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Entertainment Weekly released exclusive photos from the second installment in the Kingsman film series, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, today.  Though, director Matthew Vaughn is very adamant that this is NOT a sequel.  According to EW, in fact, he’s banned the number 2 from any of the marketing for his film.

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The photos show new cast members and old.  Taron Egerton returns as the smooth young spy.  Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges are new.  Halle Barry, Pedro Pascal, Julianne Moore and Elton John will also star.  And, the best news?… EW says ‘Colin Firth’s Harry was most certainly killed cold in the original, but he’s back. We think.’  Yes!  Now, that’s a cast!

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Vaughn has had a big job.  How do you top the absurdly gratuitous, original, out of this world fights and action from the first film?  Well, among other things, we can expect a ‘mechanical attack dog and an electric cowboy-style lasso that slices through bad guys.’  That’s a pretty solid start.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle premieres in theaters September 29.


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