CES 2020 tech convention is in full swing in Las Vegas this week.  Mercedes-Benz debuted their Avatar – inspired concept car, and with it, the first images from Avatar 2!

The much anticipated, delayed and first of many sequels will bring us back to Pandora for new adventures starting in 2021 when Avatar 2 is set to premiere.  James Cameron has big plans to give us four Avatar sequels by the time it’s all said and done.

The photos don’t give us big clues as to what is in store for us in the first of the sequels.  But, they’re pretty.  They look a bit more tropical than we’re used to, and it looks like we’re getting new creatures, which we could have assumed.  I’m pretty excited about riding Loch Ness monsters, personally.  Pandora looks to be doing just fine.

Mercedes-Benz key note presentation on Monday was the scene of the release. The car that they built is the biggest surprise.  It’s crazy looking.  Check this out! Cnet reported, Monday.  

Avatar 2 is set to premiere in theaters December 17, 2021. CES 2020 runs until January 10. 

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