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The next big film out of Sony and Marvel, Spider-Man: Homecoming, is still shooting in Atlanta to prep for its theatrical release next Summer. It will star Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Michael Keaton as the Vulture.

Another part of that cast is the Fargo actor Bokeem Woodbine who is rumored to play the classic Spider-Man villain, The Shocker. There’s been no confirmation from the studio confirming this casting rumor, but just yesterday Twitter account Backintimemx posted these pics of an actor wearing the Shocker costume.

#BITNews Tal vez veamos a #Shocker en #Spiderman #Homecoming 🔵🕷🔴 #SpidermanHomecoming #Marvel #TomHolland

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It’s not possible to tell who is in the costume, so confirming Woodbine is out. However, this does actually give us our first look at the costume, which is dead on and pretty damn accurate to the comics!


Herman Schultz, Shocker’s real name, made his own vibro-smashing gauntlets in the comics, which can vibrate the air immediately around him. They are incredibly dangerous — so much so that he had to create a suit of insulated quilting to protect himself.

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