A Super-Voice
By Chris Morris

For Lois: a poem by Shane Koyczan

For all my fellow geeks out there who haven’t yet had the pleasure of having Shane Koyczan come into your life, here he is with his latest poem, written from the perspective of Superman as he writes a letter to Lois Lane explaining his feelings for her. Here are Shane’s words explaining this piece, from his Facebook page:

“Most months I do a poem of the month for my website newsletter. I put out a little audio track that you can buy and that helps pay for the costs of the website. This month is a piece about telling someone you like them and how scary that can be.

I grew up in the era where Clark Kent still couldn’t tell Lois Lane how he felt about her. I liked that era. I liked that I could find an equality in our inability to tell those we love how deeply we feel for them… it made me feel that I was somehow on par with Superman. I know that the secret identity was likely maintained to protect those he cared about, but I liked the idea that Clark Kent might be scared of rejection… that despite his seeming invulnerability he knew, deep down, that his heart was capable of breaking… it’s what humanized him for me. I wrote this piece from Clark’s perspective as it has long mirrored how I’ve felt about someone in my own life. I have no delusions about being anyone’s Superman, but I often worry that people who see me on stage might think that I possess a kind of confidence that makes these kinds of admissions somehow easy. They aren’t… it’s always terrifying to put your heart out there. I don’t feel the anxiety of it any less than any other person who risks the same. There’s never any guarantee that your heart will be accepted… let alone returned in working order, but I’ll risk the hurt for the right person and I’m hoping I’ve found her.

The other thing to note about this particular piece is that it might not stand alone. I’d like to do a series of these using DC characters across different themes and put it out as a collection. Copyright will of course make that difficult unless I’m able to actually work with DC. Here’s hoping that this might rattle that cage a little. I did the music for this on GarageBand and my buddy Andre over at typevideos put this little vid together for this month’s poem. I’m hoping to do more video work in the future and will be starting up a Patreon page where you can support this kind of work if you’re so inclined. Currently you can buy the audio track from my website shanekoyczan.com

Shane is an incredibly gifted and talented man, check out his videos on Youtube but you have to see him live to really appreciate his charisma up close. He travels the world performing so there are lots of chances to take in a performance. I’ve seen him too many times to count and it never gets old. And he’s a great person too, so he has that going for him too. ☺

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