*Update – I called it! If you scroll down to where I said “NBC, you better hire her to cover the next Olympics!”  you will understand that I am some kind of prophet. According to Deadline it didn’t take long for NBC to notice Leslie Jones’ coverage. Thanks to Mike Shoemaker, producer of The Awesomes, Late Night With Seth Myers and SNL, who tweeted this to NBC Olympics executive producer, Jim Bell:

Jim Bell, has now, officially invited Leslie down to Rio and apparently they are already working out the details!

Congrats Leslie, I can’t wait to see what you bring!



Seriously, if you aren’t following Leslie Jones on Twitter for your Olympic coverage, you are missing out!

The always hilarious star of Ghostbusters and SNL has a great twitter presence, which I discovered while watching Game Of Thrones. She’s so amazing at live tweeting, that Seth Myers did this, because he missed a Sunday watching GoT and was following Ms. Jones.

Here are some examples of her Olympic Coverage:

AGHHHH! Honestly, it gives me so much joy to watch and follow her feed! Go! Now! Follow Leslie Jones at @lesdoggg on Twitter!

NBC, you better hire her to cover the next Olympics!

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