• Apple has renewed its critically acclaimed flagship sci-fi series For All Mankind for Season 5.
  • The fifth-season renewal accompanies the announcement of a spinoff series titled Star City.
  • Keep reading to learn more about Star City. 

There’s More Space to Explore

Someone alert Old Man Mars—Apple has renewed For All Mankind for Season 5. A press release from the entertainment juggernaut and tech giant reveals its flagship sci-fi series will continue exploring our solar system. But that’s not all. Apple also announced its plans to expand the For All Mankind universe with Star City, a spinoff chronicling the perspective of the Soviet Union during the space race. The spinoff comes from For All Mankind creators Ben Nedivi, Matt Wolpert and Ronald D. Moore

Here’s a synopsis of the spinoff per Apple: 

“A robust expansion of the For All Mankind universe, Star City is a propulsive, paranoid thriller that takes us back to the key moment in the alt-history retelling of the space race — when the Soviet Union became the first nation to put a man on the moon. But this time, we explore the story from behind the Iron Curtain, showing the lives of the cosmonauts, the engineers and the intelligence officers embedded among them in the Soviet space program, and the risks they all took to propel humanity forward.”

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Wolpert and Nedivi had this to say regarding Apple’s branching out into spinoff territory: 

“Our fascination with the Soviet space program has grown with every season of For All Mankind. The more we learned about this secret city in the forests outside Moscow where the Soviet cosmonauts and engineers worked and lived, the more we wanted to tell this story of the other side of the space race. We could not be more excited to continue building out the alternate history universe of For All Mankind with our partners at Apple and Sony.”

For All Mankind 2012

If you recall, the Season 4 finale ended with a shot of Kuznetsov Station in 2012 as it orbited Mars. It’s located on Goldilocks, the asteroid Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman), Dev Ayesa (Edi Gathegi) and their team saved before NASA and Roscosmos could bring it back to Earth. Meanwhile, Danielle Poole (Krys Marshall) made it home to her family (and granddaughter). The FBI arrested Margo Madison (Wrenn Schmidt) for aiding the Happy Valley crew in stealing the asteroid. 

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We don’t know who will return for Season 5, although Marshall seemingly bowed out with the Season 4 finale. It’s probably safe to say that, at the very least, Gathegi, Cynthy Wu (Kelly Baldwin) and Coral Peña (Aleida Rosales) will reprise their roles. We could also see Season 4 newcomers Toby Kebbell (Miles Dale) and Tyner Rushing (Samantha Massey) return. As for Star City, could our precious Sergei (Piotr Adamczyk) play a central role? Here’s hoping. 

Regardless, I’m thrilled we’re getting a fifth season and a spinoff. This is such an intriguing, intricate, well-thought-out alt-universe that shows us what could have been. 

What do you hope to see in For All Mankind Season 5 and Star City? Sound off in the comments below. 

For All Mankind Seasons 1 through 4 are now streaming on Apple TV+. 

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