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Hey Legion! Each week I get together with, as Bibs calls them, ‘the bearded ones’ William Bibbiani from CraveOnline and Alonso Duralde from The Wrap to chat about Doctor Who on TYT’s What the Flick?! This week we talk about part one of the season finale ‘Dark Water.’ Now, you guys know I haven’t been completely on board with this season. I’m liking Clara a lot more than I did last season, and I do love Peter Capaldi, but I think the writing has been a bit weak. This episode, however, was mostly spot on.

Check out the review below and let us know if you agree. What did you think of Missy’s big reveal? And really? Lava is the thing that destroys the TARDIS keys? Really? Make sure to check back next week for our take on part 2!