Marvel and Fox’s collaboration, The Gifted, just dropped a teaser and it’s interesting. The Bryan Singer produced show brings the large world of mutants to the small screen – again. What makes this show different from the successful Legion over on FX? Let’s break it down, first the teaser.

We open to two kids talking, the girl asking who taught the boy to swim which he admits is her. She assures him that she can teach him “this”. Cut to the kids at a vending machine, the girl uses her power to swipe the popcorn without paying for it. “Dude” is the only thing the boy can say. We’re then treated to a barrage of shots – another mutant woman using her powers via her hands – doing what is unclear. We see a group of people cornered off by police, only to have their lights explode.

We see what’s seemingly Blink (played by Jaime Chung) as she opens a portal. The kids from the beginning avoid the vending machine blowing up. While these shots are happening, a voiceover says that the powers are a burden. We then see the reply as a woman says “it’s also a gift”. Our last shot sees a man surrounded, holding up in hands though they’re glowing with powers as he seems to have a woman trapped with him.

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It’s a lot to take in but what we know of the TV series so far answers some questions the teaser drops. The show focuses on the Strucker family who’s suburban life is pulled out from under them when they find out their daughter is a mutant. Being hunted by the government, they join a faction of mutants on the run and must “fight to survive”. So the kids in the beginning of the teaser are part of the Strucker family and will be their story.

While Legion ties to the bigger characters of the X-Men universe, this show looks to focus on a small scale. Since this is a teaser, we don’t get too much from it but know there will be action and lots of powers coming out of hands. Sorry, I had to. The full trailer will be dropping on the 15th! So we’ll have to wait for more answers till then.

What did you think of the teaser below? Are you looking forward to this drama? Let us know and be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more X-Men news! The Gifted currently has no release date.

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