Fiona Palmer is the CEO of GamStop, a self-exclusion system developed in the UK for local players. The platform had a bit of a rough start but now is considered as the ultimate way to help players with addiction and to all others who need help with gambling prevention. There are a lot of facts you should know about the platform in question and all of these are obtained by Fiona Palmer.

Creation of GamStop

GamStop was created recently. It was released in 2018 despite the fact its release was scheduled for 2017. Due to some issues, it was postponed but luckily not for very long. The first year it was released, the platform ended up with a lot of criticism. This occurred after the BBC tested the platform and deduced that there are issues with the technology. Basically, some players were able to cheat the system and still gamble despite their self-exclusion period.

In 2019 GamStop was officially accepted by the UKGC and it was mandated that all UK casinos and betting sites must become part of the network. GamStop works still in this way. The goal is to share information between GameStop and casinos in order to block access to players who have the account and self-exclusion scheme. This is probably one of the most important upgrades in the platform and the one that has a huge potential.

We must add that since the beginning, GamStop has been using the same system. A player will choose the duration of his self-exclusion period and after that, all casinos sites in the United Kingdom will become unavailable. Once the period expires, a player can gamble again.

Goals Achieved

GamStop is extremely successful in the business and it is used by over 160.000 gamblers with addiction. In the United Kingdom, there were around 340.000 gamblers with addiction, so we can see this as an interesting achievement. The data came from NatCen Social Research which conducted the research and provided the most accurate data.

The platform is most commonly used by players who activate a 5 years ban. This means that they won’t be able to gamble at UK casinos for the next 5 days. But British players will be able to gamble at casinos not on GamStop that are featured on popular platforms such as Most people choose this duration while the lowest number chooses 6 months. Some choose 1 year. An interesting fact is that most of the users activate the self-exclusion period again. Only 10% of the users will return back to GamStop and remove the ban once it expires. It is important to add that the self-exclusion cannot be removed until it expires.

At the moment, GamStop is the best-known and the most commonly used platform of this kind in the United Kingdom. It is also considered the most effective and the most appealing. Keep in mind that it is completely free to use. All you need to do is to provide personal details and choose the duration of your self-exclusion scheme.

Plans for the Future

Plans for the future are massive. GamStop is planning to force a few of the operators and become partners of the network. They are also working in trying to implement the self-exclusion scheme into casinos and betting sites that are no under UKGC licenses. There are many casinos that are still available in the UK and GamStop is trying to affect them as well. However, there was no major success.

GamStop is also working on promoting the services even more and across the country. Although, it is already a very popular and appealing system, there are many gamblers who are not familiar with GamStop and don’t know why it is used for. Promoting the platform should solve the problem.

All we can see for the future is the fact that GamStop will become more advanced, more common, and even more successful. All of these facts are already present. In the future, we can see only the increase and advancements of all aspects.


Thanks to Fiona Palmer we were able to share all the main facts about GamStop past, present, and future. There is no need to add that this is a giant in the gambling industry in the UK and one that will become even bigger and more common any time soon.

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