You read that right.

Heroes for Hire. Iron Fist Danny Rand and Luke Cage teaming up in The Defenders.

Finn Jones, the actor playing the titular role of Danny Rand in the upcoming Netflix series, Iron Fist, spoke with IGN about working with Luke Cage actor Mike Colter on the set of The Defenders and how that duo is shaping up.

As he told them, “I feel like when you have a duo like this, which is so hyped up by the fans, there’s a worry that it may be too oversold and you may be trying too hard to create that connection, that spark, but actually, between me and Mike (Luke Cage), we get on really well, there’s a really great energy between the two of us as actors — so much fun.”
He’s pretty accurate about there being a fear from the fans that any series or film from a major studio would have the temptation to oversell any anticipated comic book moments, simply paying fan service to their iconic team-up. This always has the effect of rushing to the end result instead of earning it, when earning it is exactly what the fans want.

Mr. Jones went on to assure us that this is exactly what he feels the fans are getting. As he says, “But also, as the characters, and the way the scenes are written, it’s really interesting the way they’re doing it, it’s a slow build and it feels very real, very dynamic and honest. Some of the scenes in Defenders, with Mike, have been my favorite so far.”


Finn Jones then went on to talk about how his optimism pays against the cynicism of the rest of the team, saying that his optimism, “gets him in a lot of trouble.” Colleen Wing actress Jessica Henwick then jumped in to add that Defenders, “… takes place several months after Iron Fist so we’ve (Colleen and Danny) changed.”



Finn Jones added to this saying that “Danny is a little bit more world aware by the end of Iron Fist because of the things that happen to him.” This is a good thing for Danny Rand because, as Jones wraps it up, Danny “still has that optimism and still got that drive, but it’s not so, in Defenders, it’s not so naive as he is in Iron Fist.”


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