Thank you FlexiSpot for sending me this E7 Premium Desk Standing Desk in exchange for an honest review.

FlexiSpot prides itself on providing high-quality “kinetic furniture that’s never stuck in one place or position.” I’ve used their products before, namely the standing desk converter. This is a manually adjustable platform that you place on top of a table or desk. It worked very well and did wonders for my health. So, when FlexiSpot reached out to see if I wanted to try out their E7 Premium Standing Desk, I jumped at the chance.  

E7 Premium Standing Desk Shipping

E7 Premium Standing Desk shipping box with the frame.

E7 Premium Standing Desk shipping box with the frame.

The E7 arrived in two shipments. The first was the desktop. I received the bamboo top which is very nice. The black frame arrived and it is quite heavy. This is a good thing as it means that I was receiving a sturdy, high-quality frame. No rickety, cheap parts here but keep this in mind if you have trouble lifting heavy items, you may need to ask a friend to help. 

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E7 Desk Assembly

E7 Premium Standing Desk parts laid out on the floor before assembly

E7 Premium Standing Desk shipping box with the frame screws and tools.

E7 Premium Standing Desk with the cutest springer spaniel that ever lived in the background

When I laid out all the parts for the desk, I admit I was a bit worried. It seemed daunting but at the same time, not as bad as putting together an Ikea bookcase. I found a great E7 Premium Standing Desk installation guide video online on the FlexiSpot YouTube channel. It was incredibly helpful and made putting the desk together quite straightforward. I finished assembling the desk in about one hour. 

Let’s Put This Desk to Use!

The first thing I did was put the custom height presets to work. I was very excited about this. I am a very tall woman so I hit my knees on most desks and set standing desks are too short for me. I set my standing height and my sitting height. If a guest needs to use the desk, they can use the arrow buttons to find the perfect height for their body.

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The desk comes with some extra features that definitely enhance the product. First, there is a USB charger. Who doesn’t like that? There is the child-lock feature so your kids, or your pets, can’t press the buttons. Another feature I am grateful for is the cable tray under the desk itself. No unsightly hanging cables here. 

the control pad on the e7 standing desk.

E7 Premium Standing Desk set to a sitting height

After my presets were set, I decorated my desk. Of course, I had my laptop and an extra monitor. As I put more items on top of the E7 Premium Standing Desk, there was never a wobble or shake. The solid carbon steel base allows the desk to handle whatever I need. I could probably dance on it but no one needs to see that. 

Is The E7 Premium Standing Desk Worth It?

I really liked this desk. The design is sleek and the functionality is top-notch. I feel like a lot of thought went into the design of the desk. My tall body is grateful to have something that fits my unique physical needs. When I us the sitting preset I can stretch out, sit up straight or I can cross my legs without my knees hitting the top. When I stand, I’m not bending over uncomfortably. It’s a perfect fit for me. It’s personally transformative. 

E7 Premium Standing Desk at full height