With the Age of Ultron coming out in a couple months and Phase Three of the MCU winding up, we thought it’d be a good opportunity to pay a visit to one of the lesser known heroes, Captain Marvel, to give you a reading list so you can be on the up-and-up on her.

First, a note that Captain Marvel is a Legacy Character, meaning that there have been multiple people with that name. Spider-Man and Captain America both Legacy Characters as well. The very first Captain Marvel premiered in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 from 1967, though he very quickly got his own series soon after his debut.

Captain Marvel’s Kree origins ended up directly responsible for transforming Carol Danvers into Ms. Marvel and later, after Captain Marvel’s death, taking up the mantle of Captain Marvel herself.



Captain Marvel Vol. 1 #18
This is not Carol Danver’s first appearance, but this is the birth of Ms. Marvel who later becomes Captain Marvel. Deep in the caves of earth, where a Kree warrior known as Mar-Vell fights his arch-enemy, Yon-Rogg. They accidentally set off an incredibly powerful device called the Psyche-Magnitron, which gives Carol Danvers her powers, altering her genetics so that she is half Kree warrior, though she doesn’t actually discover any of them until her own series which is …


Ms. Marvel, Volume 1 #1-23
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You always want to start at the beginning and this is no exception. Volume 1 is only 23 issues long (was supposed to be 25) and has lots of great stories to give you an idea of just what Ms. Marvel can do with her Kree-altered genetics. Not only that, but it’s written and drawn by the best of the best, including Gerry Conway, Chris Claremont, John Buscema and Sal Buscema.


Avengers Annual #10
Uncanny X-Men #151-159
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You know that X-Men character, Rogue, Avengers Annual #10 is her first appearance and the first thing she does is steal all of Ms. Marvel’s powers to keep for herself. In the process, Carol Danvers is left with no powers and no memory of who she is. The X-Men come in to help her remember who she is, taking her on all of their adventures until her powers resurface in an even stronger way, making her the cosmic hero known as Binary. It’s not strictly a Captain Marvel story, but she plays a pivotal role in one of the X-Men’s best stories and it’s a defining moment for Carol Danvers.


Captain Marvel Vol. 1 #1-6
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This is the book where everything changes for Carol Danvers, where Captain Marvel really starts to become the character everyone loves. Encouraged by Captain America himself, Carol Danvers decides to drop the moniker of Ms. Marvel and adopt the name of her Kree predecessor, Mar-Vell, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers ends up sucked back in time to fight alongside the Banshee Squadron and discovers a secret NASA program along the way. She ends up facing a younger version of her mentor in the past, where it all began for Carol, in a end for a fight over who deserves the power more.


Captain Marvel, vol. 2 #1-6
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This brings you up to the current run, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, pencilled by David Lopez, where we see Captain Danvers decide to return to her roots on the cosmic side of Marvel. Asked to be the Avengers Ambassador to space, she visits a planet where she discovers a slave girl in need of rescue and an entire population of alien in dire need of saving. The only problem is that no one there trusts her or believes she can make any difference.






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