Fleet: The Dice Game is a roll and write style board game published by Eagle-Gryphon Games. It is based on the well-reviewed Fleet, a strategic card game about commercial fishing where players acquire licenses, launch boats, and, well… fish. EGG subsequently released Fleet: Wharfside, a standalone game based on Fleet which is a favorite game of mine. Then, recently, EGG released this “roll and write” version of Fleet, which has also become one of our favorites. 

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Since I’ve started upping my tabletop game content on my YouTube channel I figured, why not a playthrough?  So here it is. Watch our three-player game of Fleet: The Dice Game from my score sheet perspective. There’s an intro that sets up what’s going on. 

Fleet: The Dice Game – Playthrough (Part 1)

Fleet: The Dice Game – Playthrough (Part 2)


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