more followers for the Church of the Galactic Spirit—an entire religion based on worshipping Seldon.

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Just as they are tying things up, a warning goes off, and Constant and Poly rush back to their ship. The sign was a note from Terminus that the Vault was active again, meaning that it is time for them to return home. Poly shares that while he always preaches Seldon’s beliefs, he struggles with his own doubt that the man is still invested in them. Constant tells him not to worry and that things will change once they are back on Terminus.

Back with Salvor, Gaal and Seldon, Gaal prepares to head into her future memories to uncover what the shifting point is. She is worried that going that far forward will leave her lost, but Salvor tells her to use her voice as a lighthouse. Gaal tries but fails to fall into the future but realizes she needs to be submerged or under a lot of stress. Her answer is to cut off all the air in the room, and finally, she is able to find herself 150 years in the future, surrounded by chaos and turmoil.

As she is being chased through the streets, she is caught by a man known as the Mule (Michael Persbrandt), who is able to see within her mind and knows that she is from the past. He even asks her if she is from the time of Empire, before Hober Mallow and what seems to be the end of it. Before we can learn anything else, Salvor brings Gaal back to the present, and she shares with them what she saw and what might be the location of the second Foundation that formed regardless of Gaal’s interruptions.

Poly and Brother Constant awaiting Seldon to reappear from the Vault.

Foundation S2E2 A Glimpse of Darkness

As Salvor researches the planet Ignis, she hears something calling out to her and Gaal. Something is pulling them forward, showing them that this is the right direction. Seldon sees it as the beginning of a new path for them to travel down. Hopefully, it will have a different ending than the one Gaal saw in her vision.

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A Glimpse of Darkness returns to Terminus as Poly and Constant make it home to meet up with everyone, including the current Warden, Jaeggar Fount (Holt McCallany) and the Foundation Director (Oliver Chris). During the meeting, Poly is told that he won’t meet with Seldon when he exits the Vault. He has been called back because the people like him, and they want to keep them happy. It seems like the direction the Foundation has taken in the last 138 years has not been what Poly believes Seldon would agree with. In fact, it sounds like they are three Brothers short of being Empire themselves.

Everyone within the colony heads to the Vault to bear witness to Seldon’s return, but something is different this time. He doesn’t come out. Instead, we watch as the Warden, who gives a riveting yet grammatically incorrect speech, is lifted into the air before screaming “Hober Mallow” and turning into fiery ash. It seems like the Foundation and Seldon, Salvor and Gaal need to know more about this mysterious man.

A Glimpse of Darkness comes to a close as Salvor and Gaal discuss her vision again. This time, Gaal doesn’t hide that she saw Salvor dead next to her before the Mule catches up. With everything else that is going on, Gaal is worried that they are playing right into the Mule’s hands and who knows if they will be able to change the future enough to save Salvor’s life.

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Season two of Foundation may have gotten off to a heavy start with episode one, but episode two brings it into full swing. We are still getting some groundwork laid and introductions to new key characters, but this episode was chock-full of forward movement. We have quite a lot going on, and with the introduction of the Mule and all the mystery surrounding Hober Mallow, we are in for an incredible season. What did you think of episode two? What are your theories surrounding Hober Mallow? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.

Foundation airs Fridays on Apple TV+.

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