Over the past few years, Fortnite fans have had the pleasure of experiencing epic Halloween events in-game, namely Fortnitemares. 

This years’ experience is sure to have players slobbering over their keyboards as the new update to the game, version v14.40, started a full week and a day earlier than last year’s event which began on October 29.

The new update, which dropped on October 21, called “Midas’ Revenge,” features not only some new spooky gameplay featuring the return of our favorite baddie Midas, but also cosmetics, skins, and weapons. An in-game concert performed by J Balvin, a Colombian hip-hop artist who’s sure to bring the beats with the premiere of his new song “La Luz,” will happen on Halloween night, according to Rolling Stone. In-game concerts are not an uncommon occurrence in Fortnite. In fact, they’re incredibly popular seeing how Travis Scott, another hip-hop artist who had a live concert in-game April, had over 12 million viewers according to a tweet by Epic Games’ official Fortnite account.


Fortnite released a trailer for the update, showcasing some of its Shadow gameplay. As with any event in Fortnite, there are new challenges included. This year’s challenge is: “Become a Shadow.” According to Eurogamer, not only will players have to beat hordes of Shadows coming after them during certain points in-game, but they will also have the ability to play as a Shadow if they almost die.

Shadows are a new type of character class, the vengeful ghost type, with a brand-new set of abilities. In order to play as a Shadow, the player has to get their character’s health points to 1. This can be done by jumping from a precipice or being nearly killed by an enemy. Shadows will have stealthy skills to use instead of typical, tangible weaponry. This includes Scream, an echo-location skill that allows your character to sneak attack living players. Shadows cannot attack other Shadows, meaning if someone else has become a Shadow in the same match, they will be immune to your attacks.

In order to regain any lost health points, Shadows must eat objects in the world that are considered useful to the living: weaponry, ammunition and other commonly held objects. If your Shadow survives a battle royale by eliminating all other living players and staying out of the storm, you will receive a special Victory Umbrella used to get to the ground safely in matches.

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Loot Boxes

Loot boxes, won after matches, are the incentives that keep players coming back for more. This year, according to the item store and HYPEX, known on Twitter primarily for game leaks, loot boxes will contain new skins such as “Ravina,” “The Good Doctor” and many more. Even new emotes for these characters can be looted, such as a zombie walk to impress your Thriller-themed friends.

New weaponry will also be available to your characters including, but not limited to, a Fiend Hunter Crossbow, a Pumpkin Rocket Launcher and even Midas’ Drum Gun, a mythic weapon found only by defeating special enemies in the game.

If an amazing concert and many other goodies, including new gameplay, doesn’t strike a chord in any Fortnite fan’s heart, then Epic Games isn’t doing the game justice. The event continues from now until November 3 which should be enough time for avid players to get their haunting on.

Stay safe, stay inside and have an epic Halloween.