A classic car commercial used to begin, “Does life have you down?” From there, it went on to explain that if you purchased their vehicle, your entire attitude would change, things would go your way and all would be well in your world. That’s advertising, and it’ll never change. But what about real ways to improve your life situation? Do they exist? What are they?

The good news is that there are all sorts of life hacks that not only work, but can completely change the way you do things. Renowned career coaches say that a few of the best, simple changes you can make include getting a loan for college, buying life insurance while you’re still young, avoiding dangerous activities, getting the right amount of sleep and seeing a doctor at least once each year. Here’s more about each of the five top hacks that can help you begin to turn things around.

Buy Life Insurance, No Matter What Age You Are

Young people can save a fortune on life insurance. For middle aged and older folks who don’t have policies, it’s still a good idea to find one that covers at least three times your annual income. Improving your situation with an insurance policy is just plain smart because you are literally paying cents on the dollar to make sure your loved ones will be able to get by after your passing. Even if you think you can’t afford a policy, use whatever funds you have available to get a basic policy with a moderate payout.

Take Out a Loan to Get the Education You Need

One of the best bargains around is a student loan for your college education. Rates are generally low, payback times are long and don’t begin until your graduate, and loan amounts can usually cover most or all of the cost of college. Later on, after you’ve paid the loan off, your credit rating will be higher, you’ll have a marketable degree, and will be on your way to a successful, abundant career.

Schedule Annual Physical Exams

A recent survey said that as many as 70 percent of young working adults don’t schedule annual medical exams. Whatever the reason, not knowing the state of your general health is a dangerous way to live. You can add to your peace of mind by having a yearly checkup.

Quit Doing Dangerous Things

Fun is fun, but danger is danger. If you currently do things like smoke cigarettes, use alcohol to excess, drive without a seat belt, use recreational drugs or don’t wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, consider changing your ways immediately. If you do make the change for the better, you stand to live a much longer, happier existence.

Get Your Sleeping Habits Up to Snuff

Doctors say the number one medical problem faced by middle aged and older adults is lack of proper sleep. By aiming to get seven or more hours per night, at the same time each night, you can be on the road to healthier lifestyle.