The upcoming last installment of the Wolverine franchise from Fox Studios, simply titled Logan, hits theatres in March of 2017. After a year of knowing virtually no details other than the obvious, the last couple weeks more and more stuff has started to come out. We now know that one of the main bad guys is Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook, we know that it features a little girl clone of Logan (Hugh Jackman) and now we know who Stephen Merchant is playing and what he looks like.

Stephen Merchant is playing the mutant Caliban. Caliban’s mutant power is to find other mutants and know what their power is. He is, essentially, a mutant detector, able to sense a mutant presence and instinctively know what they can do. In the comics, he is typically seen as a very thin and meek looking guy, but this of course changes after he meets Apocalypse, who turns him into one of his Four Horsemen, which immediately bulks him up.

Needless to say, this incarnation probably ever met Apocalypse — he’s still pretty skinny.

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