The Flash refocuses his attention on Savitar after last week’s big crossover week against the Dominators.  Wally is still searching for his place on the team and Julian reveals more about who he really is.

The fall out of Flashpoint has affected all of Team Flash as well as the Arrow-verse.   Savitar did not exist before Flashpoint.  Does this mean Barry and anything to do with his arrival?  The Team is united once again.  They are ready to get some answers about Alchemy and Savitar.

Spoilers Ahead…

Four years ago, Julian Alpert (Tom Felton) set out on an expedition to find an artifact.  He finds a box and insists that it is what they are looking for.  He doesn’t hesitate to open it.  A flash of light burst from the box.


Back to the present…

HR (Tom Cavanagh) has decorated the lab and he is playing Christmas music.  “Some traditions are multi-versal.”

Barry (Grant Gustin) asks if anyone has gotten any new information on Savitar. All they know is he is a speed god and Barry is the only one who can see him.  He suggests that they do research on Alchemy and the stone that he uses to make new meta humans.  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) volunteers to do some digging.  He walks to the computer and see his brother Dante looking back at him.  Cisco shakes it off and  finds a dissertation specifically about that stone.  And guess who wrote that dissertation?  Julian Alpert.

Barry confronts Julian about what he knows.  Julian says he was obsessed with finding the “philosopher’s stone.”  He used all of his inheritance to fund a excavation in India to find the stone.   Julian says he never found the stone.  Barry asks if he ever come across the name Savitar.  Julian knows that Savitar is the first meta with speed.  He tells Barry to forget about it.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin)  invites his friend Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) to the West Family Christmas party. They both say that their grandmothers had the best eggnog recipe.  It’s a Nog-Off!


On Earth 3, the Trickster (Mark Hamill) is robbing a bank and the Flash a.k.a. Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp)  confronts him.  “Hi-ya Swifty!” hahaha!  Jay disarms Trickster of his ammo.  The Trickster threatens with bombs.  Flash 1, Barry, stops Tricksters bombs.  Barry is there to ask for his help with Savitar

Jay knows the name Savitar but has never seen him. He says Barry has become powerful enough to summon Savitar. Savitar was the first man granted the power of speed.  Over time, he was powerful enough to become a god.  Before Savitar sets foot on an Earth, he sends a predecessor to prepare for his arrival. The predecessor is Alchemy.  Savitar is preparing for a battle with Barry.  Barry threatens his power.  Jay knows all of this from the speedforce legends, myths and rumors.  Savitar will return for Barry and they will be ready to face him.

HR and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) are training and Wally is now faster than Barry. He is very excited and wants to celebrate. HR says they can’t tell anyone yet.

Barry tries to read everything he can find about Hindu gods and he cannot find anything on Savitar.  Jay says the answers will come in time.  For now, Barry needs to enjoy the holidays with his girlfriend.


Cisco tells Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) that he has been seeing Dante around the lab. It’s his first Christmas without his brother.  Cisco tells her a story about Dante and him fighting on Christmas when they were going up.  Until one year they shared a bottle of whiskey and talked and laughed. Caitlin talks about her last Christmas with her father and how the snow made it more magical.  Both are missing their families a lot.

At home, Barry catches Iris (Candice Patton) snooping around the tree.  Iris says she did some digging around and found out that Julian was the leader of the excavation in India.  Four people were found dead at the dig site. Julian was obsessed with that stone.  Now he’s covering up something or someone. Julian may be linked to Alchemy.

Barry tells the rest of the team that Julian lied about the stone.  Joe tries to call Julian, but he won’t answer.  HR and Wally get caught up on what’s going on when an alert goes off. Alchemy is Shults Building. Jay and Barry are ready to go meet him. Wally says he’s going too.  He’s ready and mentions the testing that HR did.  Joe says they will talk about it later.


Alchemy is attempting to restore power to all the metas from Flashpoint so they can become the servants of Savitar.  Barry and Jay stop him before he can complete his task. Savitar shows up to stop them.  Jay takes on Savitar while Barry goes after the stone.  Savitar takes Jay into the Speedforce to fight.  Barry has no problem getting the stone from Alchemy. He puts the stone in a box and Savitar disappears.  Barry takes off Alchemy’s mask and discovers Julian.

The Flash puts Julian in the pipeline. When he wakes up, Julian has no memory of being Alchemy and is very confused why he has been confined.  

Barry asks Caitlin and Cisco if they believe Julian. Cisco says if Julian is lying, he firmly believes those lies.  Barry asks about the box.  Cisco has run every test he can think of on the box. The box is nothing; like it doesn’t exist.


Joe is lecturing Wally about being safe when it come to his speed.  He is made at HR for training Wally.  Wally stops Joe from yelling at HR. He says he pushed HR to train and help him. Wally says no one else is trying to help him and he leaves.   Joe leaves too and talks to Barry.  He says it’s like Wally’s brain goes to sleep and someone else is at the wheel. This gives Barry an idea about Julian.

Flash asks Julian if he’s blacking out.  Julian says no, but he also doesn’t trust The Flash. The Flash removes his mask to reveal himself to Julian. Julian is surprised, but everything about Barry makes sense now. Julian asks why Barry reveals himself now. Barry says he needs Julian to trust him. Julian is Alchemy, but Barry doesn’t think Julian is aware.  

Julian admits to blacking out. He tells Barry that he had a sister who died. One night he saw his sister. She told him about the stone and where it was. She told him that they could be together again if he found it.   He set out to find it.  He remembers find the box and then waking up in a hotel. That’s when the blackout started. His team was found dead. Julian fled for the states.  Julian says when he blackouts, he hears a voice.


Cisco is still testing the box and hears Dante call his name.  Dante appears and tells Cisco that opening the box will let them be together again.  Cisco is overcome with emotions and opens the box.  Savitar appears in the lab.

Caitlin calls to Barry and tells him that Cisco opened the box. Barry rushes to Cisco’s workshop and Savitar is waiting for him.  Barry moves the fight away from Cisco.  Jay wants to help him, but he’s still hurt from the last fight.  HR encourages Wally to help. Wally takes off and Joe is pissed!


Wally distracts Savitar, but Savitar takes on Wally and Flash together.

Caitlin talks to Cisco saying that Dante isn’t really there. Savitar is using Cisco’s memories against him. Cisco comes to his senses and closes the box.

Savitar disappears before seriously hurting Barry and Wally.  Barry thanks Wally for helping him.  Wally thinks the whole thing was amazing.

The team discusses how to find a way to communicate with Savitar without releasing him.  Cisco thinks of a plan to hook up Julian to the box.


Joe confronts HR again, telling him he put Wally in danger.  HR tells Joe that he helps Wally because he is special.  Wally’s powers are extraordinary. HR admits he doesn’t have the same safety concerns that Joe has.  He knows that the longer the Joe denies Wally of his potential, the more he will look for it elsewhere.

Barry tells Julian that he think that there is no Alchemy.  It’s Savitar speaking through Julian.  The team tells him that they may have a way to link Julian to the stone and be able to communicate with Savitar. Barry says Julian has to trust them if he ever going to be rid of it.

Julian is reluctant. He reminds Barry that he doesn’t like him.  Nothing he does will change that.  Julian agrees to their experiment.  He immediately connects with Savitar and addresses Barry.


Savitar tells the team that they should bow before him.  He thinks he’s a god, but the team doesn’t believe in him.  Savitar knows who they all are, even HR. He knows their strengths, weaknesses, and destinies.  One will betray the team.  One will die.  One will suffer a fate far worse than death.  

Savitar is the future. He wants everything back that was taken from him.   Savitar says that Barry is the reason he is trapped in eternity.  Future Barry did it.  Savitar has come back in time to get his revenge.  Barry disconnects Julian from Savitar.


The things that Savitar had to say really shook up the team.  Barry assures them that Savitar doesn’t know what happens in the future. He’s trapped and he’s never getting out.  Jay says the box is the key to Savitar’s fate.  Everyone offers suggestions about what to do with the box.  Jay says the only way to get rid of it is to throw it into the speedforce.  Wally is intrigued. The speedforce is an endless void of time and energy.  Cisco says Barry wouldn’t be able to run fast enough to open the speed force and carry the box.  The box is loaded with gravimetric force.  Again…Science. Jay says that combined, he and Barry can do it. They have to at least try.

The plan works.  Barry is able to throw the box into the speed force, but the impact pushes Barry into another time.  


Barry sees a news report about a criminal that he has captured.  He hears himself trying to stop Savitar.  Savitar has Iris and is threatening Iris’s life.  He says he is finally free of the Flash. Barry tries to keep Iris calm.  Savitar says Barry loses and kills Iris with his sword hand. Barry tries his best to save Iris, but he’s too slow. Iris is dead.  Jay pulls Barry back into the present.  He tells Barry that he was in the future

Barry knew there was something wrong with his future with Iris.  He has never run to the future.  Barry knows that Savitar will kill Iris 5 months from now.   He asks Jay if that will really happen. Jay is unsure.  It could be a possible future, no one knows for sure. Barry is trying to figure out a way to stop this future from happening.  Jay tells him that he can’t run back to the future. Just as there are infinite dimensions of Earth, there are infinite possible futures.  There’s no way of knowing what will happen.  Jay tells Barry to focus on the present.  Live his life for now; not the future that is uncertain.

Jay goes back to Earth 3.  The philosopher’s stone is in the speed force.    HR says everyone needs a Christmas.  Everyone agrees after going through this ordeal with Savitar.  Caitlin invites Julian, but he declines.

At the West’s home, Cisco thanks Caitlin for saving him from Savitar’s mind grasp. HR interrupts them and calls them “Caitlo” and “Ciscin.”  Hahaha!  He’s had a lot of eggnog.  Joe and Cecile’s eggnog recipes are strong.  They have a laugh and then Joe kisses her.  Wally and Iris say it’s about time.  Cecile receives a call from her daughter and excuses herself.


The group takes the opportunity to give Wally a gift from the whole group.  It’s a speedster suit.  Everyone has accepted that Wally is Kid Flash.  Julian arrives and tells Barry that if he wants his job back, Julian would gladly have him.   Carolers arrive at the door and Caitlin uses her power to turn the rain into snow.

Barrry and Iris leave to exchange gifts.  Iris got Barry a wallet.  Barry got Iris a home.  Barry doesn’t know what will happen in the future, but he wants to spend here and now with Iris.  



Well!  It looks as if everyone is over Flashpoint.  Which is good because I was kind of tired of everyone coming down on Barry for trying to be happy.  He did need to learn how to live in the present and not worry about what has happened.  And then they go and give him a glimpse of a possible future where Iris dies.  That turn is going to create more problems.

They did get rid of Savitar way to easy.  Of course he’ll be back.  Please let Wally have something to do with getting rid of him.  I was kind of sick of seeing the team protecting him.  Yeah, he’s young and has a lot to learn about being a hero.  He won’t ever learn as long as they hover over him.  I just hope they utilize him.  

Poor Cisco. Just when he comes to terms about his brother and Flashpoint, he is reminded again of his pain. While losing a loved one is very hard to get over, Cisco is being pulled through the ringer on this one.  I hope Cisco finds some happiness in the second half of the season.

So I guess Iris is the major death…possibly…

So what about Savitar’s other prophecies?  Who will betray Barry?  Who will suffer a fate worse than death?  

We’ll find out when The Flash returns in 2017.

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