The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Last week, THE FLASH continued to search for Savitar’s true identity.  

Future Barry gave 2017 Barry information about the woman who would help him trap Savitar in the future.  Caitlin, in full Killer Frost mode, has joined Savitar.   

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Team Flash is running out of time to stop Iris’ impending doom.  They need to find out who Savitar really is.  Killer Frost said Barry would be surprised to find out who it is.  Who is Savitar?

At the beginning of the episode, Barry (Grant Gustin) faces Savitar and says he knows who he is.

How did we get to this point?  First let’s check in with the team.

Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) lets it slide that she’s in love with Joe (Jesse L. Martin).  Joe reacts in the worst way.  He is saved by a phone call from STAR labs.

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Barry tells the team about Tracy Brand.  They have to find her to trap Savitar so he won’t kill Iris (Candice Patton).

Julian (Tom Felton) wants to look for Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) and is frustrated that no one else is doing anything.  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) still blames Julian for Caitlin turning into Killer Frost.  Cisco says they have been looking for her.

Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) went to Earth 3.

Cisco, Barry and HR (Tom Cavanagh) find Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek).  She failed her dissertation and is leaving town.  They tell her not to give up on her work. Barry tells her that her hypothesis (he actually says a bunch of scientific jargon that confuses me) is groundbreaking.  She hasn’t revealed that hypothesis.  She wants to know who they are.

Killer Frost shows up and attacks Tracy.  Team Flash knows Killer Frost is working with Savitar.  Killer Frost knocks Barry down and Cisco steps in to stand up to her. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her. Killer Frost has no problem throwing Cisco back.  Barry chases her away with fire.

Tracy reports the attack to CCPD.  Joe confirms with Barry what happened.   Cecile interrupts Joe and Barry. She feels weird about saying she loves him.  Joe tells her not to worry about it.

Tracy tries to leave town.  Barry tells her to stay with Joe for her protection.  She tells them that was a random attack and leaves.

Killer Frost reports back to Savitar. He thinks that she let Tracy get away. There’s still some Caitlin Snow left inside of her. She calls herself Killer Frost, but hasn’t actually killed anyone. He tells her to free herself of the suffering and pain of humanity. They can be gods. All she has to do is kill Tracy.

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Tracy is at Jitters.  HR finds her and pays for her coffee.  (These two are perfect for each other.)  He tries to charm her with knowledge of her work.   Cisco feeding him information from a secret location with Julian.  Tracy totally buys the act.  HR is smitten with Tracy.

Julian says he saw the security footage from the killer Frost attack.  He saw that Cisco had a clear shot at her and didn’t take it.  Cisco evades the conversation to check on Barry and Joe.

Barry and Joe are also watching HR and Tracy from outside.  Barry asks about Cecile.  Joe says he was caught off guard. There is so much going on.  He feels like he’s always lying to her.  Barry tells him to tell Cecile the truth.  If they are going to continue to date, he will have to tell her eventually.  If he loves her, he should be honest with her.

Tracy tells HR that she’s been studying speedsters.  She says their lightning is coming from somewhere.  HR suggests it’s a speed force. Tracy thinks there’s a way to control the speed force.  HR suggests making it into a prison.

Tracy asks why he’s interested in her research.  She says everyone else thinks she’s crazy. HR flirts with her and says he doesn’t’ think she’s crazy. He tries to take a drink and his coffee has turned to ice.  He says they need to leave.  As soon as they step outside a icicle is coming straight for Tracy.

The Flash catches the icicle before it hits Tracy.  The team rushes to HR and Tracy, looking for Killer Frost.  She walks toward them and The Flash tells HR to get Tracy to safety.  Killer Frost acknowledges Team Flash and then goes after Tracy.

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Killer Frost uses her frosty powers to surf through the city. The Flash makes a plan to chase her back to Jitters.  He tells Cisco to prepare to knock her out.  Killer Frost gets pretty close to freezing Tracy, but Flash is able to deflect her every move.  

Killer Frost heads toward Cisco  He can’t shoot her. All he sees is Caitlin.  The Flash moves to deflect her frostbite, headed for Cisco.  He falls.  Killer Frost says she can’t kill him, but she won’t have him following her. She injures his leg and leaves.

Team Flash fill in Tracy about who Savitar is and why she is being targeted.  In the future, she builds the trap that sends Savitar into the Speed Force for eternity. Savitar wants her dead before she can build it.  They show her a picture of her from the future with information about her accomplishments. She asks what happens if she doesn’t build the trap now. They tell her that ‘someone’ close to them will die.  Tracy gets a little freaked out and leaves. HR runs after her.

Julian tells Cisco that HR was able to calm Tracy down. They can get to work on the trap.  First, Julian wants to know why Cisco didn’t detain Killer Frost when he had the chance. He had two chances.  Caitlin could be home by now.

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Cisco says it’s because he’s afraid of killing her.  Caitlin is his best friend. He’d rather die than hurt her.

Barry asks Joe if he has told Cecile the truth. Joe says she’s the only normal thing in his life and he likes it that way.  Barry encourages him to tell her and to trust that their love will get them through the rough time.s

HR runs in and tells them that Tracy is gone.  He says she seemed okay after his pep talk.   They need to find her…again…before Killer Frost finds her.  The hologram of Tracy’s biography shows pictures of Tracy in front of a particular building that HR recognizes.

HR takes coffee to Tracy.  He finds her at Galileo’s statue.  She says she was overwhelmed by what the team told her. Tracy feels she can’t live up to the brilliant woman in the hologram.  

She says HR is a born genius. He confesses that he’s not, but she is.  He says she is on the brink of something great. She just has to believe in herself.  He already believes in her.

Cecile visits Joe to ask again if their relationship is okay. He’s tells her that part of his life is very complicated. It would change them forever if he let her in.  Joe tells her that they shouldn’t see each other anymore.  

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Cecile is caught off guard, but gracefully leaves.  And Killer Frost is waiting for her.  Killer Frost tells Joe to bring Tracy to her. Or Cecile will die.  Team Flash assembles to find Cecile.

Julian approaches Cisco again.  This time, he tells Cisco that he understands his fear.  Julian says he can control his powers because he loves Caitlin. And they can save her if Cisco can stop her.

The team heads to meet Killer Frost.  The Flash tries to appeal to Caitlin.  Killer Frost repeats everything The Flash says to her.  Savitar already told her what Flash would say to her. She doesn’t care. She also knows that Cisco is in the rafters waiting to strike.  

Killer Frost tells The Flash that Savitar knows every move The Flash will make.  Savitar will always be one step ahead of them.

Killer Frost sets off a bomb in the rafters.  Cisco barely escapes the blast.  She targets Joe next and hits The Flash. She freezes Flash to keep him from getting in the way.  Cisco vibes her from behind. She turns to face him.

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

He tells Caitlin it’s over.  Killer Frost says Caitlin is gone. Cisco tells her that Caitlin is still in there to him.  They shoot their powers at each other. Killer Frost is a little stronger, but Cisco is able to overpower her.  He pushes her back and knocks her out.  Cisco runs to her side to make sure Caitlin is okay.

Cisco draws her blood.  He says he has to stop her to save her.  Savitar arrives and knocks Cisco away from Killer Frost.  

Savitar tells Flash, his ascension is nearly at hand. As Savitar rises, The Flash falls.  Savitar takes Killer Frost and leaves.

The team debriefs at STAR labs. Cisco comments that the way Savitar knows what is happening is creepy.  Julian says they can use Killer Frost’s blood to find a cure and save Caitlin.

Tracy tells HR that she was thinking of Savitar’s suit…lots of science talk. They need to find a device that will harness the power in the suit to use Savitar’s own velocity against him.  HR asks if she is going to stay and join them.  Tracy asks if this means the future will change.  HR says his will. (Awwwwww cute!)

Joe talks to Cecile. He says he loves her too, but he has a lot of baggage. He thought he was protecting her.  Joe takes off his wedding ring to show he is ready to move forward with Cecile.

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Wally is back at home with Joe, Iris and Barry.  Joe tells them about his talk with Cecile.  Joe says love is all they really have in this world. They don’t know who’d they become without it.  That triggers Barry to think about everything that is happening with Savitar.  

Savitar said Barry did something to him that created Savitar.

Killer Frost says Barry and Savitar are more alike than he thinks.  This is Savitar’s history.

Cisco says that Savitar knows precisely everything that Barry is going to do.

The Flash leaves to find Savitar.  He takes off his cowl to face Savitar.  He knows who Savitar is.

Savitar knows the past, the present and future of the Flash.  He knows everything about Barry, Joe, Wally and Iris. He knows their strengths, fears, and how much they love each other.  Savitar knows how to use that love against them.  Savitar was there. He lived it…when he was Barry.

Savitar’s suit opens up and a future, darker, scarred version of Barry Allen emerges.

Savitar says he is the future Flash.

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

The Flash, I Know Who You Are,

Did they create Tracy to complement HR?  It’s so funny to watch these two together. They’re like…the same person!  Except Tracy is an actual genius and HR pretends to be one.  They are really cute together!

I have so many questions:

If Savitar prevents Tracy from building the trap, what happens to evil Barry?

What happened to Barry that caused him to become so evil that he wants to kill Iris?

Well, Danielle Panabaker transitioned well to evil.  I’m sure Grant Gustin will too.

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