And in the blink of an eye, we have hit the season 2 finale of Apple TV+’s Foundation. This season has been packed with mystery, suspense, and drama, leading us to a hell of a crisis. But it doesn’t end there. In the season finale, “Creation Myths,” more is about to happen that will change the course of the future as we know it. If you haven’t had the chance to watch this week’s episode, bookmark this recap and return later. We feel so strongly about this that we will keep the disclaimer below. If you have watched it, keep reading and tell us how you felt about this season in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap and, by definition, will contain spoilers. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the latest episode, do so first and then come back.

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“Creation Myths” opens with an explanation of how Seldon (Jared Harris) came back from the dead. It is easy when you are never dead to begin with. As Seldon was drowning, he called out to Gaal (Lou Llobell), and through her powers, she could help him. The man Salvor (Leah Harvey) saw in the water was just another Mentalic. Gaal was so weird because she was silently helping Seldon across the island and back to them without letting Tellum (Rachel House) know.

Brother Constant wears a maroon off-the-shoulder robe while standing in a dimly lit room and looking angry in Foundation Season 2 Episode 10, "Creation Myths."

FOUNDATION Season 2 Episode 10, “Creation Myths.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

The reunion is cut short as the other Mentalics surround the ship. However, this isn’t meant to be an attack. It seems that Tellum has been controlling everyone by constantly being in their heads. They aren’t upset that she is dead — they are thankful.

On Trantor, Demerzel (Laura Birn) arrives to find Dusk (Terrance Mann) and Rue (Sandra Yi Sencindiver) in her prison cell. Dusk accuses her of pulling the strings this whole time, but she reminds him that neither is truly free. Her only directive is to ensure that Empire survives, and she must do exactly what is needed. This meant hiring assassins to attempt to kill Day (Lee Pace), and then when it failed to scare him out of the marriage, she had to readjust her plan to pin it on Sareth (Ella-Rae Smith) so she would be killed as a traitor. And because Dusk and Rue uncovered her secret, they must also die.

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“Creation Myths” shifts to Bel Riose’s (Ben Daniels) ship as Day watches the Invictus fall to Terminus. His next action is to jump to all the planets that sided with the Foundation and destroy them. Finally, Bel Riose stands up against him, which results in Day removing him as captain and making the call himself. However, he didn’t anticipate Mallow (Dimitri Leonidas) to have made an agreement with the Spacers, essentially removing them from Day’s control. This had been Seldon’s plan all along, and Day played right into it.

This leads to a rather bloody drawl between Day and Dimitri. Even Constant (Isabella Laughland) gets a few hits in as well. But Bel Riose finally getting his hits in makes this scene so satisfying. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the brute strength to crush Day and is forced into the airlock. However, he is smarter and uses the device Mallow used episodes beforehand to switch bodies, and we watch as Day falls into space. The celebrations must wait since the ship is about to get sucked into the black hole.

Hari Seldon looks through orange-tinted glass while appearing distressed in Foundation Season 2 Episode 10, "Creation Myths."

FOUNDATION Season 2 Episode 10, “Creation Myths.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

We quickly shift to Trantor, where Demerzel leads Sareth to the prison cell. Dawn (Cassian Bilton) arrives and demands to know what is going to happen. Demerzel tries to appeal to the idea that he will still be able to rule as Empire with no royal wedding. He realizes there is a green mark on her neck, which Dusk taught him means a traitor.

Back on Bel Riose’s ship, Mallow puts Constant in a pod to ensure she makes it out alive. He knows she will be needed to help bring hope to the people. He knows that Constant is the only one who can do it because she did it for him. While Bel Riose and Mallow await their fate, they enjoy the terrible win Mallow has been holding onto all these years and discuss how they are happy to go down with the ship.

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Back on Trantor, Dawn sneaks in and breaks Sareth out, and we find out as Demerzel watches Bel Riose’s ship blow up that Dawn’s plan was never to hide but to let the people of Trantor know that Day had died and that Sareth would be marrying Dawn instead. Demerzel realizes that this isn’t Dawn and Sareth but her servants using a facial scrambler. It was a ploy so they could escape without getting caught. Demerzel knows her programming will force her to find them, but he asks that she allow them to live in peace. He knows that killing them would turn the people against Trantor.

“Creation Myths” shifts to Ignis as Gaal tells Seldon what it was like having Tellum in her head. She gets up to get more water when she notices Josiah (Kit Rakusen) is acting weird. However, she finds herself preoccupied and doesn’t realize that he has walked over to pick up a gun. He shoots Gaal, and Salvor throws her knife at him and takes the bullet. It appears that as Tellum was dying, she wormed her way into his mind, and now that he is dying, she is dying with him.

Demerzel wears a black, sleeveless ensemble with a turtleneck while holding her hand to her head in Foundation Season 2 Episode 10, "Creation Myths."

FOUNDATION Season 2 Episode 10, “Creation Myths.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

However, Salvor dies as well. But in her final moments, she tells Gaal they changed the future. Salvor dying on Ignis is not what she saw in her vision with the Mule (Michael Persbrandt), and this must mean that they aren’t trapped like they thought they were. In a tearful moment, Gaal, Seldon and the Mentalics hold a ceremony for Salvor and say their final goodbyes.

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Deep in space, Constant floats along, slowly running out of air. She finally comes face to face with a mysterious ship that looks like the Vault. And it is. Once inside, she is met by Poly (Kulvinder Ghir) and Seldon. It was always the plan for Terminus to fall so the Foundation could live inside the Vault. And it isn’t just Poly who lived—everyone else, including the Director (Oliver Chris) and Glawen (Dino Fetscher).

On Ignis, Gaal is investigating the Prime Radiant in an attempt to make sense of what happened. She wants to find a way to show that Salvor’s sacrifice really means something. Seldon reminds her that everyone’s sacrifice, regardless of size, means something as long as they make it so. Gaal wouldn’t be here to continue on if Salvor hadn’t dove in front of the bullet. And Gaal, knowing what she did, isn’t going to stop until the plan is seen through.

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“Creation Myths” returns to Trantor as Demerzel decanters a new Brother Dawn, Day and Dusk. It’s the first time she has had to bring all three into the world simultaneously, but it also means she is starting fresh. She has the Prime Radiant that Day took from Seldon back on Terminus to help guide her future plans.

Gaal Dornick wears a forest green tank top while standing in a dimly lit cell and looking focused in Foundation Season 2 Episode 10, "Creation Myths."

FOUNDATION Season 2 Episode 10, “Creation Myths.” Photo courtesy of Apple TV+.

The second season of Foundation comes to a close on Ignis as Gaal convinces Seldon to go back into the cryopods to wait 150 years while the Mentalics hone their skills. The episode draws to a close as we see the Mule 152 years in the future realize that Gaal has come to his time. His goal is to find her before she does and stop her.

Our initial thought is that we can not believe that Salvor is gone. Seriously — who wrote that? And while we want her to return, we also hope the show sticks to their choice. It would feel awfully meaningless if season 3 kicked off and Salvor was back. Second — why Mallow? We absolutely loved him. But with Vault Seldon saving everyone, we hope that there was someone to save him and Bel Riose. Outside of that, this season finale was pretty spectacular. There was something cathartic about watching Day get his ass handed to him, and then that last-minute swap was perfect, and the way they tied up quite a bit.

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With Gaal and Seldon heading 150 years into the future, we can only believe that the third season will take place when they wake up. So, does that mean we aren’t going to see Poly and Constant anymore? Or will living in the Vault mean that time will also adjust differently for them? Because we would love to continue to see more of Constant and learn her real name. What are your thoughts on season 2? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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