The Black Lightning trailer has dropped and boy is it a good one. The CW show promises drama, violence and family in our first look at the series. A retired superhero takes to the street once more – but will he be alone?

The trailer shows us Jefferson Pierce as a younger man in 2005, soaking in a bathtub with bullet wounds. His wife begs him to stop his fight against the notorious “100 gang” for their children. He agrees. Now in 2017, his daughters are teenagers and under serious threat. The gang he had fought over a decade ago have risen to extremes, with bodies strewn in the street from gun violence. They’re even coming into classrooms and threatening kids at gun point. Pierce had been working as a principal for a school but realizes he has to don the suit once more. But with his daughters showing abilities he may not be in this fight alone.


In a strange and almost reliving move, the series will not be set in the Arrowverse, which holds 4 shows already.  This show will be completely in it’s own universe, free to do what it wants. While it’s a little disappointing that they won’t be able to do crossovers, it’ll be exciting to see what they can do on their own. Also on an unrelated note, the suit looks dope.

It also has to be mentioned that this will be a family of black superheroes and I CANNOT wait. We absolutely need more representation and this show is a huge step in the right direction. With showrunners Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, the show is in very safe hands.

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What do you think of the trailer below? Let us know your thoughts! Black Lightning currently has no air date. #BlackLightningsBack

Erin Lynch