Sestras! BBC America has released the first four minutes of Orphan Black’s fourth season premiere and it is four minutes of intense heart palpitation-inducing goodness. We see our newest clone M.K. spying on new characters, EMT’s and Neolution employees Frank and Roxie, burying a body. Frank and Roxie will give you the creeps as they are evidently turned on by grave digging and dead body handling. M.K. makes a narrow escape and calls……….. Beth!!!!!

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Now, we are seeing Beth’s story and the circumstance that will lead to her suicide. Since these are flashbacks, we also get to see Paul! This makes for some fun viewing because now we can see Paul’s head plotting and spinning as he watches Beth.

The first four minutes are wonderfully suspenseful and if they are any indication for the rest of the season, we are in for treat!

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