The Flash has his hands full with these new meta humans.  The team is searching for the meta humans that were created when Barry escaped the Speed Force.  The Flash’s (Grant Gustin) ultimate nemesis, DeVoe/The Thinker is also looking for those metas.  DeVoe’s master plan hasn’t been revealed, but he has the ability to transfer his consciousness into other metas and absorb their powers.  They have lost four meta humans to DeVoe and they don’t want to lose anymore…especially Ralph (Hartley Sawyer).

Ralph is one of the bus meta humans with the ability to stretch in weird ways.  He also has the ability to shape shift into other people. Ralph’s greatest trick was Barry’s ticket out of jail. Ralph shape shifted into Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands), clearing Barry of murder charges. .  Now that Barry is back on Team Flash, they are fully focused on stopping DeVoe.

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Barry returns to work, but there is confusion about how Clifford DeVoe is now alive.  Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) tells Barry that he’s been instructed by the new mayor to put Barry on an indefinite leave of absence.  That gives Barry time to look for the four remaining bus meta humans.

Ralph takes it upon himself to go to the bus station lost and found to look for clues. He finds a CD and it belongs to their next metahuman. “Subject 9” is Izzy Bowin (Miranda MacDougall). She is a country artist that is seeing a lot of success lately.  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) vibes the CD to find her at a bar, getting ready to play a concert.  

DeVoe, currently occupying Becky Sharp’s (Sugar Lyn Beard) body, is irritated. She tells Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) that she needs to transfer to a new body.  Becky’s body is deteriorating fast. She’s not capable of containing all of the dark matter that DeVoe has absorbed from the bus meta humans.  Marlize tells her that Team Flash has already found their next target.

Ralph and Barry team up to talk to Izzy at her concert. They tell her she is in danger and needs to go with them.  Izzy doesn’t believe them.  She uses a sonic wave to throw Barry and Ralph across the room. When they look up, they can’t hear anything and Izzy is gone.

Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) bumps into Harry (Tom Cavanagh) at Jitters. He questions her decision to drink coffee while she’s pregnant. Cecile tells Harry that she is having a hard time sleeping because she can hear Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) thoughts while he sleeps.  Harry thinks he can come up with a device to help her.

The Flash_”Subject 9″-Image Number: FLA414a_0284b-Pictured (L-R): Miranda MacDougall as Izzy, Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Grant Gustin as The Flash – Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW – 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The team tracks down Izzy again.  Barry and Ralph try a second time to talk to her, but this time as the Flash and the Elongated Man.  Izzy still doesn’t believe their story until DeVoe shows up, ready to take Izzy with her.  DeVoe uses her new abilities to fight off The Flash and The Elongated Man. Izzy defends herself with a sonic wave, throwing DeVoe backwards and hurting her. Marlize arrives to take DeVoe back to their lair.

Barry is impressed with Izzy’s ability to hurt DeVoe. He decides that she needs to be trained to use her abilities to fight back.  Izzy doesn’t want to train to fight. She is focused on her music career.  She doesn’t want to have any part of Team Flash and leaves the room.  Ralph goes after Izzy and convinces Izzy to stay.  And it helps that they are attracted to each other.

The DeVoes talk about how to get to Izzy now. They weren’t expecting her to be able to fight back.  DeVoe is upset that Marlize’s machine isn’t working fast enough for her. Marlize thinks that DeVoe is not in her right mind.  But she concedes and tries to help DeVoe regain her strength for round two with Izzy.

Iris (Candice Patton) gives Izzy her fiddle and tells her to think of it as a weapon.  Ralph is her target and she bends him backwards with her sonic waves.  

Harry works on a helmet that turns off Cecile’s mind reading ability.  Cecile is not happy with it because it’s too bulky. Harry gets frustrated with her and thinks some rude thoughts.  Cecile storms out.

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Later, Harry shows up at the West residence to apologize to Cecile. He also gives her a smaller inhibitor to help her sleep.  She reads his mind and knows that Harry is worried about his daughter Jesse (Violett Beane).  He’s also frustrated because he hasn’t been able to help Team Flash with their DeVoe problem.  However, talking to Cecile gives him an idea.

The Flash – “Subject 9” – Image Number: FLA414b_0116b.jpg – Pictured (L-R): Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Candice Patton as Iris West and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon – Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW – 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Izzy works with Barry to help control her powers through the fiddle. She gets frustrated, but Barry continues to push her.  She ends up getting hurt.  Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) patches Izzy up. Izzy tells Ralph that she’s better off on her own. Ralph tries to talk her out of leaving. Izzy knocks out Ralph and leaves STAR Labs.

Harry takes his device to the team, calling it the Cerebral Inhibitor.  Barry and Iris remember when Savitar came to the lab and told them that they built a cerebral inhibitor to stop DeVoe.  Everyone is a little thrown off and unsure if the device will work.  Harry insists that it will. Ralph comes in to let the team know that Izzy has left.

Izzy goes to a warehouse and DeVoe meets her there.  Izzy tries out her powers, but the fiddle breaks.  Cisco vibes Izzy and sees her with DeVoe. DeVoe can see Cisco and pushes him out of their dimension. She pushes him so hard, he flies across the room.  Cisco tells them that DeVoe is with Izzy. Barry and Ralph leave to help Izzy.

The Flash says he will distract DeVoe so Ralph can put the cerebral inhibitor on her.   DeVoe over powers the Flash and knocks the inhibitor out of Ralph’s hands.  She attacks Ralph and when she turns around, Izzy puts the inhibitor on DeVoe’s forehead.  DeVoe uses Killg%re’s powers to hack the inhibitor and turns it off.  Harry is frustrated that the device didn’t work.  

DeVoe traps Izzy inside of a force field. Ralph tries desperately to get through the forcefield to save Izzy.  DeVoe takes Izzy’s powers and transfers all power into Izzy’s body.  Izzy, now DeVoe teleports away.

The team reassembles at STAR Labs. Ralph is very upset about losing Izzy.  Cisco tells the team about a theory he’s been working on. He says DeVoe’s lair exists in a pocket dimension that he can access.  If they can find the lair, they may be able to stop DeVoe.

At the DeVoe’s lair, Izzy/DeVoe plays a song for Marlize.  Izzy’s body is a lot stronger that Becky’s. DeVoe has the strength she needs to find the remaining bus metahumans and complete her plan.

Cecile meets Harry at Jitters.  She is in a better mood after getting some sleep.  She reads Harry’s mind again.  He’s thinking about Jesse.  Cecile encourages Harry to call Jesse and invite her to see him.  

Barry goes to Ralph’s office to see if he’s okay.  Ralph is still sad, but he tells Barry that he’s ready to fight back. He gives Barry a business card.  Since Barry technically doesn’t have a job, Ralph asked  him to work at his Private Investigation office. Together they can find the remaining meta humans and take down DeVoe.  Barry agrees.

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Ralph has come a long way since he got his meta powers. He’s not so annoying, not so goofy…well…he’s still goofy, but he seems to have learned when to be serious.  He’s brave and he really cares about others…and not just himself.  Ralph is definitely working better with Barry and Team Flash.  It would be really sad if Team Flash were to lose Ralph to DeVoe.

As for Barry, it was hard to see him push Izzy so hard.  Not every meta human has the will to fight.  Some of them get powers and try to make their lives better, like Izzy. She was so focused on her music career.  If Barry and Ralph hadn’t found her first, she would have been taken anyway.  

I wish they would reveal more about what DeVoe’s master plan is. What is the Enlightenment?  Why does he need the powers of the twelve bus metas to fight The Flash?  The more power he absorbs, the quicker his body dies.  So what’s the point of absorbing their powers?  I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.  





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