The Future Queen of Atlantis! Aquaman director James Wan has shared our first look at the lady of the sea. News from the production has been pretty quiet but this shot at Mera is a long deserved first look at the film. Shared on Twitter, we get a fantastic look at her costume.

According to the director, the shot was taken on the first day of shooting. The photo was taken by photographer Jasin Boland as he captured actress Amber Heard mid-shoot. We see her on land, for what reason we don’t know. But she just arrived on shore as her hair is still soaking wet. Wan gave a slight hint. “Lady MERA swept in from the sea.” She’s also on a dock, which makes a bit of sense seeing as she’s come up from the sea. We don’t know why she’s come up but money’s on her following Aquaman to the surface world.

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In addition to a very nice photo of her, the actress shared one of herself as well. While her photo is more in the dark than the other, we get a better look at the background. Confirming that they’re definitely on a dock as ships fill the water. There also appears to be cityscape behind her, as well. Her suit is incredible – glistening green with gaunlets on her one piece. Hopefully we get to see her kick some major behind in it.

What do you think of the photos? Are you looking forward to Aquaman? Check out the photos below and let us know! Aquaman will be in theaters December 21, 2018

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